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n ā,f. name of a four-lined stanza with hexasyllabic verses ; for its varieties see IT iii 90 , 91 and Fél. 4 ff. cia aiste triasin ndernad in Félire? Ní anse: rindard, Fél. 4.26 . g s. aichne rinnairde, ib. Cf. 1 rind (f). See E. Knott, Ir. Syllabic Poetry 16 .

rinde, rainde

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n (dimin. of 1 rind) a tippet; a long, narrow strip of cloth which may be attached to a hood, head-dress or sleeve, or worn loose: im criol, im crandbolg, im rinde (.i. in fota), im chusail (.i. gairit .i. cruind rigind .i. crandoga beca no bith aca), Laws i 150.10 , 152.28 and see Celtica i 299 . cusal .i. rinde, O'Mulc. 280 . ni coimedus eccusc conduala .i. in merge no in brat sida no in rinde, O'Dav. 992 = in raindi, Laws v 386.11 . rainde gu caille ┐ gu mind oir, ┐ breid sida 'a rainde with a veil, a golden diadem, and a silken streamer ' Laws v 386.2 , Celtica i 300 . See the passage in Lism.L. 2400 fg . where the `rinde' of l. 2402 seems to be the same as the `cliab bec do fhleascaib cuill' of 2401 , which is sent, with a chasuble inside, floating down the river and returns the same way with the Host and two blocks of salt; in l. 2412 we should perh. read: gheibhidh chuice [in sacarbaic] as an rinde.


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adj o,ā. sharp-pointed: diburgad d'arm rindech ruad, IT iii 82.2 = Bruchst. i § 47 . a rroíb rindechaib, LU 5488 = TBC² 1009 . soighiod rinneach, Prov. xxv 18 . cuan rinnech `of the spear-armed hosts', Fianaig. 14 § 30 .

rindele, rindile

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Forms: rinnaile

n satire: mac rindele .i. fear n-airceatail, H 2.15, p. 45b ( O'Don. 1186 ) = rindaile, H. 3.18, p. 505 ( O'C. 1253 ), rinnaile, H. 3.17, c. 388 ( O'Don. 485 ). mac rindile (.i. inti rindes neach o oil .i. in cainti), Laws v 202.5 , 204.10 . tech rindile `the house of a satirist', 266.22 . aes dána ┐ rindeli, LL 29a9 = aes dana ┐ rinnola, YBL 419a1 .


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adj io,iā (2 rind) containing stars or constellations , hence as subst. m. the Zodiac : a s. sírid in rindide ṅ-uile, Bcr. 33d3 (= signifer of text).


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n m. (dim. of 1 rind, Wortk. § 58 ) lit. `a little point', hence a blade of grass (poet. and cryptic): ní benadh a cruin- diucc don rindiuc .i. a drucht do barr an feóir, Acall. 386 . rus-scuirid a ngabrai for an rindiuc dia gleth, RC xiii 221.12 = ro curit a n-eich for ér ingelt, MS. Mat. 473.2 . ruinnec no rinnec .i. fér, O'Cl.


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adj o,ā. (1 rind) spear-possessing? don ríg rindmor `the spear-attended king', Met. Dinds. iii 220.59 (: tirgnom).

? rindraigthech

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adj traxit secum . . . praecipites .i. inna rind- raigthechu, Lib. Hymn. i 69 y ; expld. by Atkinson ii 157 as = rindthraigthechu ` point-footed ', i.e. headlong , the glossator taking praecipes to be a deriv. of pes `foot'.


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n o,n. (?) a desire, request, boon : atrogell Oengus a tri rinn roisc di. Batar e a tri rindroisc .i. faitchi Chaisil, etc., Rawl. 132b3 . mo tri rindrosc dam!, BB 259b37 , cf. YBL 180a3 = mo thri drinnrosc, RC vi 175.31 . dobertatar a tri rindroisc di, Ériu iii 138.94 . A corruption of drindrosc through the analogy of rind ruisc pupil, apple of the eye or the latter ex- pression itself? Connected with drenn `quarrel' by Zimmer, ZCP i 94 n.


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v i. tears, mangles: pret. ro reng Caíar mac Uithir (prob. contaminated with srengaid) Celtica xiii 18.395 . ra ringset na muca tore him to pieces , Ériu xi 44.24 . pass. pret. hi rrói Ualentini | Marcellus ro riṅged, Fél. Feb. 14 (glossed .i. ro riagad, LB, Fél.² xlv ). pl. ro ringthea co rrindib, Fél. Prol. 37 (.i. ro repta, LB). part. reraig roí ro-ríg riṅgthi `where great kings were mangled', Arch. Hib. ii 56 § 23 ( LL 182b10 ). ringeadh .i. riaghadh no crochadh, O'Cl. ringthe .i. réptha. ro ringthe .i. do réptha, ib. Cf. rigthe.


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Forms: rionnach

n [o,m.] mackerel ZCP xlvi 190 . Cf. 2 ronnach: garbconghair na mbledhmil ┐ na muc mara ┐ na ron ┐ na rinnach, CCath. 4333 . rionnach mackerel , P. O'C.