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ind .i. rádh mairbh no briathar mairbh, O'Cl.

1 rucht

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Forms: ruchta

n a tunic or garment of some sort (B. na f.?): a p. ro ir dom .x. ruchta derga, Ériu ii 5.4 (glossed .i. inair nó tribhsa tunics or trews ) = ruchta dergu, 28.31 ; quoted in Corm. Y 1088 with gl.: ruc[h]t .i. inar. See RC xlii 62 .

2 rucht

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n a noise of some kind, cry , etc. rucht .i. ro iachtadh, no ro-éigheamh no gláodh, O'Cl. See Hermathena xxi 2 . rabert- sun a rucht míled bar aird, TBC 2960 . Of an animal: rucht fothuind . . . andord ela grunting (?), Corm. Y 662 , cf. Bruchst. i § 157 (where Meyer connects it with Lat. ructare). rucht ruip, Anecd. ii 48.17 . Of a sword: concechlastar rucht claidib Conchobuir mar glimmaig n-archon, TBC 5583 . atchloss r.¤ claidib Conaill, CRR 39 . Cf. ruchtgal.

? 3 rucht

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Forms: Rucht, Rúcht

n a pig (B. na f.?): rucht .i. muc, O'Cl.; perh. inferred from the npr. Rucht (name of a swine herd), IT iii 235.3 , 15 ; Rúcht, 245.69 . See Hermathena xxi 2 .

4 rucht

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Forms: ruchd

adj. mad, unsettled ? `rucht' mer, Met. Gl. Eg. § 19 . ruchd `sudden, vehement', O'R. Cf. tré riaghail rucht `fitful laws', O'Bruad. iii 204 .

1 ruchtach

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adj o,ā (2 rucht) that makes a `rucht' or sound of some kind: rōn ruchtac riabach, ZCP xiii 278.5 . ní torc ruchtach ruiben i cru . . . .i. in torc ro-echtach nó ro-mór, O'Dav. 1368 ; same citation is given in H. 3. 18 p. 51b ( O'C. 1475 ) with gl.: ruchtach .i. láidir, ut est ni torc ruchtach ruib (see Herma- thena xxi 2 ).

? 2 ruchtach

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n ā,f. (2 rucht) the act of making or emitting a `rucht': ruip [cuirp v.l.] reptha ic ruc[h]taigh `rent trunks groaning', CCath. 6098 .

? ruchtaid

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v ā. emits a `rucht' or sound of some kind: ruchtaid ruib, Ériu xi 44. 20 = ruchtaig r.¤ , ib. 45.2 (perh. right read- ing, see Hermathena xxi 2 ). Cf. doruchtfaid a mēderad [sic leg.] . . . feib dodrīmsired beach i llō ainle, TBC² 3552 , where evidently some kind of buzzing or gurgling sound is meant; cf. follg.


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n [f.] (compd. from 2 rucht) `a continuous or repeated noise of some kind': ruchtgal na muinel ┐ na meidhedh dar éis na cenn, CCath. 5935 (of headless corpses on a battle-field: `cries', Stokes; the gurgling of blood?). ruchtgal na rúm ica ruth, LL 236a16 ( TTr. 1419 , `rumbling of the hawsers').


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n (2 rucht) some kind of continuous jarring noise : adchuala ruchtladh na luinge . . . ag gabháil acarsoide `scraping', ITS v 86.13 .


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x see ruud.