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Forms: adrímiu, -airmim, -airmiu, adrimi, -airmi, adrimi, atarimi, atrim[i], adind- rími, -áirmi, -ármi, adrimet, atarimet, adrimther, adrimter, adrímter, adrimiter, adrimetar, -ármidhter, -áirimh, adrimtis, atarímtis, -arim, adríme, adrimet, adrimther, -árimther, adrímed, -airmed, -airmitis, adrimfem, adrímfiter, adrím- fetar, adrímfinn, atarurmius, adruirim, -arraim, barruim, adruirmisset, a-ta-ruirmiset, adruirmed, aírmithi, áram, áirmid

v (*ad-rím-, Ped. ii 602 ). Indic. pres. 1 s. adrímiu, LU 9323 . -airmim, Sg. 205a2 . -airmiu, Thes. ii 338.2 . 2 s. adrimi siu, Ml. 24b6 . -airmi, LU 10269 . 3 s. adrimi som, Wb. 14d2 ; Ml. 24a13 . atarimi, 111c17 . atrim[i], 49a11 . adind- rími, -áirmi, Wb. 13d17 . -ármi, 6a1 . 3 pl. adrimet, Ml. 129d19, 22 . atarimet, Sg. 26b6 . Pass. sg. adrimther, Ml. 46d24 . Thes. ii 246.26 . Pl. adrimter, Ml. 99d9 . adrímter, Sg. 202a5 . adrimiter, Thes. ii 246.28 . adrimetar, Ml. 111a10 . -ármidhter, TTr.² 193 . Ipv. 2 s. -áirimh, Ériu ix 177 § 7 . Indic. impf. 3 pl. adrimtis, Ml. 91a6 . atarímtis, Sg. 188a3 . Subj. pres. 1 s. -arim, Wb. 14d17 . 2 s. adríme, Thes. ii 28.32 . 3 pl. adrimet, Ml. 103b5 . Pass. sg. adrimther, Thes. ii 10.6 . -árimther, Crith Gabl. 2 . Subj. impf. 3 s. adrímed, Ml. 21a4 . Sg. 69a5 . -airmed, Ml. 46b31 . 3 pl. -airmitis, Trip.² 1885 . Fut. 1 pl. adrimfem, Ml. 14d5 . Pass. pl. adrímfiter, Sg. 153b1 . adrím- fetar, Thes. ii 229.30 . Condit. 1 s. adrímfinn, Trip.² 2107 . Pret. and perf. 1 s. atarurmius, Hib. Min. 3. 383 . 3 s. adruirim, Ml. 28d5 . -arraim, 49c9 . barruim, TBC 4761 . 3 pl. adruirmisset, Ml. 101b2 . a-ta-ruirmiset, Sg. 188a1 . Pass. sg. adruirmed, Wb. 2d7 . Part. of necess. aírmithi, Wb. 8c13 . See áirmide. Vn. áram. Later as simple vb. áirmid. IGT Verbs § 68 .


(a) counts, numbers, computes: amal as ndliged fir bís i n-arim do neuch atarimi `to one that counts them', Ml. 111c17 . ar mad iar n-aicniud adrimther, Thes. ii 10.6 (Bcr).— atairim-si, ol si. Atairimi iarom — count them . . . he counts them, Ir. Texts i 3 § 9 . rimfed rind . . . .i. no airmebad rétglanna nime, ACC § 64 ( RC xx 258 ). tuccait . . . a mur- thréta mucc a fedaib . . . ro rímit ┐ ra hármit, TBC 76 . ada usce nosbera . . . for nim atrímther a laug, LB 228 marg. sup. og iarraid co nairmither fri re `full price of fosterage is reckoned by the time', Laws ii 174.19 . iss é dédenach roarmed it was the last that was numbered, BColm. 92.21 . noco n-airimther ganim mara ni hairemthar ar marbad do macaib ríg, RC xviii 173.12 . co-n-airmestur gainemh mara, RC xxiv 381.4 . do áirmhius noí fichit scíath, ZCP viii 223.1 .

