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60 érassaigidir v g(éraise?)makes void,invalidates,
confutes,rejects: pres. ind. nach comairle dong(ní) duine
sech Dia nosn-erassaigedar Dia (-esrassaigedarMS.) Ml
51b27 .imp. ærasaiged(gl.reprobat) 51d17 .na heras-
siget do gníme a n-asbere let not thy deeds make void
65what thou sayest
Wb 30b10 .pres. subj. érasigethar(gl.
improbare), Enchir. Aug. 75a ( ZCP vii 481 ).perf. ro
érasaigset Ml 131c9 .pass. pres. fo chosmailius liac
ærasaigthæra fabris ib.

érassaigthe,érsaigthe adj io-iā(érassaigidir) rejected,
5made void,vain,useless: ærassaigthe Ml 24d1 .érassaigthiu
(gl.reprobato) 131c7 .ǽrasaigthi(gl.irriti) 109c1 . 34d3 .
æraissaigthe 51b27 (irritae).a mbatn-ersaigthia n-aimsi
(gl.irritis conatibus suis) 127c25 .a mbatan-ærsigthi
(gl.irritis effectibus) 127a4 .

10 erb: xseeerp.

Erb: pn in a kenning forScotland: tar fraich Erb (.i. Alba)
ZCP v 487.4 .

erbach: xseeairbach.

erbad: xseeerbud.

15 erbadach: xseeairbadach.

erbág: xseeairbag.

1 erbaid: xseeairbaid.

