1 rindaid

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v ā. (denom. from 1 rind) lit. ` marks (cuts) with a point', hence

(a) cuts, incises : ? (fig.) scret ro rinn | cnet nach cinid [leg. cind?] | sceo fri niad `a cry has pierced (?)', PRIA iii 544 § 25 ( LL 146b50 ). Generally carves, engraves : ro rindadh isin sciath delb ┐ ainm gach rig, Aen. 1960 . do rindta roth(a) grene ┐ escai fair, Marco P. 66 . In wider sense of metal deco- rative work: ro rindad [┐] ro hecrait airm . . . do dergór ┐ do ghemmaib, Alex. 623 . Of painting: rindait-sium fuath a ndee dubh they paint the images of their gods black , Marco P. 176 . (a 2) (of eyesight) sharpens : in med beither aga feithem, rinnidhi in radarc in med sin (= Lat. acuitur) however much one looks at [the stone], his sight improves accordingly Celtica ii 122.58 .

(b) satirizes, lampoons : bean rindus (.i. aerus) cach richt, Laws v 176.2 , 11 . inti rindes nech, 204.10 . cf. be rinnuis (.i. inban file no in bancainte), Ériu xii 26 § 32 .

(c) in B. na f. understands ? ni rindond (.i. ni tuigenn) aroe (.i. rí) alcha bár (.i. bésa suadh) a king understands not the ways of the wise , ZCP v 485 § 2 . Cf. rinne `the understanding', O'R.

2 rindaid

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Forms: rindaid, rinnid

n i, m. a satirist, lampooner , strictly applied to one of the eight classes of `daerbard', whose specific composition was the `ressach'. rindaid, IT iii 5 z = rinnid, Arch. i. 160 . ressach fri rindaigh [leg. -aidh], IT iii 23.4 . in imresnach [fri] rintaich, 65 § 135 . rinntaid nomen do fir aorchaid [leg. aoraid] rindass cach n-aghaidh, Corm. Y 1081 . rionnaidh .i. ainm d'fior aorachais rionnas no dheargas gach aghaidh, O'Cl. coimius fēighi fri rionnoidh competing in keenness with a lampooner , Sitzungsb. Pr. Akad. 1919 v 93 § 33 .


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n io,m. (1 rind). a carver or engraver, prob. also in wider sense a decorator (on metal, etc.): ailtire ┐ gebeic ┐ rindaigi, Laws v 106.7 (`relief-carver', MacNeill, Law of Status 280 ). rindaide, ráthbuige réil, Met. Dinds. i 24.161 . Cf. cicht .i. geibiach .i. rindaighe, O'Dav. 367 (rannaigh, rannaigi, v.l.).


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Forms: rin- daigecht

n ā,f. the craft or occupation of a `rindaige ': rin- daigecht, Laws v 94.14 Comm. rindaigi .i. doniat in rindiacht, 106.11 Comm. Engraving, carving, decorative work: ba sain rindaigecht gach sceith, Ériu v 72.5 . dorus . . . is áillem ro boí isin bith do rindaigecht écsamail cacha tíre, TTr.² 1859 . ní denta delbha no rinnighecht forra (of ships), CCath. 1910 . Ercnat . . . .i. druinech. huar `ercad' tall isin t[ṡ]engaidilc, `rinnaigecht' sen indossa, Fél. 42.9 (where it seems to include embroidery).

rindainech, ? rindenech

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n o,m. techn. term for a recognized class of fool or buffoon : in meallach suirig ┐ in righ-druth ┐ in rinnainech, Ériu xi 73 § 7 . in rindenach, 69.18 (where he is equated with the `mellach suirig'). in rindinech 80.24 ( H. 3.18, p. 423a ). Perh. a compd. of 1 rind and ainech ` scratch-face '; see Ériu xi 82 n.


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n io,m. = rindaige. cicht .i. geibire .i. rindaire, H. 3.18, p. 66b (quoted O'Dav. 367 n. ). rinnaire ┐ nascaire milgatán doib, Petrie Tara 207 (plate) , 209 (YBL 418 a, plan). cicht .i. gebiach .i. rinnaire, Uí Maine fo. 179 r a .


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adj i. (1 rind) acute, piercing, gen. of sight: súil rinn- amail, LL 235a47 ( TTr. 1362 ). ní fhuil mo rosg go rinnamail, ML² 1506 . rindamuil an rodharc, IGT Dec. ex. 380 . Of light: in nem . . . cona rennaib rindamla, LL 237a36 ( TTr. 1507 ).


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adj o,ā. Magh Raighní rindanach, IT iii 95 § 147 (: amārach) `grasreich', Bruchst. i § 147 . Cf. rindfeoir, Ériu x 84 § 78 .


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n ā,f. name of a four-lined stanza with hexasyllabic verses ; for its varieties see IT iii 90 , 91 and Fél. 4 ff. cia aiste triasin ndernad in Félire? Ní anse: rindard, Fél. 4.26 . g s. aichne rinnairde, ib. Cf. 1 rind (f). See E. Knott, Ir. Syllabic Poetry 16 .

rinde, rainde

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n (dimin. of 1 rind) a tippet; a long, narrow strip of cloth which may be attached to a hood, head-dress or sleeve, or worn loose: im criol, im crandbolg, im rinde (.i. in fota), im chusail (.i. gairit .i. cruind rigind .i. crandoga beca no bith aca), Laws i 150.10 , 152.28 and see Celtica i 299 . cusal .i. rinde, O'Mulc. 280 . ni coimedus eccusc conduala .i. in merge no in brat sida no in rinde, O'Dav. 992 = in raindi, Laws v 386.11 . rainde gu caille ┐ gu mind oir, ┐ breid sida 'a rainde with a veil, a golden diadem, and a silken streamer ' Laws v 386.2 , Celtica i 300 . See the passage in Lism.L. 2400 fg . where the `rinde' of l. 2402 seems to be the same as the `cliab bec do fhleascaib cuill' of 2401 , which is sent, with a chasuble inside, floating down the river and returns the same way with the Host and two blocks of salt; in l. 2412 we should perh. read: gheibhidh chuice [in sacarbaic] as an rinde.


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adj o,ā. sharp-pointed: diburgad d'arm rindech ruad, IT iii 82.2 = Bruchst. i § 47 . a rroíb rindechaib, LU 5488 = TBC² 1009 . soighiod rinneach, Prov. xxv 18 . cuan rinnech `of the spear-armed hosts', Fianaig. 14 § 30 .