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enechgreiss,ainechgreiss n n s. enechgriss, Laws
50 v 96.6 .a s. enechgris FB 71 .a p. enechgressa IT i 325.29 .
inechgreso 141.27 ; 142.21 .g p. ainechgres Thes. ii 292.10 .
enechgrís, renderingenechruicein commentary ZCP xv
348.21 .g s. enechgrisi( Laws ii 204 x ) is apparently a
distinct word, a comparatively late compd. ofenech+grís.
55(a)anattack(direct or indirect) on one's honour, an
attempt to humiliate, a
slander (cf. 1 enech II):cultech
ndemin...rugnith ar chiunn ainechgres a storehouse...made
as a defence against slanders
(i.e.filled with provender so that
the host need never blush at lack of refreshment for his guests,
60 cf. enechrucceB) Thes. ii 292.10 .forellsid inn ēcis for
mianuib decmuici ar daig enich Guairi do brith, ┐ rofrestuil
in Cuimdiu inechgresa in rig tar a chent the poets set
themselves to demand impossible boons in order to take away
G.'s honour, but the Lord warded off the attacks on the
65king's repute
Arch. iii 3.11 .forriuth a n-enech ┐ a
n-inechgreso IT i 141.27 .dofich uar n-inechgreso huili
he avenges all affronts to your honour 142.21 . 325.29 .
difichim a n-enechgresa ulie ZCP iii 236.22 .Cf. engress.
(b)thecompensatory paymentdue for an attempt to
5defame, the fine for an attack on a person's honour;
⅟21 of `eneclann': teora fodla fuil for inchaib duine .i.
enicland ┐ enechruice ┐ enechgriss (.i. trian ┐ in t-aenmad
rann fichit), Laws v 96.6 .teora eirce... .i. eneclann ┐ dire
┐ aithgin .i. eneclann ┐ enechruice ┐ enechgris iii 26.27
10Comm. arm bes fiu a enechgris do cach aen no ina aenmad
rann fichet dia enechlaind`when they amount to each one's
blush-fine or the twenty-first part of his honour price
' ii 256.
12 Comm. (where the transl. takes the word asenechgrís).
When O'Curry, Mann. and Cust. iii 471 definesenechgrisas
15 `adishonoursuch as that of receiving stolen goods'he
refers to the following:enechgrisi n-innib foglad amalrogab
setnachailigatar as do thir na gaibterfort comairce no do
snadug H 3.18,120 =enechgris a n-indaib ind foghla. is
cubaidh iarom ind innalaill .i. ind érco i n-ind foghla,
20amailrongab: sēt nach aile gadar as do thir nat gaibe,etc.
Corm. Y 533 (for:ind foglasee ZCP xvi 267 ).

enechgrís n face-flushing , only as transl. ofenechruice:
airer enechruice (.i. cumal enechgrisi no enechruici), Laws
ii 204 x .Cf. oenchumail i n-enechruice rig...(.i....inna enech-
25gris) ZCP xv 348.21 , and:enechgris[fine for] `causing a
person to blush
' Laws i 232 y , which may belong to

enechlóg n(=lóg n-enech)s,n. honour-price,compensa-
tionfor offence to a person'shonour: teora eirci airleter:
30aithgin...sceo coir coirpdire...┐ enechlog, Laws iii 536.12 .

enechrucce,ainechrucce n io,m.(1 enech+rucce)
A (a) In technical legal usageadishonourto a person con-
sisting ininjuryto arelativeof a certain degree, or to his
tenantof a certain status: enechruice .i. enech rú cian .i.
35cian o inchaib atcíther a rú .i. a imdergad. enech din .i.
agad crodergad [agait croderg] amail rogab mac do máthar,
mac do shethar céli foissmad, céli taistil ni na bita [main
anb ita] diles sectmad lógi a enig [loige enech] ind, Thr. Ir.
Gl. 19 (the varr. in square brackets are added from H 3.18,
40 120 = O'C. 224 ) = Corm. Y 532 (whereenech...croderg
is omitted and the penultimate sentence reads:ni nad bitái
dilis.Leg. ní nadbi taí diles what is not thine own
. See ZCP xv 247 ).cach gres, cach enechruice,
is ḟor cintaib treisi ata`all attacks, all insults are among
45the offences of three days' stay
' (i.e.with regard to these,
distraint may be stayed for three days) Laws i 162.27
(with gl.:cach gres .i. do neoch i ndlegar lan, cach enech-
ruice .i. o ta lan amach, .i. leth ┐ sechtmaid 166.18 ).
oenchumail i n-enechruice rig frisi mathair
50.uii. rig frisi foruacht (.i....oenchumail .uii. mbo doib a
morfessiur inna enechgris) ZCP xv 348 .
(b)thecompensationdue for suchdishonour; a half
or aseventhof the `eneclann' of the person sodishonoured:
teora fodla fuil for inchaib duine .i. enicland ┐ enechruice
55┐ enechgriss (enechruice .i. i leith ┐ i sectmad, Laws
v 96.6 .airer enechruice (.i. cumal enechgrisi no enechruici
nama) ii 204.22 ; 206.4 (cf. 126 n.1 ).Cf.
lanamnas fir tathigthe cen targud, cen urgnam; cuiced
a lamthorad cuit in fir .i. in chele fri himscarad doib, arus
60enachruice dosum furesi insain, cia forruastar fria, ised
asrirtar do de 396 x .na teora eirce seo... .i. eneclann ┐
dire ┐ aithgin .i. eneclann ┐ enechruice ┐ enechgris
iii 26.27 Comm.
Bin wider sense shame,disgrace,insult: ma rogata
65nech do torc... ┐ ma dotī dām caem, bes enechruice duit
( will be shamed for want of provender), Laws i
122.7 .fer tri sruba; sruib tuirc fochlaid scoltas ainech-
ruicce cach aimsir snout of a rooting hog which cleaves
shamefacedness (from lack of provender) at any time
5310.18 . Similarly:ainm cuile no scrine bis iar cul colbu,
is indi bit tarsanna coema fri enechruice in which are fair
savouries (as provision) against shamefacedness
H 3.18,
368b = O'C. 790 (cf.underenechgreisscit. from Thes. ii 292 ).
ind athis ┐ ind enechrucce ra immir Lamidóin formsa
10 LL 224a27 = TTr. 512 .ba hathis...leis...Frigía do bith
fó chuitbiud ┐ enechruce TTr.² 181 .dom snādhadh...
ar thenidh ifirn ┐ bratha ┐ enechruce fiadh gnūis Dē, Scúap
Chr., Otia ii 96.15 .