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n o,n. (?) a desire, request, boon : atrogell Oengus a tri rinn roisc di. Batar e a tri rindroisc .i. faitchi Chaisil, etc., Rawl. 132b3 . mo tri rindrosc dam!, BB 259b37 , cf. YBL 180a3 = mo thri drinnrosc, RC vi 175.31 . dobertatar a tri rindroisc di, Ériu iii 138.94 . A corruption of drindrosc through the analogy of rind ruisc pupil, apple of the eye or the latter ex- pression itself? Connected with drenn `quarrel' by Zimmer, ZCP i 94 n.


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v i. tears, mangles: pret. ro reng Caíar mac Uithir (prob. contaminated with srengaid) Celtica xiii 18.395 . ra ringset na muca tore him to pieces , Ériu xi 44.24 . pass. pret. hi rrói Ualentini | Marcellus ro riṅged, Fél. Feb. 14 (glossed .i. ro riagad, LB, Fél.² xlv ). pl. ro ringthea co rrindib, Fél. Prol. 37 (.i. ro repta, LB). part. reraig roí ro-ríg riṅgthi `where great kings were mangled', Arch. Hib. ii 56 § 23 ( LL 182b10 ). ringeadh .i. riaghadh no crochadh, O'Cl. ringthe .i. réptha. ro ringthe .i. do réptha, ib. Cf. rigthe.


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Forms: rionnach

n [o,m.] mackerel ZCP xlvi 190 . Cf. 2 ronnach: garbconghair na mbledhmil ┐ na muc mara ┐ na ron ┐ na rinnach, CCath. 4333 . rionnach mackerel , P. O'C.

1 rinne

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n (1 rind)

(a) sharpness, keenness ? as fictitious npr. m.: Rinne mac Tuadha [= Tuagha], Anecd. ii 55.17 (but perh. an agricultural implement of some sort is meant).

(b) fig. acumen, understanding : rinne .i. tuiccsin, O'Cl. r.¤ `under- standing', O'R.; no exx. from lit.

? 2 rinne

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ind marbad ríg rinne ré ré | ro marb sé sinni ┐ sé, TFerbe 295 ; `einen König von Irland (?) zu tödten', Wind., who com- pares: rinne .i. Eirinn; rí uas rinne .i. rí uas Eirinn, O'Cl.; the reference in the text is to Gerg who was a chief. Possibly the prep. re, ri (= fri) with 1 pl. pron. suff.


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adj io,iā. part. of rindaid, cut, carved, engraved : fuath cind eich rinta fair, BB 442a16 . stuagdruimne rinnta, CCath. 4728 . cat[h]cris . . . cona tuaghmilibh rinnta d'or, 4684 . ina ndelbaib rinnta rotaigi fo delbaib cep cruadbuide de ḟerna, LB 155a23 , i.e. with forms like figures carved from alder-wood; of emaciated people . Cf. rinta .i. mill[t]a, Lec. Gl. 476 = rinnta, 283 M ., which may be suggested by some passage like the foregoing. coiléar rionnta `quilted' (? goffered ), Ir. Monthly 1929, 333 § 21 .


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adj o,ā. satirical, given to sarcastic jests ? bachlaich . . . ruadmáela rintacha ro bith ac denam chles ┐ chluiche a tigh Manannain, Acall. 3796 (`full of ribald quips', SG ii 200 ), cf. bathlach ruaghmoel rindtach, 1871 n. ? ingen ríg Fer Falga firthair | grib gellamda rintaig réil, LL 137b31 ( RC xlvii 295.13 ; `quick of promise, brilliant in satire'?).


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adj o,ā. édan rionntanach róin | ag techt on muir, Buile S. § 73 ; perh. connected with rintach (see below), the epithet being transferred from róin to the preceding noun.


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n o,m. the cry of a seal ? ag eistecht le riontach na rōn, Anecd. iii 5.4 .


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ind a p. SR 7829 , see rindricht (rind, compds.).


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Forms: ririb

in advl. phrase dá rírib really, actually, truly (see Mar- strander, RIA Dict. facs. i 104): do ririb , IT iii 86.13 . is olc da rírib in comarli, LB 274a27 . cibé aga mbí an grádh dá ríribh whoever really loves , TSh. 8087. 6223 . la bochtaine dá r.¤ genuine poverty , O'Hussey TC 67.12 . mas mar sin . . . doni sibh dha rire if you really do so , Luc. Fid. 202.17 . In earnest: ni da riribh adubart-sa súd, ZCP vi 71.14 . See also fo-rír (fa-rír).