? urbaid

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n (only in glossaries); urbaidh .i. coimed, ut est, is tu cu urbada fil la Ulta, O'C. 1482 (< H. 3. 18 p. 661a1 ) = urbadh .i. coimet, etc. O'C. 2075 (< H. 4. 22 p. 67 ). urbhaidh .i. coimhéd, as tú Cú urbhaidhe fil la hulltaibh .i. Cú coimhéda, O'Cl. Plummer MS Notes, suggests that here we have the word airbaid bane, destruction so that the meaning would be `a ravaging dog kept by the Ultonians?' But the original word may have been airbág ` contention ' cf. is tussa qu urbaga faili la Hultai, FB 11 (Voss.) = fer aurbága, LU 8147 .


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n ā,f. urbairt (v.l. arbairt), IGT, Decl. § 42 .


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x see erball.


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x see airboth and úarboth.


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x see airbruinne.


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n a decoction; `dry bath, stupe, fomentation,' Ros. Angl.: dentur urbhruith do dhuilleabur na luibhe ceadhna ┐ do dhuilleabur an rosa deirg, 23 K 42 415. 13 . dentur urbhruith fon mball mbrisde, ib. 15 . cuirtear an luibh ceadna ar uisge ┐ dentur urbruithe dhe, 324.14 . dentur urbruithi dona altaibh, Ros. Angl. 62.8 . cf. 216.10 . As vn.: dleaghar a cosa gu nuig a ngluinib d'urbruith ┐ a lama gu nuigh na huilleannaib, 23 P 10³, 41a24 .


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ind .i. toirmisgthe, O'Cl. Cf. érchoílte.

urchar, urchor, orchar

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x see airchur.


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x etc.: see airchót.


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n (? airchride) `entrails' (?): do scéith a hurchroidhe feadh an locha `vomited forth its entrails' (of a reptile). Maguires of F. § 3 .


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n a cast (?): cur an ga ana deaghaid, ┐ deoraid foceird ar is inand a urchur ┐ a forcudh, O'C. 1962 (< H 4. 22, 11 ) =a nurchur ┐ a forgaibh, O'D. 871 (< H 3. 17 c. 624 ). a urcud ┐ forcud, O'C. 627 (< H 3. 18, 303 ).