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n an attack, onslaught ? in rothach ┐ in ruathar ron-uc fon sluag, Ériu v 240.150 . Cf. rotach and 2 ruthach.


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ind in ruiri rothaigthi, YBL 181a14 ( SG 254.32 ).


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ind cuairt cethrochair . . . | nirbo drech-rothail dermár, SR 4226 (of the Tabernacle).


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n o,m. (dim. of 1 roth) a small wheel : lúathidir rothán ṁbúaled a mill-wheel , BDD 107 . ó rothan na carpat, Cóir Anm. 13 . ? ban rothan (name of a metrical stanza), IT iii 101 § 181 .


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x see rúathar.

? rothches

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ind ré cen ḟoghlaim, | cāch oc rothces (prophecy of a degenerate age), ZCP viii 196.7 .


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Forms: rothmual, rothmol, rothnuall, rothnuall, rothnuall, rathnuall, rath- nuaill

n o,m. (compd. of roth and mol), also later in the corrupt forms rothmual (acc. to Zimmer ZCP i 100 a confla- tion of rothmol and roth buale, in acc. generally r.¤ mbuale) and rothnuall.

(a) literally the wheel of a water-mill (roth being the hori- zontal wheel, mol the vertical shaft: amal bis rothmol for luth | tria bithu for bith-imputh, SR 199 (describing rotation of the seventh heaven).

(b) a rapid whirling movement, gyration , ascribed in Irish heroic saga to warriors, esp. Cuchulainn (to whom all follg. exx. from TBC refer), when labouring under intense excite- ment; see Zimmer ZCP i 81 fg . and cf. the rotatory feats of the animals in the Imram Maíle Dúin ch. viii ( RC ix 470 , Anecd. i 55 § 40 , § 41 ). Later the literal sense was lost sight of, and the word was used (always with the adj. corcorda, corcra and in the same stereotyped phrase) as a conventional description of a state of anger or excitement. doringni rothmol corcarda de o mulluch co talmain, TBC 1256 , cf. 1370 (rothmól) = rothnuall, St. dorigni rothmúal corcra o mulluch co talmain, TBC² 1842 ( LU 6356 ) = rothnúall TBC 2496 , St., H. 2.17 , rothmhael, Eg. 93 . dorindeadh rothnuall corcra de [o bhonn go bathis], IT ii2 129.187 . ITS i 150.16 (rothnúaill), 86.23 (rónuaill). dorónadh rothnúall corcra óa bhonn góa bherradh dhe (of S. Molaise), Ériu v 76.22 . dorinnedh rothnúall corcra di o bonn goa bathais (of S. Lasair), 105.4 . See also TD 4.2 ; 8.25 .

(c) a scrimmage, mêlée or massacre ? bid Mag Rath o'n rothmal-sa `it shall be called M.R. from this prosperous battle' (?), MR 174.9 (prob. a play on words roth and rath).

(d) in form rothnuall, the name of a bardic metre of which there were several varieties: rothnuall bairdni, IT iii 23.15 ; 91 § 131 . rathnuall bairdne, 14 § 32 , 44 § 58 , 91 § 130 . rath- nuaill, 91 § 128 , § 129 . See ib. p. 141 .


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x see rothmol.


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x see rothmol.

? rothre

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ind (g p.) ro-īr dam . . . tricha ech, tricha rothre ron- ērbrad fri hechraidi ndam, Ériu ii 28.34 .


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x see beirid.