(b) In more general sense of records, recounts, mentions: in gnímai adrimter hi libur iudicum , Ml. 99d9 . nī rurīmiu nī āirmiu / a ndorigēnai ind nóebdūil `I cannot reckon, I count not what the holy creature hath done', Thes. ii 338.2 (Hy. v). co n-árimther inna grá[d] téchtu that he may be reckoned in his proper grade, Críth Gabl. 2 . in tan nach a ngradaib flatha airimter na riga sin, Laws v 24.z Comm. cech martir adrímem, Fél. July 17. Ep. 87 . roairmiustar (roairmestar v.l.) D. douibhsium a n-anmanna, Anecd. ii 55 § 17 . ni roarmide hicond rig Leue no Beniemin it has not been told that L. or B. were with the king, Rawl. 79a7 . atrímead filid na n-G. comtís . . ., Alex. 249 . airem daib seanchassai . . . bar múinntire relate to them, Alex. 191 . ní ruirmiu, ní airémha . . . / a tainic de ancessaib Eireann . . ., FM ii 600.17 . ni aireomamaid a cogtha, L.Chl. Suibhne § 37 . a ccreacha . . . ni hairimter hi leabraibh, Cog. 38.21 . d'eis ar áirmemar / ar M. in addition to all we have recounted of M., BNnÉ 223.11 . ar áirmhis oruibh d'eachtaibh / do shíol E. `as for the deeds you have told of the race of E.' Content. iv 18 .

(c) takes into account: ni armim-sea ón I take no account of that, TBC 5085 . cona hairmithea bunad eitir `original ownership is not reckoned (i.e. taken into consideration) at all', Laws ii 370.3 Comm. nír airmedar na h-esbada sin o ranic an Maél Flidaise leó they did not count (i.e. they made light of) these losses since they had the M.F., Celt. Rev. iv 206.31 . díanam airmitis-[s]e mu bráthair oc raind a feraind if my brothers should take me into consideration in the dividing of his land, Trip.² 1885 . mad t'árim . . . bail i m-biat dagláich . . . nít ármem itir ┐ nít imradem, TBC 1853 .

(d) counts as, regards as; considers to be: is samlid atrim[i]- som in forcomet sin amal bid coscrad dognethe do `it is thus he reckons that protection as though it had been destroyed', Ml. 49a11 . bāeth, buide . . . macne Ailb (nailb v.l.) āirmi (airmighther v.l.), Ält. Ir. Dicht. ii 13 § 1 `thou reckonest the sons of A.,' Ériu xii 201 . ise an Toirrdelbach sin as mó airmhid Conallaig orra do brisedh catha Chnuic an Bodha `it is to this T. that the C. give the most credit on their own side for winning the battle. . .' L.Chl. Suibhne § 56 .

(e) searches out, investigates: adrimisiu gl. rimeris, Ml. 24b6 . adrimi son gl. adpendit examine, 24a13 .

II In idioms with prepp.

(a) ascribes, assigns to (DO): a nadruirmed do Abracham .i. fírinne tri híris `what has been counted unto A. even righteousness through faith', Wb. 2d7 . is secht ṅdana airegda airmither do'n Spirut noem `seven excellent gifts are assigned to the Holy Ghost', PH 8029 . ní armither . . pian . . . dona anmannaib, the souls are not considered to suffer pain LU 2120 ( FA 18 ).

(b) counts as (AR): ni áirmi som ón ar chumscugud `he does not count that as change', Wb. 13d17 . ní nairmi ar bethaid etir `he reckons it not as life at all', Ml. 82a8 . combad ar gair aicnid adrímed in suidiguth `so he would reckon the position for shortness of nature', Sg. 69a5 . as ar chenél cruche adrímther in coicsath `fellow-suffering is counted as a kind of cross', Thes. ii 246.26 . adrímfinn ar nempní i condiulcc in maithiusa tarfas dam, Trip.² 2107 . Hence a.¤ ar x do y counts as x on the part of y: adrimtis-som ar aithissib dunni buith fut recht su `they used to count as reproaches to us', Ml. 91a6 . dorolaig in peccad ┐ ni narraim ar chaire do, 49c9 . fis timnae ndæ . . . is ar sainemli adrimther to neuch rudfinnadar `knowledge of the commandments of God is reckoned as excellence to him that knows it', 46c24 . iss ed sin armither ar adnacul dóib for that is regarded as their burial place, LU 2533 . is ar martrai atrimther dó `it is reckoned to him as martyrdom', Mon. Tall. 146.19 . atait tri cuir tindtai mac beo-athar im a athair nach airmead (= áirmet) liubair na Feine do ar ingaire a tindtog, Laws v 436.23 . ar ní armide ar laechdacht duit-siu comrac frim-sa sund it would not be reckoned as bravery for you, LL 14137 .

