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2 de- a privativeprefix, identical with the preposition;
probably fromdí-in antevocalic position;de nó du nó do
65fo díultad`de' or `do' or `do' for negation Corm. s.v.
dubach ; inde-áith,de-chétfaid,deïd,de-serbde,de-sétaigthe.
Cf. dí-.

3 de pron(dé SC § 8 , § 33 . FB § 73 . LU 44 a 15 . Laws i
294. 29 )of the two, in connection with interrogative and
5dual pronouns; in Mid.-Ir. gradually replaced bydíb.
Identical with the preposition (opp. Stokes Bezz. Beitr. ix
89 ); as thedat. dualnever differs from thed pl.,deprob-
ably includes no suffixed pronoun.cia de: coartor autem
e duobus .i. ciade dogega which of them (the two) I shall
Wb 23 b 33 .nochan fes cia de dodellui araill .i.
nochan fes cia díb asa helodh leiges ria chéile, O'Dav. s.v.
dellui .cia de is mó...aer nó in talam SR 7925 .cechtarde,
cechtar de, latercechtarda eachof the two,eitherof the
two,both .cach la sel dún for imrádud Dé in sel aile for
15precept. ar seirc Dæ dogniam cechtarde, Wb 15 d 9 .cosc
for cechtarde, ib. 19 c 21 .briathra áildi la cechtar de fri
alaile ┐ menmae togáise calleic la cechtar de, Mil 31 a 24 .
in alterutroque .i. la cechtar de, ib. 31 b 3 b .mutuo fallantur
et fallant .i. cechtar de alaile, ib. 31 b 4 .hi cechtar de, 39
20b 2 .huare rombí cechtar de sech alaill, Sg 29 b 18 .cos-
milius fri cechtar de, ib. 188 b 5 .cechtar dé LU 44 a 15 .
oc cechtar de, Laws i 44. 12 .i cechtar de in each case
ib. 94. 23 .for cechtar de, 116. 7 ; 146. 5 f.b. (either of the
).slán a cechtur de safe from both, ib. ii 60. 21 .do
25cechtair (sic) de, ib. 164. 21 .c. de, TTr.² 499 ,&c.—dein
enclisis gradually lost its force as an independent word, until
about the middle of the 9th century it was confused with the
adjective suffix-deand inflected as a stem in -io, d becoming
broad after the preceding r. Forcechtar de cechtar díb
30orcechtardae díbnow became more usual.utrumque
luminare .i. in lésbaire cechtar dae se .i.sol ┐ luna each of
these two luminaries, both these l.
Mil 121 c 23 .utraque:
ithe inso inna cechtardai these are the two (things) ib.
122 c 9 (n pl. n.; the correspondingsing. PH 7974 :ó
35dogéna Dia in cechtarda sin).alternos inter se sonos
uidentur confundere .i. fogur cechtar de ar alaliu, Sg 4 a 8 .
ithé sidi nad techtat innairdegnúsigud cechtar de that do
not possess either signification
ib. 77 a 6 .araill dona longaibh
cechtardhaibh some of the ships on each side CCath. 1967 .
40 in eclais cechtarda PH p. 574 (of the two churches, the
earthly and heavenly). Followed by gen.:sé sgripuill
cechtarde in dá oidche for each of the two nights Laws ii
134. 1 .Ísu do ṡuide for cechtarde na dá ech PH 4458 .
—cechtardæ díb:trian ó cechtur de dibsium a third from
45each of these
Laws ii 144. 23 .ulcha fota for cechtarde
díb PH 3094 .dá cét con ac cechtar de díb, Acall. 2636 .
ib. 6906 .—nechtarde,nechtar de, laternechtarda either
of the two
, after negation neither :ni rubi nechtar de
cen alaill neither of them can be without the other Wb 11
50c 17 .ní lour less nechtar de mani bet a ndiis, Mil 35
d 24 .nechtarde, Sg 37 b 19 .nechtar de, 173 b 6 .nechtar
dæ, Mil 42 b 2 . Followed bya ndiis, ib. 14 c 4 .nechtar-
dae díb:nechtarde díb, Laws ii 406.26 Comm. ,
corresponding to thenechtar naein the main text.muna
55fuil nechtar de díb and, ib. iii 210. 17 .munob dána(sic
leg.)re nechtarde díb, ib. v 328. 2 f.b. nechtar de díb TBC
3720 . —nech de: aire nislaimed nech de: acht Nechtain
sa deogbaire LL 191 b 34 ( Metr. Ds. iii 30. 49 ); seems =
nech díb(Gwynn).—indala de(indara de)...alaile(araile,
60a chéile)one of the two...the other, corresponding to the
indala náiof the tá ceann in dara de ag
tiachtuin fui(sc. in cunnrud)if the chief of one party is for
impugning it
Laws ii 292. 8 f.b. dliged tabartha dilsis in
ara de ┐ dliged fríthe dilsidis araile, ib. v 336. 5 f.b. indara
65de...a chéli(not voc.), TTr². 1767 . Laws ii 342. 17 .