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x see silid.


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n a pl. the name of some weapon or article of warlike equipment: na s.¤ gorma glainidi, ┐ na hidna áig `the blue bright lances [?]', CRR 11 . Hogan suggests = sith-langa `long boats', but longa have already been mentioned in the same list. ? Cf. síbal.


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x see síbal.


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x see siblach.


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vn. of siblaigid, see siblaid. a march, a military expedition : siublaighthe feille `treacherous expeditions', ALC ii 498.3 .


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x see seinnid.

1 sibsanach

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n ā,f. a hissing, rustling, swishing : sibhsanach na saighet, CCath. 5916 . re siangail ┐ re sibsanaigh na mbufa ┐ na loisccend `croakings and cluckings', 4348 . cona trillsib do nathrachaib nemnecha ima ceand ac siangail ┐ ic sibsanaig `croaking', TTebe 183 . Cf. sisarnach.

2 sibsanach

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adj o, ā rustling, swishing : figair s.¤ a mbil-chimhas inichtarach ica n-imcomailt frisna hasanaibh iarnaidhib `harsh rustling', CCath. 4649 .


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x see síthbe.


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n o m. (in horses) disease causing madness : do galur cind na n-ech … síbhus 'concerning diseases of the head in horses … síbhus ' Celtica ii 32 § 2 . labram annso don tsibhus, ┐ as amlaid bhis .i. cruma fhasus on ghiall suas, ┐ in tan teid sa chluais téit an t-ech ar mire ┐ do-geib bas 'we come now to sibus which consists of worms which grow from the jaw upwards, and when it goes (or ‘they go’) into the ear the horse goes mad and dies ' 46 § 4 . siobhas 'rage, madness' Lhuyd . síobhas 'fury, frenzy ' Dinn .


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n (a) a stripe or streak; a shock or rick of corn : seirgne na siog (síg, v.l.) (of a dead pig), Irish Texts i 30 § 40 . slata . . . do choll . . . ┐ dorinne síoga bána ionta `strakes', Gen. xxx 37 . gach síocc gach staca, FM v 1722.3 . amhuil thig síog arbha asteach (a shock of corn), Job v 26 .