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enechrucce,ainechrucce n io,m.(1 enech+rucce)
A (a) In technical legal usageadishonourto a person con-
sisting ininjuryto arelativeof a certain degree, or to his
tenantof a certain status: enechruice .i. enech rú cian .i.
35cian o inchaib atcíther a rú .i. a imdergad. enech din .i.
agad crodergad [agait croderg] amail rogab mac do máthar,
mac do shethar céli foissmad, céli taistil ni na bita [main
anb ita] diles sectmad lógi a enig [loige enech] ind, Thr. Ir.
Gl. 19 (the varr. in square brackets are added from H 3.18,
40 120 = O'C. 224 ) = Corm. Y 532 (whereenech...croderg
is omitted and the penultimate sentence reads:ni nad bitái
dilis.Leg. ní nadbi taí diles what is not thine own
. See ZCP xv 247 ).cach gres, cach enechruice,
is ḟor cintaib treisi ata`all attacks, all insults are among
45the offences of three days' stay
' (i.e.with regard to these,
distraint may be stayed for three days) Laws i 162.27
(with gl.:cach gres .i. do neoch i ndlegar lan, cach enech-
ruice .i. o ta lan amach, .i. leth ┐ sechtmaid 166.18 ).
oenchumail i n-enechruice rig frisi mathair
50.uii. rig frisi foruacht (.i....oenchumail .uii. mbo doib a
morfessiur inna enechgris) ZCP xv 348 .
(b)thecompensationdue for suchdishonour; a half
or aseventhof the `eneclann' of the person sodishonoured:
teora fodla fuil for inchaib duine .i. enicland ┐ enechruice
55┐ enechgriss (enechruice .i. i leith ┐ i sectmad, Laws
v 96.6 .airer enechruice (.i. cumal enechgrisi no enechruici
nama) ii 204.22 ; 206.4 (cf. 126 n.1 ).Cf.
lanamnas fir tathigthe cen targud, cen urgnam; cuiced
a lamthorad cuit in fir .i. in chele fri himscarad doib, arus
60enachruice dosum furesi insain, cia forruastar fria, ised
asrirtar do de 396 x .na teora eirce seo... .i. eneclann ┐
dire ┐ aithgin .i. eneclann ┐ enechruice ┐ enechgris
iii 26.27 Comm.
Bin wider sense shame,disgrace,insult: ma rogata
65nech do torc... ┐ ma dotī dām caem, bes enechruice duit
( will be shamed for want of provender), Laws i
122.7 .fer tri sruba; sruib tuirc fochlaid scoltas ainech-
ruicce cach aimsir snout of a rooting hog which cleaves
shamefacedness (from lack of provender) at any time
5310.18 . Similarly:ainm cuile no scrine bis iar cul colbu,
is indi bit tarsanna coema fri enechruice in which are fair
savouries (as provision) against shamefacedness
H 3.18,
368b = O'C. 790 (cf.underenechgreisscit. from Thes. ii 292 ).
ind athis ┐ ind enechrucce ra immir Lamidóin formsa
10 LL 224a27 = TTr. 512 .ba hathis...leis...Frigía do bith
fó chuitbiud ┐ enechruce TTr.² 181 .dom snādhadh...
ar thenidh ifirn ┐ bratha ┐ enechruce fiadh gnūis Dē, Scúap
Chr., Otia ii 96.15 .

enec(h)rus n m. protection,guard: ro tog gach
15dechnebar dib a menmarc do næbuib Erenn... ┐ ro
laiset forro ainecrusa n-indtige ┐ a n-imtechta, Lism.
L. 2073 .doralo do mui[n]dtir tShenain enechrus an im-
rama the safeguarding of the voyage fell to Senán's household
(community) 2077 .g s. is marb fer enecrais [sic MS.]
20duit dod muintir(a man who was a protection to thee?or
a friend?
allusion is to death of Misenus the trumpeter,
tibi corpus amici, Aen. vi 149 ). Aen. 1269 .mina bhfuil
ac G.... | ní fhetar má atá ac duine | m'einechras ná
mh'inmuine`kindness or yet dear love for me' SG 58.32 .
25 claideb orduirn enecruis (einechrus v.l.) seasta for a sliastaib,
Anecd. iii 50.12 (cf. ecrus).

? enechtres: n eneclann i ndilius, enechtres i n-indilius,
O'Mulc. 403 . This is apparently a misreading ofenechgres.

