2 rosc

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n o (acc. to Ped. ii 621 derived from the verbal root sech- compounded with ro; cf. cosc, tásc, aithesc) apparently

(a) a short poem, ode or chant , of which two supposed exx., taken from a 16th cent. MS., are given in ZCP i 133 ; both composed in syllabic verse, without rhyme but strongly alliterated. (The abbrev. .r. often added in the margin of MSS. over against a rhapsodical utterance, and by Windisch, Wörterb. p. 748 assigned to this word, more probably stands for retoiric, see Heldensage p. 54 , cf. LU p. 108 . The word does not seem to occur in this sense in early Mid.Ir. lit., and Thurneysen (l.c.) suggests that the use is due to a misunder- standing of the abbreviation): itbert an rosg, TBC 3533 (Stowe) = rábert na briathra, LL. dichetal for otrach .i. adhbhal-cantainn le rosg nó orrtha, Triads p. 39.4 (gloss on § 117 ). rosg catha, Oss. i 156 . tus ruisc Celtica x 148 n. 22 .

(b) a legal maxim or award (= roscad): .u. ernaile as[a] mberar in brethemhnus, a rosc, a fasach, a testemain, `Rechtsspruch', Cóic Con. F. 59 § 139 .

Cf. arosc, indrosc and roscad.


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Forms: roscaid, roscada

n m. (< 2 rosc but see Celtica vii 72 n. 2 ) n p. roscaid and roscada.

(a) a legal maxim or aphorism , prob. expressed in rhythmic or dithyrambic language: roscad .i. ro-indsciged (ro-indsce LB), Corm. Y 1095 . fasach .i. roscad no dichetal, Laws v 450.6 . consuiter fir for roscadaib ┐ fasaigib, v 6.12 . ised is brethemnus .i. roscad ┐ fasach ┐ teiste[m]ain `Rechtsspruch', Cóic Con. F. 59 § 139 . it fasaig ┐ roscaid berthe bretha; ni brithem lasnā furecar, ZCP xi 89 § 21 . it fas brethemuin . . . manib roscad roisid, Nero A vii, 147a ( O'Don. 2213 ). in beim annsa roscadh inand he ┐ indliged ata 'sa fasach, H. 4.22 f. 79a ( O'C. 2113 ). i sreathaibh roscaigh ┐ fasaigh ┐ airchetail, Auraic. 337 = rosca, 2684 YBL. roscada ri gail `maxims of might', Met. Dinds. iii 20.241 . Roscada Flainn Fina (title of a collection of aphorisms), YBL 411a42 .

(b) later also an extemporaneous dithyrambic composition, used for retoiric and rosc: dorinne in rosgadh-sa ann, ZCP viii 541.8 = TBC p. 185 n. 9 (introducing a `retoiric'). in tan ba roscadh na tomaiste and, cindas no thomhsidhe? ar ni bidh lanc[h]ubaidh no taebchubhaidh and when dithyramb was measured, how was it measured ?, Auraic. 928 . drechta .i. duana no laidhe ┐ roscada, O'Dav. 589 . laidh, no roscudh, no rithlearg, MR 92.4 . mesi Cathair comramach | me do drai do degh-athair | uaim is reil im rosgadhaibh | nít [= ní?] mesctha notmaíghim- si, LL a23 (Timna Chathaír).


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adj o,ā. pertaining to a `roscad': Dūil Roscadach (a collection of aphorisms?), Corm. Y 859 ; Corm. p. 39 s.v. roscad. isin Dūil Rosgadaig, Corm. Y 827 s.v. léos = D. roscaid, Corm. p. 27 . cetal r.¤ , IT iii 61 § 122 . reicne r.¤ , 49 § 91 . ni ba rosgadhoch díre, Ériu xiii 15.14 . one who composes roscads: Mac Ugaine . . . Raigne roscadach, Met. Dinds. iii 196 = an fili Roighne Rosccadach, Leb. Gab. i 276.27 . Roighen rosgadhach, Ériu xiii 15.28 .


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Forms: rosgaim, rusgaim

vb. eisiom ag seinm . . . na cruite . . . go rosgad m'anmain asam, Ériu iv 50 § 5 (late text, early 17th cent.?); cf. truadh an gnímh, granda an bloscadh, | dorigne riú dia roscadh `to excite them', Misc. Celt. Soc. 72.20 (from Lecan) = bloscaid . . . roscaib, LL 210b2 . O'R. gives: rosgaim `I dilute, enhance '; rusgaim `I strip, . . . gall, chafe, . . . strike vehemently'.

? roschullach

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ind roschaullach ingine moíle `a brainless tartar of a girl', Triads 114 (rosc cailleach v.l.); in the Gloss. Meyer interprets as ros-chullach a stallion ; the first component may be a deriv. of A.S. hros, O.N. hross `horse', cf. rosualt and see Wortk. 82 .


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(cryptic) see 1 rón.


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Forms: rosicda

adj io,iā. made from roses : uisgi rosicda , Rosa Ang. 146.13 , ib. 23 .


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n m. invalidity, worthlessness ? roach .i. rosechad fiadan nó rosechad briathar . . . Sech .i. esbach, O'Dav. 1338 (`utter futility', Stokes) = rofechad, Laws iii 6.31 . See roach.

? roselt

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ind ard a n-alladh . . . roselt lenn donn, | rosiacht co Drong | ocus turu, Arch. iii 296 § 36 (of the Fir Arddae). See Met. Dinds. v 293 , s.v. selt.


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x see roisir and roisre.


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x see róstaid.