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x see blinn.


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adj (see Sc. G. St. ii 29.7 ) thin, lean, starved: la selche salli seingbline, la tana táib na blinmuici `with the thin side of a lean pig', Hib. Min. 66 § 9.

blinn, blind

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Forms: blim, blinn, blind

n (AS or ON blind. For ON see Bidrag 93 , 101 , 155 . Cormac's blindauga, see ex. below, prob. a Norse personal name, 155 , see also LEIA B-60 , Hessen 96 ). Expld. as dead person's spittle, filament (nerve ?) of a dead person's eye: blind .i. saile mairb, unde dicitur: bās mblindach, Corm. Y 136. blinn .i. snāithe ruisc mairb, unde dicitur blind (.i. auga, MS.) .i. dall nō cōech. Blindauga .i. dallṡúilech in ling[u]a Galleorum , 138 . So also O'Mulc. 183. blind .i. saile, O'Dav. 337. blinn .i. seile dhuine mhairbh, O'Cl. blinn .i. snáithe ruisg mairbh, ib. `blim' (a corruption of blinn, blind, ed.) sili, Met. Gl. 34 § 26.


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adj [o, ā] (blinn): blind .i. saile mairb unde dicitur bás [m]b.¤ (`a frothing death', Corm. Trans. 21 ), Corm. 7.


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n : bliosan (leg. bliochtan) `an artechoke´ Eg. Gl. § 738 .


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n g s. = bladma ? Cf. bladmann. a n-ionad gach b.¤ an ghúna dhuibh instead of the fulmination of the black cloth (sc. of the protestant minister), 23 O 15 ,248.z. Cf. blaom- adh `blasting, fulminating, burning, blazing, flaming', Scurry's collection of Ir. Words, Celtica vi 69 s.v. blaom.

? blipecht

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n ferr búaidh b.¤ (blipfeacht, v.l.) ` warfare ', RC xlv 82 § 31 = Anecd. iii 18.2 ; `excellence is better than commonness (?)´ BFF 140 . See also Peritia xv 432 .


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Forms: bliosan

(ghostword) bliosan `an artechoke ', Eg. Gl. 738. Leg. bliochtán.


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x see briscén.


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x see bleith, meilid.


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n (cf. uball): b.¤ .i. vbla, Goid. 76 § 87 (Dúil Laithne).