30 eneclann,aineclann n.(?) laterf.andm. IGT,
Decl. § 12 , §10 . Thurneysen ( ZCP xiv 342 , xvi 206 )
brings the word from1 enechandglan, the original
meaning being face-clearing (cf. Laws iv 318x , cited under
1 enech II). In later MSS.enechlannis sometimes
35found.enechclann Rawl. 118b39 ,etc.
(a) compensationforinsult,loss, orinjury,for any-
thing constituting a violation of
enech(see1 enech),pro-
portionate to the status of the person to be compensated
In Laws Commentary it frequently renderslóg n-enech(e.g.
40 Laws v 516.10 ). When the injury consisted in the death of
a relative theeneclannwas proportionate to the status of
those to whom it was due, thus, although it occasionally
rendersdíre(e.g. Laws i 42.14 v 50.5 Comm. ), it was in its
early technical meaning distinct fromcorpdíre, which was
45proportionate to the status of the deceased. Distinguished
fromsmacht:cach uair i[s] smacht ictar ann, is a ic fo
aicned inti icas, ┐ cach uair is eneclann, is a ic fo aicnedh
inti risi n-ictar, Laws iii 496.10 . Fromdíre:is lomm a
díre, is toll a eneclann(of one unworthy of trust), Tec.
50Corm. § 33.6 .eneclann, arindi clantar i n-inchaib duine do
neoch bess dīleas do beodil ┐ marbdile nad cosna ala lām
fris, lān-lōg einig cāigh fo miad is ed atroillither and, Corm.
Y 531 .teora fodla fuil for inchaib duine .i. enicland ┐
enechruice ┐ enechgriss (...enecland .i. i lan ┐ i leath),
55 Laws v 96.5 .cetheora eirca...aithgin ┐ dire, tairgille ┐ cetheora primfodlai fil forsuidib .i. lan ┐ leth,
trian ┐ cethramthu i 258.26 .secht cumala do righ
tuaithe ina eneclainn, ocht cumala do ri mor-tuaithi,etc.
H 3.18,509 (= O'C. 1260 ). Laws v 50 . ZCP ix 171 .
60 comdire do rig ┐ epscop (.i. comeneclann do rig tuath ┐
d'epscop), Laws i 42.30 ( O'Gr. Cat. 475.11 ).in t-ollam
filead .uii. cumala a eniclann, ┐ .uii. cumala log a aisde
v 58.5 Comm. (see also 116 ). e. ¤ ofcraftsmen,minstrels,
etc. 98 ff. Comm. Of persons inholy orders: nach fer gráid
65oc na bí dlighed na eolus timthirechta a grá dlig
saire na eneclainn ḟir gráid i tuaith na i n-eclais, Ériu i
218.13 . See also Laws i 54 ff . ZCP ix 171 . For persons
of a certain status theireneclannwas determined by that of
their lord and patron:aes ciuil ┐ oirfidid a
5hincaib oga mbiad, is as direnaiter (.i. is as sin erniter
eneclann doib), Laws v 108.35 ; 516.13 .cipé imress
mela ┐ mertain...fort, ní ḟuil díri no eneclann duitsiu ind,
acht na fil dam-sa, dáig fer ar tincur mná atatchomnaic
you are not entitled to any compensation-rate or honour-price
10except what is due to me, for
,etc. TBC 48 .Cf. fer cen selb
cen thothchus, lasmbi bancomarba, a inchuib a mna direnar
side (.i. a dualgus einig a mna eirnither enecland dosaide),
Laws v 516.5 - 18 .
is andsin dorimgartseom | a eneclaind for Midir(for
15carrying off his wife), Met. Dinds. ii 4.50 .ro dligustur
Buide eineclann a marbhadh a ingine .i. aire foirgill
meodunuch he ┐ sé cumula do ina eineclann. ro dligustur
a derbbráthir eineclann do ina marbadh, aire ard hé, ┐
ceithri cumula do ina einuclunn`B. was entitled to honour-
20price for the killing of his daughter, he was an a. f. of
the middle rank and was entitled to six cumhals as honour-
price. Her brother was also entitled to honour-price for
her death, he was an a. a. and was entitled to four
cumhals as his honour-price
' Laws i 76.19 .dlighidh O
25Néill íoc 'na ḟuil | gibé da mhuintir mharbhthuir | 's ní
théid eineaclann uadh d'ḟior TD 7.6 .
Some kindreds had the privilege of having their eneclann
valued in precious metals:Hui Dergmosaig...ór a ndire
enechclainne, Rawl. 121a25 .Dal Messiṅ Corb...argat
30bruinte dire a n-enechclainne 118b40 .athich cacha slointe
di ṡhund huma a n-enechclann 118b39 . e. ¤ forinjuryto
property: smacht a fidh neimhedh no co mbentar uile ┐
eneclann ind o bentar, Laws iv 150.17 .
Claims involvingeneclannwere urgent:ni dam enec-
35land anad`honour-price does not admit of stay' (of distress)
Laws i 120.19 ; butcf. 228.17 ; ii 100.7 , and cases of:
eneclann ar treisi stay of eneclann-claim for three days i
162.19 Comm.
In certain cases only fractions of the full value of
40 eneclannwere due:ac so heneclanna fuil isna
cneadaib, in aenmad rann fichet d'eneclann isin mbainbeim
aicenta, sechtmadh eneclainne isin cnocbeim,etc., O'C.
694 < H 3.18,336 .
Foreneclanndue in regard to literary compositions
45see Laws v 230 ff .
im log n-enech n-oige .i. in inuclund dlighus in oig [sic]
ina sarugha, Laws i 132.17 Comm. ni fuiben enecland arain
dar daim techta`when the company is above the lawful number
refusal [to entertain] does not lessen one's honour-price
' ii 388.
501 .da fichit décc bó tugadh i n-eneclann do Mac M.(as
satisfaction for the usurping of his abbacy) FM ii 910.5 .
rucadh da fichit dec bó fo tri, i n-ainechlann Muircertaich
Hui Briain, for Desmumain(M. Ó B. had been slain by the
king of Desmuma) AU 1168 . In these two exx. it is not
55clear from the context whether the word is used in the
strict legal sense, or in sense (b).
(b) in wider sense compensation,satisfaction: nach
bíodh ar chumas carad an tí do marbhthaoi cúitiughadh
ná eineaclann do bhuain don ti doghníodh an marbhadh,
60 Keat. i 68.37 .i n-e. inrequitalfor(cf.(a), final citt.):i
n-eineaclann an ubhoill in requital for the (sin of the) apple
Dán Dé xxi 18 .déra 'na n-einecluinn úaim IGT,Decl.
ex. 536 .bríogh a mball ┐ a gcéadfadh do chaitheamh ré
foghnamh do Dhia i n-eineaclann na n-olc do-rinneadar,
65 TSh. 2187 .