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adj (scuit) laughable, ridiculous (?): a u[i] screllin s.¤ , IT iii 80 - 81 § 56 = a hūi Scēlīn scutemail `du närrischer Enkel Scēlīns', Bruchst. i 35 § 81 .


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Forms: scu(i)che, scuichi, scuithe, scuithche, scuichthe

n pl. movable property, movables. More particularly smaller animals as opposed to cattle. Thurn., Ir. Recht 56 n. 1 cites the MS. spellings scu(i)che, scuichi, scuithe, scuithche, scuichthe, etc., and suggests that the word may be pl. of scuich or the part. of scuchaid used as a substantive. It may, however, be pl. of the word scuichid, scuithid pig (agent noun from scuchaid?) found in the first three quotations given here: is ocht n-anmanna in[n]a muc, comlachtaid, scuithid, etc., O'Dav. 360 . scuithid .i. ainm do orc, ut est scuithidh sceo banb lomtharr .i. ac ithe scoth. Nó tescaidh a cenn dona scothaib. No ótcí na scotha scuichid, 1428 . scuichid sceo banb lomtarr lupait lintar . . ., O'Don. 2225 ( Nero A vii, 152b ). mad nocht aile, gebaidh side fri damscuithe (sic leg.); ni dicead scuithe ar a dluithe `oxen and small cattle', Laws iv 112.7 .i. noco teit in ní scuchas na scota trit ar dluithi, 25 Comm . ba .i. fal, etarba damscuithe `a fence of oxen and small animals', O'Dav. 327 (not necessarily a dvandva-compd.). na scuithi .i. indile, Laws v 496.11 Comm . (gl. seoit, 3 ). dibadh sguithi ┐ annsguithi `moveable and immoveable "dibadh"-property', iv 292.20 . a scuithi uile don eaglais ina neart[sh]lainte `bewegliche Habe', Ir. Recht 32 § 34 . con-ic duine a scuichi uli ┐ a andscuichthi do thabairt ina nertslainti don ecclais, 56 xi a . na scuithi do comraind doib, Laws iii 404.3 Comm . a leth seic ar scuithi . . . ┐ a leth ar scath annscuichthi `movables . . . immovables', v 34.14 , 15 Comm . ni uil eneclann doib na dire a dualgus scuithi, 120.26 Comm . as a scuichtib, 518.19 Comm . Cf. an-s.¤ .i. neams.¤ .i. gan toichned dogrēs, Corm. Y 361 .


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x see scuithe.


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n [io,m.] (based on Mid. Engl. scull?) a kind of oar, scull (dist. from ráma): scemgal na sculmairi ica scoltad, LL 236a10 ( TTr. 1414 ). briscinmnech na s.¤ `sculls', TTr.² 867 . ethar bec beochlaide . . . cona sculmarib smera, Aisl. MC 85.12 = sculmaire, 119.34 . cia brisedh a sgulmaireadha ┐ a rai- meadha . . . cona ramadaib, cona s.¤ , Laws iii 208.18. y Comm . `sculler', O'Don. Suppl.

? scunamail

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ind sceinbh .i. . . . ionada sccunamhla, Triads p. 38 no. 106 . ? For sceinnemla from sceinnid, Plummer MS. notes.


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x see scor.


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n boat, ship. The exx. hardly justify Meyer, RC xi 494 and Marstrander, Bidrag 67 in postulating a word *scut, scud (with short ŭ) stern from ON skutr (in spite of ML² 661 cited below). Meyer (ib.) differentiates between this and scúta (cf. ML² 651 ), which he correctly derives from ON skúta. scúd .i. long, O'Cl. a sgūdada slemna seis-c[h]erta, ML² 651 . fregartha . . . na tonn ag accallaimh na sgūt ┐ na sgiam-t[h]osach, 661 . re taobuib trēn-long ┐ re cnarruib comdhaingne ┐ re sgūduib sgothamla, 700 .

1 se

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emph. particle 1 s. See .

2 se

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emph. particle 2 s. See .

3 se

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emph. particle 2 pl. See .

4 se ?

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emph. particle 3 s. masc. bech bite i llugbart . . ., cipe fodarothla no rodagatta, diren se amal bid a treb rosnaccad, Laws iv 198.19 (Bechbretha). bech tetechta fer fodacoisle . . . diren se de fo choibne `he pays in proportion', 202.3 (do.). Cf. bá hésse Lug, LU 10603 . See also 6 sa and 6 ol.