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1 dana num(danaeonly O'Mulc. 294 ,v. 3 danae). Two .
The quantity of -a- is uncertain. In CCath. 2239 and LU
89 a 5 it is marked as long; but in both cases the mark of
45length might be due to association with thesynonymous
; in the latter case all the other MSS, including YBL,
omit the mark of length.Danais mainly used in connection
with the article, which, as is the case beforedáin
Old-Ir., always takes the form in:indana ,dat. don
50 dana =in dá,don díb(don dá). Likedáit is placed
immediately before the noun (which is put in the dual), and
followed by the genitive of the tens of the numerals (in
dana fichet déc).—Probably from †dá n-ái;cechtar in dána
for oldercechtar nái. For theadj.sense comp.indarna=
55OIr.indala nái.
All examples collected below have been taken from
MSS not older than the early 15th century with the
exception of the one from LU. The Glosses contain no
instances ofdana; but it appears several times in the
60commentaries to the Brehon Laws, though Atkinson does
not mention it in his vocabulary. The way in which it is
written in the Law-MSS proves that it was but seldom
understood by the copyists. In all probability the word
belonged to the late Old-Ir. and the early Mid.-Ir. periods.
65The instances can be divided into three groups:
(a) indana+ subst. depend as a genetivus partitivus on
a precedingcechtarde,nechtarde. This usage predominates
in the Laws:dá fodein....i. dian urtrom ┐ dian iartrom.
colpthach sé screpall ar cach fodein cechtarde in dana
5fodein a colpach of six screpalls for each `fodian' of the two
Laws v 60. 4 . To this head belongs the misjudged
phrasenechtardae(cechtardae)in dana imbed sin
either (each) of the two parties, bothin the commentaries to
the Senchus Mór, corresponding to thenechtar(cechtar,
10 aile)da lína of the main text. díleas do cechtar da lína
cia rochaithe cia tormala cechtar da lína ar araile .i. is
díleas do cechtarde in dana imad sin, Laws ii 342. 9 .ní
bi cor cor nechtar da lína sech araile .i. noco cunnrad
cundrad nechtarde in dana imad sin sech a céile, ib. ii 358.
1515 .mad aile da lína .i. mad nechtarde in dana imad
sin, ii 366. 14 (cf. 394. 20 ). So also 362. 13 ; 380. 14 ;
394. 20 . Noteworthy is ii 374. 11 with itscechtarde in
da imat(cf. cechtar in da rann, Sg 74 b 5 ). Forcechtarde
in da nadimat sain, ii 378. 14 readc. in dana imat s.The
20readingnechtar in da nannat sin, ii 317. 7 and 318. 18 , is
accounted for by the common misreading ofimasnn.
Ib. ii 326. 17 ,inatis to be restored toimat.
(b) indanaindependent ofnechtardae,cechtardae:ite
in da fasachaib .i. is iat in dana fis (sic leg.) ogsa nos
25foirichnigend uili, Laws i 230. 1 Comm. .clochsairsi ┐
crannsairsi ┐ in dana dan as uaisli dib....i. damliag ┐
duirrthech, ib. v 92. 1 f.b.Comm..Bechuill ┐ Danand dil:
marbh in dana bantúathaigh BB 35 b 4 = Lec. 562 a 38 ; but
the prose-version LL 9 b 27 hasna dí b. in dana cenn BB
30 8 a 15 =na dá cenn, Rawl. 76 a .cath a ndrochadur in dana
Dubán, Lec. 591 a 31 .Eremón ┐ Earannan in dana ṡósar.
in da ṡindser imorro..., ib. 539 b 30 .slighe cumang do
longaib etir in dana bernuidh sin, CCath. 1341 .nóbídis in
dána ( da) athair ic debhaid imon aencorp, ib. 2239 ,
35 doriachtadur in dana rígh ( dá rig sin), Acall. 3134 ,
Lism.tucsam in dana nech sin dḞinn, ib. 256 .is maith
dḟuasclais in dana cheist sein, ib. 6143 .na léic uait in
dana bocht SG i 20. 22 (16th century MS).biadhtair aici
in dana bocht, ib. 20. 29 .tuccat dá fichet déc each do M.
40o Brian ┐ ní rabi don dana fichet déc bai aroen re M. nech
&c. , Cog. 132. 9 (v.l. don dá ḟichet décc).
(c)danapreceded by a possessive pronoun of the3 sg.:
gai laiss...foriarnd fair...cethri traigid eter a dá | na [o]g
imfáebair LL 89 a 5 = BDD 75. 9 (§ 87) .v.l.:a dana
45ogh imthaebuirYBL.a di nuag des nimfaebuir H. a da
naug i., St. a da nug i., Eg.
There is no certain instance ofdanain a substantival
sense;cf. danae.

2 dana adv Wb 5 c 18 and Mid.-Ir. =dano,q.v.

50 3 dana pron whose :adh dana lógh dá screpall, Laws ii 246.
6 f.b. trom dana rúsc rúad SG 245. 38 .isé in tardḟlaith
hua Ainmirech clithar dana craeb coibneasa roráidhsiumar
romaind whose genealogy we have given above MR 98. 21
(hardly from YBL which is almost illegible here;dana
55also the Stowe MSS B iv 1 and 23 K 44). Probably =
dianad;cf. diana FDG 617 .

4 dana: ind ce dana damsa guin Dóir, Tig. p. 177 .

Dana g s. npr. m. in Mess Dana LL 311 b 30 , Rawl.
82 b 29 ; both copies of the same pedigree.mac Dana
60meic meic Auinus BB 222 g 56 .mac Danai meic Náir
230 b 43 .mac Dana Dorngil LL 11 a 44 .mac Dana
meic Moduirn, Rawl. 91 f 20 . Sobriquet inGaili Dana
TBC 2184 Y.

1 dánach adj o-ā.Having arts, professions,&c.; in cpds.:
65 oen - dánach(ánach), Laws v 108. 1 .mór-
dánach:a Choran mórchétlaig mórdánaig, Echt. Condla
3 (cf. Wind. Gr. 120 ).il-dánach skilledin variousarts
(cf. illdána YBL 108 a 24 ),adj.andsubst.,samildánach,
q.v.—Cf. Scotchdánach:aithris dhuinne Oiseain dhánaigh
5 Gillies's Gael. Poems 39 .