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ind id.: do fhill ... an mhuc ... chum a húnfurtaigh, 2 Pet. ii 22 (1681).


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Forms: unfuir- thighe

v g (únfairt) wallows, rolls: ipv. pl. 2 unfuir- thighe sibh féin a luaithreadh, Jerem. xxv 34 .

1 unga

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x see ungae.

2 unga, ungad

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x see ongad.

ungae, uinge

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Forms: unga, ungae, unga, n-unga, nungae, ungae, uinge, uinge, uinge

n , f.

I An ounce: `an ounce, an ingot, the 12th part of a pound, an ounce weight,' P. O'C.

(a) n s. unga ab uncia latine (MS uncsia), Corm. Y 1292 . Cf. 69 . ungae (gl. uncia), Sg. 45b17 . unga, IGT, Decl. § 3 . g s. clothdelgg n-unga , Críth G. 346 ( Laws iv 322 ). lóg leith ungae di muccib, Thes. ii 239.19 ( Arm. 17b ). d s. intan testa a cethruime do'n cethramad unga, PH 3211 . n p. .iii. ungai argait, Thes. ii 239.17 ( Arm. 17b ). a p. do-rat do airchindechaib na sacart ... in trichait n-airgennte sin .i. teora unga, co nd-ór (of Judas), PH 3210 . g p. muince .iii. nungae , `a necklace of 3 ounces,' Thes. ii 239.18 ( Arm. 17b ). bargen trichat ungae (MSS uinge), Ériu iii 102 § 31a . coica n-unga n-óir ... cechtarde na da flesc (the wands of Moses and Aaron), SR 4327 . hisin prim- chaindelbra ... trí cét n-uṅga ṅdergoir, 4340 . secht cét uṅga sin mēis, 4349 . cóeca do chétaib uṅga | robae inna comthrumma (of Goliath's breastplate), 5759 . d p. ar chuic uṅgaib dec argait, SR 7712 .

(b) n s. uinge, IGT, Decl. § 3 . uinge ┐ escra fiona, Laws i 202.20 Comm. a s. in duine is [ḟ]iu uinge, v 392.18 Comm. colla cāema na cruinde | nī fiū arna n-ēg āenuinge, Arch. iii 238 § 11 . g s. direnar corruicce log n-uinge argit, Laws v 382.2 . coruicce cumal n-uinge, 392.1 . screapoll cacha uinge `for every ounce,' 212x Comm. delg ṅuinge (.i.) óir, Thr. Ir. Gl. 7 (=d. uṅga, Corm. Y 143 ). n a p. teora uinge , O'D 2373 (< Rawl. 506 f. 44 ). secht n-uinge airgid, Ériu xiii 46.26 . g p. comtrom .ui. fiched uinge d'iarund aithleghtha, Laws v 16z Comm. tri fichit uinge dór, FM ii 818.3 . mess ced nuinge do eideadh iodhbart ┐ aiffrend C. `the value of one hundred ounces in vestments,' ALC i 108.15 . bouinde doat ... fiu trichad huinge, IT iii 238.105 . tri céad uinge, Feis Tighe Chonáin 1345 . Cf. ar ceand m'uincceadh ōir, 1321 . n du.: fail óir i rrabhattar dá uinge, FM ii 1096.2 .

Fig.: is uinge airgdide (of St. Cainnech), Arch. iii 221.2 .

II `a technical term for the amount of a legal penalty, reward or price; there were different kinds of Ungas, and the value varied according to the kind and name,' Mann. and Cust. iii 604 . `Unge in ye Irish is either small or greate. Unge Mor is 20d, unge beg is 10d .i. greate unge and small unge,' KAJ iv (NS i), 455 ( Reg. of Clonmacnois, marg. note . Cf. Mann. and Cust. iii 496 n. ).

(a) unga chana domnaig the fine of the Sunday law: colpdach ... nó a llóg isí unga chána domnaig insin `a heifer ... or its value, that is the ounce of the Law of Sunday,' Ériu ii 208 § 30 . unga geim- lech: co fargaibh da.c. dec bo, ... ┐ tri .xx. unga do argut gil ina ungai geimleach `as his fetter-ounce' (i.e. `the price of his release from his fetters; or his ransom'), AU 1029 = FM ii 818 . Cf. unga uaige, Fél. 96.26 .

(b) ina huinge gheimhlidhe, ALC 1029 (= AU. FM cited above). uinnge forceatuil deoda `the ounce for divine instruction,' Laws iii 70 . Cf. cumul fichit seoit .i. da teagait dech mba .i. leth n-uinge .i. dech n-uinge fire, Laws ii 276.22 (see ZCP xiv 368 ).

III A division of time: di húair deac ┐ IIII brottae ┐ unga ┐ atom̄, Thes. ii 10.7 (`seems to mean an ostent, the twelfth part of a moment,' ib. n. f ). Cf. cethir brottae ┐ alarann deac brotto, 13.18 . See also MR p. 8 .


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Forms: uṅgainet

n (dimin. of ungae) a little ounce: a s. in uṅgainet (gl. unciolam), Sg. 49a11 .


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n a unicorn: atá aige amhail neart Unicorn, Num. xxiii 22 ré adharcuibh Unicorn, Deut. xxxiii 17 Cf. onocorn.


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ind (gl. solamentum solo), Thes. ii 42.21 .


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n a university: a nuniuersite na fisigechta a Sliab P., Ir. Texts v 1.17 . Cf. Gleanings² 54.20 .


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x see minmach.


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ind ronna ... quasi srōn-unna .i. ton[n]a srōna, quia est unda .i. tond, Corm. Y 1116 .