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Forms: uachtlanaidhe

ind uachtlanaidhe (gl. celeber, -bris, -bre), Ir. Gl. 1063 .

1 úad

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x see óidid.

2 úad

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x g s.: see .

? 3 úad

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adj foglana cach nuad nanglan, Nero A vii p. 149a ( O'Don. 2217 ). Accord. to O'Don. Suppl. put for ógh pure, perfect .

4 úad

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prefixed form of prep. ó used in artificial trans- lations of Lat. ab and Lat. re: see Thurn. Hdb. 475 and exx. below. See also úat—

5 úad

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since, hence see 1 ó IX (b 2).


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ind (4 úad + adbar, EIF 50-51 ) In phr. úadadbar cineda heredity, breeding : fo bith sguir ocus imcoiméta ocus uadabar cinadha, O'Don. 864 (< H. 3. 17 c. 616 ). The gl. on uadabar cinada is: .i. adbar aneich ór chinestar .i. cullaighe ┐ tairbh ┐ reithedha.


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ind luighi orrtha nach feadadar edaingni na nuadhaib, O'C. 296 . (< H. 3. 18 p. 162 ). (? read: ina n-udmaib, Plummer MS notes).


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Forms: húadairberthach

(bith) (calque on Lat. abusive, A New History of Ireland i 438 ) pejorative : adv. ind húadairberthach bith (gl. abusiue), Sg. 3b24 .


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Forms: huaderet

v huaderet (gl. obtexivit) he uncovered , Ml. 51d14 - 15 (<di-ro-ét perf. of do-em, see Thurn. Hdb. 476 ; Ped. ii 512 ).


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Forms: úadfialichthi

adj unveiled, revealed: d s f. úadfialichthi .i. focertam fíal diínn, Wb. 15b4 .