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adj (< Lat. robustus) strong (poet. and cryptic): conroíter recht robust (.i. ro chomét in recht sonairt), LU 742 ( ACC § 43 ) = robuist, RC xx 178.1 . Hence: robuist coimhéd, Met. Gl. 31 § 59 ; O'Cl. (prob. a mistaken inference from the gloss).


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n m. a wrinkle : ród . . . lán do rocaibh ┐ do logaibh, TSh. 10747 ; Fig. of an obstacle: dom réir gan roc biaidh an beangán `will serve me without a frown', O'Bruad. iii 208 .


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n o,m. a tunic or cape : rocan inar, Metr. Gl. Ff. 35 . rocan .i. ionar no cochall, O'Cl.


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n o,m. orig. n. (ro-cétal) `a great song', singing, chanting : g s. Soghen, suí ghena . . . cain rocetail delightful in song (?), ZCP xii 364.24 . ri rochetul in drúad, LU 10018 . As fictive npr. m.: tri filid . . . tri meic Maphir Rochétail, BDD 124 ( LU 7667 ). In prosody a name for a certain class of metres : is hi foglaim na .xii. bliadna .i. se .xx. rochetal ┐ cetheora cerda . . . Itte na rochetla .i. cetal roscadach . . . cetal do chendaib, etc., IT iii 60 § 121 .


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x O'Dav. 1389 , see rocholl.

? rochlús

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v decim caterua rochlús | tíagait in exercitús , SR 769 ; perh. we should read: rochlus . . . exercitus ; a form of ro chlos pret. pass. of rocluinethar?


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n rochmadh .i. eillnedh pollution , O'Dav. 1373 . Perh. from some part of ocu-ben, q.v.

rocholl, racholl, rochall

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n name of a law-treatise ? adeir i Racholl mBreth, Laws i 154.11 Comm. = Rechol mBreth, 26.3 Comm. is e grethe [= greche] cen torad dogni rocoll breth (.i. is e ní ata do reir ro-ciallaide na mbreth amuil is etarbach grech na cno faisi . . . is amlaidh is etarbach na neiche sin do denam), iv 36.5 , 17 , quoted by O'Dav. 1389 s.v. rochall, where the word is glossed rochiallaige `rationality (?)'; the quotation itself suggests a compd. of ro- and coll = corruption of judgements produces nuts without kernels.


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n o,m. (ro-+cor) a great (important) turn, occasion, con- juncture: coruige rochor nō angbocht `great want' ( exigency ), Laws ii 384.9 , 14 , cf. 354.7 , 378.23 . ? raiged (ragaid v.l.) immorro arrocur leat do imdemna sealbai in chlaidib is asa lim fuaidridh do cur, IT iii 201.2 . In sense of contract : ? d'ḟuil ríg rogerg na rochor `champion of famous com- pacts', Met. Dinds. iii 344.84 (in Gloss. v 287 corrected to `casts'). ? tug sé rochor dá (dom v.l.) reimhis | ar n-othar nach indleighis guarantee, undertaking (?), IGT Dec. ex. 1372 .


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n i,f. Mid.Ir. vn. from roichid (ro-saig). rochtain rúachdain ríchtain, IGT Dec. § 148 . Reaching, arriving at, with gen. of destination: do rochtain Emna, TBC 1332 . cen rochtain na Róma, CCath. 678 . go rochtain longphuirt Tuirgéis dóibh till they reached , Keat. iii 2813 . Absol. or with prep.: atfócht A. scela de ar rochtain on his arrival , TBC 4249 . rochtain cusan inad, PH 2412 . go rochtain ar neamh dhó, TSh. 8638 . fortacht do rochtain i ndán dí, Keat. Poems 484 . ar rochdain damh go gar do Dhamascus, Acts xxii 6 . g s. le saint a rochtana dochum a chéile, Caithr. Toirdh. 145.7 . With gen. of pers.: Cano dom roachtain-se, Anecd. i 10.27 . rochtain rígh Tuama, Ériu ii 170.91 . ro bai . . . do met seirce na hingine aicci ┐ santaige leis a rochtana, BB 439a50 (perh. = possessing). Of things attaining, acquiring : im rochtain na fochraice nemda, ZCP iii 33.20 . tlacht na nem-marbdachta do rochtain, PH 3521 . do rochtain na hinnmhe, TSh. 8651 . Intrans. with LA, reaching achievement, being accomplished : in morgnim sin do rochtain la Cesair, CCath. 3449 .

? rochua(i)d

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n name of a fabulous sea-monster : rochuad ainm do beist fil isind fairgi . . . rosualt ainm aili don beist sin, RC xx 256.12 , 18 , gloss on: légais rúna rochuad, ACC 60 (= rochúaid, LU 829 ), where Stokes reads rosuath with YBL and translates `mysteries of great sages'. The line is quoted LL 168a5 : legais rúna rosualt; the variant reading rosualt (corruption of rosuath) prob. gave rise to the confusion of rochuaid (the meaning of which in the ACC is obscure; possibly a mistake for rosuad) with rosualt. ata peist adhuathmar 'sa fairge darab ainm Rocuaidh, BCC § 78 . rochúaid .i. ainm do pheist bhios isin bfairrge aga mbí toll tréna ceann [a remini- scence of the `tollcenn', CCath. 4333 ?]. Ainm eile don peist sin ruasuall . . . runa rochuaidh. plaigh for mhiolaibh mara Muaidh no for enlaith aieoir fhuair | no for cheathraibh cromaitt cuairt, do sgeathraigh ronnaigh Rosuaill, O'Cl. See rosualt.