rogad, ? rogud

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Forms: rogud

u,m. vn. of rogid. Stretching, extending : d s. hond rogud , gl. [funis] extentione, Ml. 37d6 . saoeir don flaith . . . rogad laime dia setuib the lord is empowered to stretch out his hand to his valuables (i.e. to withdraw his fief), ZCP xv 248 § 8 = Laws ii 210.14 (quoted by O'Dav. 1384 with gl.: rogadh .i. sínedh). cen aurchra, co rogud rath, | do thorud no duilerad, SR 619 . im ḟír flatha do chomol cech ríg fri ratha rpgid for the extension of prosperity , LL 21a28 . it fáilte na cossa inna roguth cen gluasacht, 282a43 . as e an corp bis ina rogad ar in talmain, RC xv 491.8 .

1 rogaid

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v ā. (denom. from rogu) chooses, selects : ro rog fóir fri fir-suide `chose out a home', Met. Dinds. iv 318.6 .

2 rogaid

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v stretches see rogid.


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adj io,iā. (cf. rogu and rogaid) chosen, choice, excellent : rígrad rogaide, LL 17a49 . Mug Roith rogaide, Met. Dinds. iv 186.10 . a retla rān roguide! Ériu i 122.21 = Ir. Lit. 96.18 . a Ri roghaide! Leb. Gab. i 130.12 . roghaidhe .i. ro- thoghaidhe, O'Cl.


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n choice , see rogu.


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n a staff? sith-rogait farnd sithremithir cuing n-imechtair i lláim cach ae, LU 7742 ( BDD 130 ). Stokes ZCP iii 470 - 1 compares Engl. rock, Germ. Rocken `distaff'; perh. compd. of ro- and gat `withe, goad'.


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n f. (Lat. rogatio) rogation (eccles.): domnach na rogáidi Rogation Sunday , O'Gr. Cat. 309.11 .


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adj io,iā. choice, excellent : Donnchad rogdae, Fél. Prol. 221 . cét-rith Find, bo réim rogda, Fianaig. 46 § 3 . imchomarc rogda, Auraic. 5332 ( LL 37c34 ). dia n-aithrib rogdaibh, Arch. iii 297 § 59 .


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v is contained, finds a place (Thurn., KZ lxiii 114ff. ): rogenn cach mait[h] for menmain lethain hísel (rogeinn v.l.), every good finds a place in a broad and humble mind , ZCP iii 454.5 . ní rogainn la hanfírindi it has no place together with injustice , 451.8 . co nā rogainn nach ae ann, 452.7 . rogennadh glasaibh slabhradhoibh 'it was contained by means of locks and chains (?)' Ériu xiii 35.3 , Language xxv 134 . ro gennad glais ┐ slabraidh air O'Dav. § 1064 . Cf. W. genni.


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adj o,ā. bá messi in Cú Chulaind . . . rigderg roíglethan rogellach, LU 9313 = derglethan rogeallach, Anecd. iii 52.16 . baí uile orba Briuin ba rogellach, SG 396.21 (< Eg. 1782 ); perh. a play on the npr. Ragallach in the story.


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Forms: rogaid, rogas, roichthir, roichther, roigthir, roichther, roigthi

v later also rogaid, ā. The ā-stem prob. belongs orig. to the subjunctive forms, see Ped. ii 593 (same root as rigid) subj. pres. 3 s. rel. sechis rogas , Ml. 79d4 . Pass. pres. s. roichthir, 55d24 . rel. roichther, 138a2 . pass. subj. roigthir, 110a1 . roichther, 44a4 . Part. n pl. f. roigthi, 33b1 .

Stretches, extends (trans.): gl. dilatare, porrigere, producere, protrahere. dia rogha [in t-athair] laim dia mac, H. 3.18 p. 19a ( O'C. 54 ), i.e. when a father recalls his child before the expiration of fosterage, prob. a techn. term, cf. Laws ii 210.14 quoted s.v. rogad. gé redruigset sidhe lam, Laws i 24 z . See rogad.