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v (adnáire) makes ashamed: ní adhnáirgheann an dóchus, Rom. v 5 .


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v (*ad-nasc-) = naiscid: adronaisc boroma Lagen, Rawl. B 503, 9a1 (Plummer MS notes). sochla set adnaiscer `famous the jewel which is pledged', Misc. Hag. Hib. 29 § 43 . Prob. also in: ro athnaisc-sium forra a choraibh, RC xliii 72.19 . ra athnaiscset na cuir, 74.1 . athnascfid Cass coma ṅgiall, LL 18443 (`will bind', PRIA xix 543 ).


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x see ind-nëat.


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Forms: áinsid, áinsem

v (*ad-ness-, Ped. ii 583 ). Also as simple vb. áinsid. Lampoons, censures, reproaches: ní háinse enech ruirech na ollamhan, Ériu xiii 47.7 = ni ainsi, O'Don. 2205 (Nero A vii 142a-b) = ainsed .i. ainmhedh no imdergad, ut est ni áinsed enech ruirech na ollaman, O'Dav. 15 . ainsithar gach nec- naithi `is reproached', Laws iv 384.25 . i tig Dé ni ainsiter, ZCP vii 309.12 . Vn. áinsem.


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Forms: atnoim, adnuu

v (*ath-no-, Ped. ii 586 ). entrusts, commends to (DO): Indic. pres. 1 s. ?atnoim .i. fulang, O'C. 1300 ( H. 3.18, 539b ). adnuu, LU 9696 , 9700 ( ZCP iii 216.4 3 s. atnoí do epscop Brón día altrum he entrusts (entrusted?) him, Trip.² 1611 . Aed atnoe (atnoi, adnai, adnaoi, att naoe v.ll.) huile oll doene dronchetal .i. . . . ┐ ro aithnistar Aed do Dallan . . . co mbad druine cech cetal in cetal-sa, ACC 115 ( RC xx 282 ). aithni timna . . . .i. timna in tí ad noi don tír, O'D. 939 (H 3.17, col. 659a). Pass. sg. sruith in aicdhi (ind aithne v.l.) adnur duit `noble is the knowledge that is imparted(?) to thee', Arch. Hib. iv 207 § 19 . ?adnuither cert (`let justice be dispensed'), Laws ii 130.19 . Ipv. 3 s. atnoad Concobar eim . . . ol is cetaicce Fionncoimiu let C. hand him over, IT i 142.15 ( Comp. Con C. 8.17 ). 2 pl. tairngid lib a aingliu . . . in anmain n-écraibdig sea ┐ aititnid (leg. aithnid, Ped. = tabraid, LU) i lláim Lúcifir dia bádud give it in charge to Lucifer, 183.22 . ?Subj. 3 s. (see Ped. loc. cit.) adnoodur gl. reseruare, Thes. i 714.11 . rodbo dia adroni et connói a rrad file andsom no is hésom adroni do dia in fochricc file do i nnim `either God has committed and preserves the grace that is in him . . .', Wb. 29d29 . uair ini ada chuir bel atbelat an ti adrona .i. icfa so in aithgin atrona, O'C. 676 (H 3.18, p. 330).

With de: atnóe díobh gan tochar fris na Gallaibh he enjoins them, Hugh Roe 100.30 (fo. 27b) .

Vn. 1 aithne. Later as simple vb., see 1 aithnid. Cf. as-noi.


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x see ad-noí.


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n cerupihin .i. a.¤ `burning heat ', Lor. Gild. 28 (cf. ad- annai).


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adj (ad + núa) very new, very fresh: fiadubla adnúi `fresh wild apples', Dinds. 62 ( RC xv 460 ). dar eis meic Āeda adnūi, ZCP ix 468 § 31 .


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adj (núall): ar n-adhbha ceōil fhirbhinn adhnūall sweet of sound , Butler Poems 605 .


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see atnuigid.


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n (ad + omnae great fear , Wortk. 131 , but see Ped. i 169 . adamnae: adamra, Thes. ii 300.8 (Hy. i) but rhyme not strict in this poem): a.¤ mor for hErind n-uile .i. robudh plaige `great fears', AU i 322.4 . Nōe ┐ Abraham . . . immuntísat ar thedmain / náchantairle adamnae, ` famine ' Thes. ii 300.6 (Hy. i) .i. adamní (adamnai v.l.) .i. gorta .i. quia per Adam uenit dolor , 35 . In n.loc.: i Rāith Adomnae atbath Aed i nArd Macha roadnachtt, ZCP xii 235 § 51 . Cf. omna(e) as n.loc., Hog. Onom. (but see omna).