? ruisem

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ind tar cenn cintaigh gabait gort ruisem, O'C. 2554 ( Eg. 88 f. 46 c ).


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x pl. see ruiseda.

? ruisenta

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adj impetuous (?): aos fraochrussenta forghruam[dh]a freangbhēul fuadaidhe 'an angry-impetuous group, very surly, with distorted mouths, ghastly' Celtica xiii 42.88 .


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v i. reddens, stains red? fut. rusfith ria re tuir `in his time he will redden a multitude', RC xxiv 192.4 . vn. coica ech . . . iarna rusiud i corcair uile .i. a scópa ┐ a moṅga, TFerbe 11 . Cf. ruise.


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n (Romance loan-word?) a regiment? tanic ruisman Sior F. na n-aghaidh, Cín Lae Ó Meall. 21.2 . ceithre trupa dég ┐ naoi ruissiman coissigh, 41.11 .


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n a young pig ? dorad damh . . . céd-láogh gacha bó, | ruisne rō ōn crāin `a great piglet (?) from (each) sow', Misc. Hag. Hib. 34.18 .


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adj io,iā. (part. of ruisid) reddened, stained red : a guin féin, corop rusti rúad derg fair, TBC 4538 (leg. rúad-derg and om. fair?) = curbó ruisti ruadh-dercc é, St. roba ruisti rúamanta L. ón chomhrag, Cóir Anm. 199 . ba ruisdi ruaid[d]erg . . . din cru bidbad, BB 438a1 . do collaip ruste ruamanta, CCath. 2851 . ba ruisti ruamanta ruisc an rig, TTébe 1094 .


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x TBC 5430 , see roit and raite.


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n running (on foot)? ata dethbir itir ruiti ┐ rith .i. rith in marcaig ┐ ruiti na retha aile, O'Dav. 1402 (cf. follg.).


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subst.? bla liac limad, no ruitech `exemption as regards the grinding-stone or crank', Laws iii 294.20 , glossed .i. inní is dech reithes uad ┐ chuici, in crand cam, ib. 24 (acc. to Atkin- son prob. the zigzag handle of the grinding-stone); quoted by O'Dav. 1402 with gloss .i. rith. ruitech .i. inní ruiter and [.i.] in crand cam, uair madh eisidhe i[s] scenmnanda do riagail i leth ris, Eg. 90 f. 15a ( O'Don. 2011 ). Prob. = ruithech used as subst. of a handle which moves to and fro, see citation from Laws above.

? ruited

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ind comma ruited re duba, ┐ coma fiuchtugud fergi, ┐ coma grendugud galair, TTébe 767 ; transld. `a blush to gloom ' as if = ruided.