? ruchtaid

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v ā. emits a `rucht' or sound of some kind: ruchtaid ruib, Ériu xi 44. 20 = ruchtaig r.¤ , ib. 45.2 (perh. right read- ing, see Hermathena xxi 2 ). Cf. doruchtfaid a mēderad [sic leg.] . . . feib dodrīmsired beach i llō ainle, TBC² 3552 , where evidently some kind of buzzing or gurgling sound is meant; cf. follg.


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n [f.] (compd. from 2 rucht) `a continuous or repeated noise of some kind': ruchtgal na muinel ┐ na meidhedh dar éis na cenn, CCath. 5935 (of headless corpses on a battle-field: `cries', Stokes; the gurgling of blood?). ruchtgal na rúm ica ruth, LL 236a16 ( TTr. 1419 , `rumbling of the hawsers').


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n (2 rucht) some kind of continuous jarring noise : adchuala ruchtladh na luinge . . . ag gabháil acarsoide `scraping', ITS v 86.13 .


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x see ruud.


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adj o,ā.? tuc aníar dar srían [leg. rian] rudach | tri choícait curach Cairell, LL 182b5 ( Arch. Hib. ii 55 § 20 ). rigi rudach, Rawl. 82b33 .


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adj o,ā.? dolbach rudrach rudartach, Nero A vii f. 146b ( O'Don. 2212 ).


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Forms: rudilse

x (ro-diles) and rudilse, see ruidles, ruidilse.


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x see rudrad.

1 rudrach

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adj o,ā. that stays (lasts) over-long; prolonged? ní roäch ná rudrad [rudrach v.l., perh. right reading] | in lebrán `neither verbose nor prolonged' (= prolix?), Fél. Ep. 129 . anbal cech rudrach `every person with vested interests is shameless', Tec. Corm. § 15.12 ; cf. ru[d]rach (sic leg.) cach n-ainfial, Arch. iii 229.103 (see ZCP xvii 62 ).

(women are) rudracha táithe `ever intent on (= persistent in?) pilfering', Tec. Corm. § 16.22 (= rudrach tathaide given to long visits? , Lec.). oll-tond rudrag lingering, continuous (?), LL 135a1 ( Todd Nenn. 260 ; leg. rudrach: Lugdach). rudhrach .i. fada; .i. ro-dhúradh .i. beith ro-fada ar fearann chom- haightheach, O'Cl. rúdhrach .i. ro-dhuradh no ro-fada, P. O'C. (but cf. Corm. Y 1089 , O'Dav. 1355 , cited s.v. 1 rudrad). See also 3 rudrach and rudrad.

2 rudrach

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Forms: rudraighe, rudraigh, rudrach

n ā,f. (orig. s,n.?) g s. rudraighe, Auraic. 2144 . a s. cen rudraigh , 1940 ( BB 331b16 ) but elsewhere: cen rudrach .

Name of a fault in prosody , appar. prolonged continuance of one rhyme, leading to excessive smoothness and monotony ; two exx. are given in Auraic. 5108 fg .; in one quatrain the same final rhyme recurs throughout, in the other in three lines. trefhocul . . . can rudrach can ro-gair can ro-fota, Auraic. 5058 ( LL 37a3 ). Cf. Arch. iii 293.17 ( H. 3.18 p. 35 ), Ériu vi 149.62 , Auraic. 1940 (cen rudraigh). a llus rudraighe i rrandaib `excess of rhymes', 2144 . rughrach (a metrical fault), IGT Introd. p. 2.27 . rudrach .i. ro-direch, ut est trefocul . . . cen rudrach .i. ro-imda cubaidh ann (i.e. excessive rhyming), O'Dav. 1345 (rurach v.l.). rudhrach .i. ro-dhíreach, O'Cl. P. O'C.

3 rudrach

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n falsehood, obscurity ? rudrach [rurach v.l.] .i. brég ut est anas gormu rudrach righ, O'Dav. 1345 = rudhradh rígh, 1033 . rudhrach .i. ro-dhorchughadh .i. dealbh, no forghnúis dorcha, O'Cl.; P. O'C. To this Stokes assigns Fél. 182.18 : fir nime, fir thalman, trén rudhrach ,| andar leo ba la bratha bás Lughdach `mighty the gloom'; but the sense of 2 rudrach would be equally applicable in a cheville.