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dé-chathach adj o-ā:perduellium, gl.inna ndechathach
65(v.l. dechathLB).i. inter se inuicem semper..ł.cath contra
deum et homines .i. quasi duobus bellis bellatorum ,&c.
Goid. 69. 6 . LHy. i 73 . —A cpd. ofdé-(v.) andcathach.

dechenc n o.Apairofpersons.Cf.trechenc. The
want of eclipsis, Fél. Oeng. Mar. 6 (decheng deodae), points
5tomasculinegender. The frequent writingdrechengafter
prímandmórdoes not proveneutergender, as it may
be =threcheng.—By Irish grammarians associated with
cing`a champion' or withcenn`a head' (`a person'):
decheng .i. dá ching nó dá chend, O'Curry Transc. LB.
10 cing .i. trénferut estinmain deceng deoda, Three Gl. 130.
16 .Cf. trecheng .i. tríar .i. trí cinn móra, Fél. Oeng.
Sept. 16 n. .i. trí cind, ib. p. 248 .décheng with é, Fél.
Oeng. Nov. 26 (Laud 610). Elsewhere alwaysdechengas
trecheng.deicheng LL 29 b 36 .dechenn, Fél. Oeng. Nov.
1526 v.l.,cf. trechenn BDD § 93 . —The inflexion is against
the derivation †dé-ching. Besidesdechenccan hardly be
separated fromtrethenc, Wb 29 c 5 : cui gloria honor et
imperium sempeternum.i. is trethenc comadas do it is a
fitting triad to him
. The relations between this and
20 trechenc,dechencare obscure. In Mid.-Ir.treichengand
treithengwould render one and the same pronunciation
(†treheŋ).—Dech-encandtreth-enceither cpds. with
cenc, †tenc, or derivatives of Pre-Celt. and Indo-Eur.
dueiko-,duiko-, and †tṛt[i]o-,trit[i]o-; the former is repre-
25sented by Teut.†tvī˘ha(n)-consisting of two(also of persons
as O. Eng.mid unc twîh between us twain), Scr.dvika-;
the latter by Lat.tertius, Teut.þridjan-, Gk.τρισσόςand
W.trydydd. Apart from the gendertrethencseems identical
with ONpriðjungr a third,dechencwith O. Eng.twēoung
30(†twīhungō-). For the treatment of unaccented -nk,cf.
cumang(con-icc) andcrobang`a fistful' which seems a
derivative ofcrob.
Of saints:inmain decheng deodae...Felicitas...Perpetua,
Fél. Oeng. Mar. 7 .cain d. ¤ , Sep. 6 .a s. guid decheng (v.l.
35décheng, dechenn, decheceng) ṅderb ṅdálach...Banbán...
Siric, Nov. 26 .mórdecheng, Nov. 28 v.l. Ofkingsand
warriors :cathach decheng dána fial: Feidelmid [Clothach]
Cormac Ciar, Rawl. 116 a 5 =cath[ach] déceng,etc.
(corrupt) LL 387 a 34 .assa decheng lassa torchair YBL
40 13 a 27 . Snedg. 12. 11 .Ofchiefsandprofessionals :druid
┐ aire désa deicheṅg nád bí dóer LL 29 b 36 .—Obs.

dé-chendae I io-ia,adj. Two-headed , translating Lat.
biceps:dechenda demess, Sg 113 b 4 . n II io,m. Atwo-
headedcreature:a p. déichendua(sic) CZ ii 315. 19 ;cf.
45 tréchendi three-headed creatures,ib.

dé-chenélae adj io-ia. Bigeneric , in the subst. compd.
coitchen-d. ¤ a commonbigeneric. n p.:ὡ ἄνθρωπος καὶ ἡ
ἄνθρωπος .i. coitchen decheneli sinapud graecos , Sg 63 a 1 .
taurigenus .i. coitchen dechenéli indiu la nuelitridi, ib.
50 90 b 4 .—Cpd. ofdé-andcenélae.Cf. trechenélae.

dé-chenn adj o-ā. Two-headed,two-pointed. Of aspear:
gan arm na láiṁ acht bior decenn (v.l.decen) dercc TBC
4470 .dorochair don bior dechend (v.l.decen), ib. 4473 .
The quantity ofde-is uncertain; perhaps short, through
55influence oftrechenn.Cf. trechend RC xiii 448. 15 and
déchendaeabove. Like the latter in Mid.-Ir. superseded

dé-chennach adj o-ā. Two-headed,bicipitous(of a hill
double-topped: Sc.beannan dácheannach). Mod.dá-
60cheannachO'R. Coneys. Dinn. HSD (c.s.). Macd.;cf.

dé-chern n ā,f. Biangle ; dim.déchernán.Cf. tríchearn,
tríchearnán, Munst.

dé-chernach adj o-ā. Bi-angular . Mod.dá-chearnach
65Coneys. O'R. Dinn. ;cf. tríchearnach.