2 erbaid v i,erp- Wb 1d10 ,etc. airp- 8c12 .eirp-
Ml 43c18 .
20 (a)With reflex. pron. entrustsoneself, followed byi n-
(less oftendo) with both acc. and dat. trustsin: pres. is and
nomérpimm (gl.confido in Domino) Wb 6c3 .nít erpi illed
nach áili(gl.confidis te ipsum ducem esse) 1d10 .nundn-
erbai(gl.confidenti) Ml 65b6 . With pron. suffix.ní ind
25fessin eirbthi not in himself does he trust 51b12 .is ind
nosn-erbat in Him they trust Ériu iii 2.18 .imp. nachan-
erbbadi n-ídlu,nan-erbbadi nDia let him not trust in
idols but in God
ZCP xi 88 § 57 .nachib erpid si i bar
cumachtu Wb 22d6 .subj. pres. níp andnob irpaid (gl.ut
30fides vestra non sit in sapientia hominum) 8b2 .impf.
nosn-erbtisinna lín(gl.numero fidentes) Ml 85d4 .nuda
erbtais (gl.confidebant) 46d12 , 10 .past subj. nert...
indamerbainn in which I could trust 29d5 .fut. doneuch
nodn-eirbeaind who shall trust in Him 51b10 .perf.
35 roeirpsetá sonartai hisu[id]ib trusted for their strength in
43c18 . Withdo:nom erbaim duit uile | dom ditin
(a prayer) ZCP vi 260.7 .duine non-erba dia chruth
who trusts in his beauty of form 267 § 9 .abbair fris, ní
n-erbba (nachan-erbbadv.l.) do ṡoebḟáthib, nan-erbba do
40ḟírinni, xi 87.14 .
(b) entrusts,commits(someth. to someone),entrusts
(someth. to be done),lays(a charge, duty on someone)
(erbais .i. furáilis, O'Cl. ): withdoof pers.:erbaid(gl.
credit`entrusts') Ml 14d15 .a n-erpther doib what is
45entrusted to them
Wb 31c12 .is hed roerpad dom
(gl.dispensatio mihi credita est) 10d27 . 31a10 . 18d15 .
inní roherbad duit IT i 40.27 .ic follamnus ind lochta
roherbad duit o Dia do fhollamnus`the people entrusted to
thee by God to rule
' PH 4095.4175 . LU 30b19 ( FA 28 ).
50 ra erb a mháthair é do dib mnaibh dá bhádhadh
`gave him in charge to two women to be drowned' TFrag.
30.1 .erpais togu do gave him a choice TBC² 2865 .
roerbad dúnni forcell do thabirt Wb 25d20 . Laws iii 500.
22 Comm. v 194.20 Comm. roearb do Brigit a coimet
55 IT i 41.20 .issed roherbad dó, ingairi mucc, Todd Lect.
v 20.7 =roherbath, Trip. 16.27 .roherbadh do Dubthach
tasfenad breithemnusa ┐ filidechta Eirenn, Laws i 14 .
28 . LU 118a36 .ro erb ┐ ro aithin dóibh DC long do
denum, CCath. 168 . Withdi:ro erbustar de dul ar a
60cenn charged him to go for them Laws iii 320.6 Comm.
(cf. ro erbustar do duine airithe dul,etc., v 334.21 Comm. ).
Withfri:amal as friss ro airptha as they have been
entrusted to him
Wb 8c12 .ro erb M. fris frestal na
hatha charged him with the task of looking after the kiln
65 Fél. p. 12.9 .nocha n-eisium ro earb riu an comairce
do denam, Laws iv 230.10 .acht co n-erbad a thigerna
friss provided his lord enjoined (it) on him CCath. 3559 .
nir herbad frim anad a n-inad eli(a guest who has chosen
his own seat) MR 66.10 = FDG 584 . Withfor:ro erb
5fuirre leth a lachta do thabairt día dhalta BNnÉ 129.4 . ZCP
vi 48.30 ; 77.23 .no erptha for macaib U. dul i ngabthaib
YBL 110b40 =no erálta IT i 74.18 .ro earb an
t-aingel for C. dol i n-ord manach BNnÉ 126.19 . Hugh Roe
304.5 (f. 79b) .earbuiss ┐ folairis fair ina huile...d'firfhais-
10neis, Fl. Earls 126.16 . Without pers. obj.:ro erb a
aenmac do thabairt ina dochum ordered his only son to be
ZCP xiii 197.13 .ro erbamar a sgribad ar tarbai do
lucht a legt[h]a ordered it to be written Aisl. Tund. 119.16 .
(c)With transference of obj. from thing to person:ise
15roerb in Coimdiu dia tesorcain it is he whom the Lord
entrusted (charged) to save them
RC xii 424.4 .iss eside
ro herbad do marbad mac Uisnig IT i 75.20 .ra herbad
Oisine dia fuine O. was charged to cook it RC xiv 245.21 .
ishe roherbad a n-agaid Congail`was charged (to go up)
20 against C.' Ériu v 236.86 .rohearbad huadi-si naonbur
...for a n-iarair nine men were sent (charged) to seek them
Arch. iii 325.31 .is ī tra sualach [sic] ro herbad do
chathugud frisin ndualaich se ZCP iii 26.4 .isi sualaich
roerbath frisin ndualaich-se dia dibduth the virtue which
25has been assigned to annihilate this vice
25.22 .erbaid
óenfer dá n-acallaim LU 19b27 = MU 50.6 .Cf. tairceth
fer i n-áth, ol F. éraibther ┐ ni erbbaibther dom inchaib-se
ém, ol A., ragatsa féin it shall not be refused, and none shall
be appointed on my behalf
(?) LL 247b13 = IT ii2210a1 .
30 (d) grants,assigns: is heside roerb do Dia ┐ do Patraic
=obtulit hereditatem Todd Lect. v 38.10 . (with gl.:ro
earb .i. ro aentaig no ro fulair, Arch. iii 18.13 ).ro erb
boin dia blegun do Brigit appointed a cow to be milked for
(=destinavit vaccam puellae) 68.6 .erbb úait secht
35cóic do Niall assign (allow) seven lustrums to N. Arch.
Hib. ii 48 = LL 181b36 .Cf. lotar co Cruachain do brith
breithe dóib ┐ ro feimdes o Ailill co ros erb co Samaér LL
166b26 (=condas fæid, Dinds. 106 ).
(e)Withforof thing (?):ecni foracbusa and don-uc lat
40ass do Findabair ┐ urbad fodesin fair ┐ fonaiter le iarsin
co maith YBL 58b34 (=erbad ZCP iv 42.17 .irbbad
`let herself take charge over it' RIA Ir. MSS. Ser. I i 150 ).