(c) considers as, places in the same category as (LA and ETER): participia .i. ataruirmiset la gerind `participles i.e. they have reckoned them with the gerund', Sg. 188a1 . is la noeb scriphinna atarurmius I have included them among the sacred writings, Hib. Min. 3.83 . cid nácham airmisiu . . . lais na trén-firu sin . . . cid dam nachat airmébaind etorro? why dost thou not reckon me among those strong men . . . why should I not reckon thee among them? LU 10269 . uair airemthar do-sum itir deib é da eis `he shall be numbered among the gods', TTebe 2187 . do bhríogh go n-áirmheann an eaglais idir na hoibreachaibh trócaire . . . é, TSh. 5624 . With AR: áirmid eólaig ar mnāib āill[e] a haimsire ī the knowledgable consider her as one of the beautiful women of her time, ML² 485 .

(d) a.¤ x for (ar) y reckons x against y, blames y for x: ba treissi . . . don aithrighe . . . inas dona holcaibh ro áirmittis deamuin form which the devils reckoned up against me, RC xxvi 372.7 . nā hāirimh ar Chorc na cclīar / gē do-bheradh toir is tīar do not blame C., Ériu ix 177 § 7 . oramsa do hairmhedh riamh / a n-dernsabair . . . / daibh fein áirmeoc- thar anois, Caithr. CC § 60 . With FRI: nicon airmi fri nech cia ba menic thi does not count it against a person, Laws v 76.11 .


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adj (1 rind) very pointed, sharp(?): cosmail ra Ailill . . . n-a.¤ n-inchoisc, TBC 5436 . in n-irgail nuallaig na.¤ , LL 275b51 .


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x see at-roí.


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v Mid. Ir. form of perf. 2 s. of do-tuit: adruimidiur mo galur form, or Oengus, a.¤ im drochraide, RC iii 344.16 (Aisl. Oéng.).


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x see ad-suidi.


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x see ad-cí.

adrodma, adrogma

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x see ad-daim.


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v late form of do-roich with change of preverb: adroich in gilla itir na heachaib comes between the horses, Anecd. i 9.5 ( SCano 271 , and note. In this and next ex. correct reading perh. at-raig, -reig). is and itroich fri toichida comtuinide fri fir tíre, O'Don. 1962 (Eg. 90, 7(8)c). iss ed atomrua (fut.), Ériu viii 173.30 . as samlaidh adró Fer D. dot ionn- soighidhsi it is thus F.D. will come to attack you, ZCP x 281.20 . adroset aes na Grecia uile co bagach . . . dia digail, BB 425a6 . ?cáin do Denna Den doma addonruacht `the mound he has reached', PRIA xix 532 § 2 ( LU 9836 ).


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Forms: ad-roilliu, as-roilli, -airilli, ad-roilli, as-roilli, atroilli, attroilli, asidroilli, isatroilli, -áirilli, as-roillet, assidroillet, ad-rollat, -airillet, adidroillither, -airiller, -airle, as-roillea, as-roillem, roairlem, rosairillem, -airillid, atroillet, -arillet, -airillet, as-rollfe, ataroillife, araillfa, adidroillifet, as-roilli, asndaroilli, asroairli, asroilli, asindroillissem, -arilsem, -arilsid, ad- roilliset, atroillisset, assidroillisset, adidroillisset, asidroilliset, assidroilliset, -arillset, -arilset, -áirillset, -airilset, as-roilled, airillte, airílte, airilti, airilte, airílti, airiltib, airillti, áirilliud, áiriltiu, atroillid

