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v g (utmall) is, becomes unsteady, wavers: dús in nadnutmaligetar (gl. utrum ... non nutent) `if per- chance they are not unsteady,' Acr 10c1 ( Thes. ii 4 ). utmall- aigetar (gl. uacillare) `that they waver,' Acr 15a1 ( Thes. ii 7 ). pass. perf. pl. ro crithnaigit ┐ ro utmallaigit menmandae muadh- laech ... re cridhenbas in catha `were disquieted,' CCath. 3887 .


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Forms: utmalligthe

u,m, (vn. of utmallaigidir) act of wavering: g s. utmalligthe (gl. causam nutandi), Bcr 32b8 ( Thes. ii 18 ).

? utrusca

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n : utrusca ulcacha 'bearded … devils (?)' Celtica xiii 41.74 . ? Cf. 2 trosc, trusca(e).