? roschullach

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ind roschaullach ingine moíle `a brainless tartar of a girl', Triads 114 (rosc cailleach v.l.); in the Gloss. Meyer interprets as ros-chullach a stallion ; the first component may be a deriv. of A.S. hros, O.N. hross `horse', cf. rosualt and see Wortk. 82 .


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(cryptic) see 1 rón.


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Forms: rosicda

adj io,iā. made from roses : uisgi rosicda , Rosa Ang. 146.13 , ib. 23 .


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n m. invalidity, worthlessness ? roach .i. rosechad fiadan nó rosechad briathar . . . Sech .i. esbach, O'Dav. 1338 (`utter futility', Stokes) = rofechad, Laws iii 6.31 . See roach.

? roselt

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ind ard a n-alladh . . . roselt lenn donn, | rosiacht co Drong | ocus turu, Arch. iii 296 § 36 (of the Fir Arddae). See Met. Dinds. v 293 , s.v. selt.


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x see roisir and roisre.


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x see róstaid.

? rossair

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subst. neut. ruc Cruithne mac Ciṅge a mná úadib | rossair ṅdírech, LL 134a48 = rossar nd. `it is directly stated', Todd. Nenn. 244 (for transl. cf. rosar `an evidence', O'R.).


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x see rosualt.


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ind : humeruli .i. rossoiti (sossoiti, v.l.) ÉC xxii 211 § 32 . See also sossoiti.


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adj io,iā. pertaining to a rose : gl. rosarium, Sg. 35b2 (taken by glossator as adj.).