v (*ad-ro-slí-, Ped. ii 630 ). On substitution of as- for ad- in pretonic position, see Thurn. Gramm. p. 496 . Indic. pres. 1 s. ad-roilliu, Ml. 75a11 . 2 s. as-roilli, 130b8 . -airilli, 55d13 . 3 s. ad-roilli, 61a20 . as-roilli, atroilli, 51d12 . attroilli, Wb. 2d13 . In rel. position with inf. pron. asidroilli, O'Dav. 225 ; isatroilli, O'C. 2255 (Eg. 88, 18(19)d). -áirilli, Ml. 84c13 . 3 pl. as-roillet, 40a4 . assidroillet, 54d6 . ?ad-rollat, LU 8954 . -airillet, Ml. 40c12 . Pass. sg. adidroillither, Rawl. 125b32 . Subj. pres. 1 s. -airiller, LB 191b13 . 2 s. ?-airle, Fél. 154.17 . 3 s. as-roillea, Ml. 107b6 . 1 pl. as-roillem, Thes. ii 349.6 (Hy. v). ad-roillem, SR 8385 . roairlem, Ériu ii 144 § 162 . rosairillem, Thr. Hom. 46 . 2 pl. -airillid, Ml. 115b9 . 3 pl. atroillet, -arillet, Wb. 31c23 . -airillet, Ml. 90c2 . Fut. 2 s. as-rollfe, Sg. 66b19 . 3 s. ataroillife, Ériu ii 128 § 95 . ?araillfa, Laws ii 98. 28 Comm. 3 pl. adidroillifet, Ml. 61a20 . Pret. and perf. 3 s. as-roilli, Ml. 111b28 . asndaroilli, 124d7 . asroairli (.i. asroilli ), RC xxi 382.8 . 1 pl. asindroillissem, Ml. 119d8 . -arilsem, Wb. 20d14 . 2 pl. -arilsid, 21a17 . 3 pl. ad- roilliset, 4c35 . atroillisset, c15 ; Ml. 46d9 . assidroillisset, adidroillisset, 61b17 . asidroilliset, 77a15 . assidroilliset, Wb. 17a9 . -arillset, 4c39 . -arilset, 4d10 . -áirillset, Ml. 114c9 . -airilset, 54d9 . Pass. sg. as-roilled, Ml. 122b13 . Part. airillte, Ml. 61a20 . airílte, 122b13 . airilti (gl. debitam), 56c6 ; airilte, 113b3 . ind airílti (gl. meriti), 61b17 . airiltib (gl. meritis), a19 . Part. of necess. airillti, Ml. 22d22 . Vn. áirilliud, áiriltiu. Later as simple vb. atroillid and áiriltnigid, q.v.

Deserves, is entitled to: ní arilset geinti a fírianugud `the gentiles have not deserved to be justified', Wb. 4d10 . don argat dobeirt[h]i i cís d'Fomorib atroille ainmniugud i.e. it gets its name from the silver given as tax to the Fomorians, Corm. Y 304 . cren dímsa m'ingin dochum fognuma duit, ar atrolleset a (m)besa, Ir. Texts. i 5 § 13 `for her manners have deserved it', Ir. Hist. Stud. i 124 . do neoch atroille iffernd díb, LU 1404 . duilgine cac aesa danu adroille duilgine who deserves remuneration, Laws v 264.15 . la biathad ninnraic adroille in gradh, Ériu xii 18 § 21 . ni agarur nach cintuch acht do roith logh fiach adroillithur, Laws ii 14 .y (.i. ro hairelltnigedh do dlestin do cintuch, 16.3 Comm. ). diablad fiach nech atroille[d], 98.15 (adruillter, O'C. 2721 (Eg. 88, 61 (62)b). cunic in cintuch cin a tabuirt a bfiachuibh . . . acht araillfa dono, Laws ii 98.28 `if only he be entitled to do so', Plummer MS. notes. ?nis nellne a baes .i. nís airle ni dia baís that he does not incur anything by his folly, iii 56.14 Comm. mairg immorro asroairli (as-roilli v.l.) assa churp fessin in falti sin diabuil, RC xxi 382.8 . gach aon . . . atruilles . . . bāss d'f[h]aghāil, Fl. Earls 70.26 . co ro airiller rochtain parrthais, LB 191b13 . fodail na pían cosind lín ataroillife, Ériu ii 128 § 95 . ni farcbad nech cen dire . . . act inti adroille olc asa besaibh, Ériu xii 44 § 56 . adroillem adaittrebam / oentaid aingel cech tratha, SR 8385 . amhail asad-roillfea gach buasach bíaidh, Ériu xiii 22.30 (= asidroilli, O'Dav. 225 ).

? adrólad

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v im ba gargluinne fria ngrīsad / gním adrōla[d] (adralad v.l.) (: dorónadh), Arch. iii 294 § 2 .


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x see ad-roilli.