? ribín

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ind Declan mac Erc na ribin, BB 231b1 .


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adj (AN ribaut, -aud Risk 87 ) ribald: bíadh sé r.¤ (ró-boídech, v.l.) ac dénam an dígaltais 'he will be prodigal in wreaking vengeance' De Contemptu 2846 . riobóideach Dinn .


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n (ribóidech) ribaldry: anfainnighi[d] ribōideacht idir in dā chaithim an gaili ┐ an dīleagad gan beith coimlīnta annsa gaili, RSláinte 1780 . mōrān ribōideachta, 3828 . riobóideacht Dinn .

? ricen

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n an uair do biadh ricen a les no bochtacht air need or poverty , BCC § 239 . A mistake for ríchtain? cf. ni rigend an talam ud . . . a les mesi da bendugad hath no need of my bless- ing , § 26 .


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Forms: richith, richiud, riched, rícheadh

n o,n. and m. For quantity see Wortk. § 74 . richid (: crichid), SR 3433 , 7828 . Not in Glosses. g s. ind richith , Thes. ii 257.12 (from Book of Durrow: in O'C. MS. Mat. App. of facsimiles p. 4 (K) given as Book of Dimma). d s. richiud, SR 486 , LU 906 , Fél. Feb. 23 . ? a p. riched, Fél. Ep. 341 . rícheadh m. (g s. -idh, no pl.), IGT Dec. § 182 . The not unfrequent spelling rigthig for g s. in Mid.Ir. texts is due to association with rígthech.

Heaven (of the firmament but more commonly of the abode of God and the blessed; freq. in rel. poetry, generally without art.): i rrichid (i rriched v.l.), Hy. v 105 , glossed .i. i rrig-iath .i. hí ferann ind ríg nemda, Thes. ii 347.39 . richead .i. iath an riogh .i. flaitheamhnas, no fearann, O'Cl. rí dorigni riched reil, SR 337 . co ndechsam innar corp dochum richid, 1217 . a gelgrían forosnai riched! Fél. Prol. 6 . dond richiud ron- snáda, Feb. 23 (rithigh v.l.). cechaing animm Rónáin . . . for riched rindach, May 22 . isin domnach dorónta riched cona ainglib, PH 3530 . m'anam . . . dochum ríchig, ZCP viii 198 § 22 . adcithir stuaga in rigthig fa relltandaib, Arch. iii 235 § 22. co n-aco imbuidi muinnteri nime immon altoir richid, ZCP ix 449.9 . The pl. does not seem to be used, but cf. adsluindiu do riched `by thy heavens', Fél. Ep. 341 , by Stokes taken as a p.


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Forms: richessa, richsea, riches

n i and ā,f. g s. richessa, SR 8293 . n p. richsea, Ml. 40c5 , 6 . g p. riches, SR 884 , LU 2429 .

In O.Ir. a live ember : richis, gl. carbo, Sg. 47b3 . fri richiss, 47b5 . richsea do denum iar lassair máir (= carbones succensi), Ml. 40c5 . A flame, blaze (Mid.Ir. meaning): richis .i. tene, O'Dav. 1339 . richis .i. lasair, O'Cl. rithis .i. lasair, H. 3.18, 416 ( O'C. 965 ). ? riges ruad, SR 5190 (cheville). ruibni rúada richessa, 8293 . ro ucsat demna m'anmaim isin richis rúaid, LU 9446 . ba marb-som . . . isin richis rúadlasraich, LL 227a47 ( TTr. 753 ). pl. snigtis richsi teined a suilib a mér, RC xv 460.13 . co ruibnib riches ro-ruad, SR 884 , cf. LU 2429 ( RC iv 252.14 ). for richessaib ro-thened, 2415 . Fig. of persons: ingen ríg richis garta (.i. einech), LU 10256 = richiss gartai, ZCP iii 234 § 18 (Tochm. Emire).


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Forms: richísan

n o,m. (dim. of richis) a small ember : richísan, gl. carbunculus, Sg. 47b4 .


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Forms: riucht, richt, reachta

n u,m. d s. riucht, Tur. 85 ( Thes. i 490.32 ). richt m. (g s. n p reachta), IGT Dec. § 71.5 .

(a) form, shape, guise , in wider sense than delb of whole appearance; gen. in phrase: i rri(u)cht in the guise (of), dis- disguised as: oc tabairt bendachtae foir hi rriucht Éssu, Tur. 85 (of Jacob disguised as Esau). do luid Lucifer . . . i rricht aingil gil co hEua, SR 1671 . i rricht eoin ticed Victor aingel co Patraic (= sub specie avis), Lat. Lives 20.8 . tanic in Mórrígu i rricht sentainne, TBC 2411 = i ndeilb, TBC² 1748 . luid an Coimdhe i rriocht aingil go Ruadhan, BNnÉ 319 § 14 . i riocht fhir an bhruit lachtna disguised as a man with a grey cloak , Keat. ii 3453 . ar a mēt no delbad i n-ilrechtaib for the number of different forms he used to assume , FB 75 . tecait anmand firén i rrechtaib én nglégel, FA 33 . slog mor do ainglib i rrechtu ēn ngel, LB 28b49 . tegait [na longa] i rachtaib ingen macdacht fon fairgi, Aen. 2035 . do cuir sin dath dubh orra ┐ docuadar isna rechtaibh sin a cenn diuice na L., ZCP vi 74.2 . no imbritis a mbrechta druadh forna duilib domunda conā leicctis a richta fein forra, CCath. 3917 . gan ríoghuin 'n-a riocht `disguising her queenly appearance', PBocht p. 22 § 36 .

i richt with gen. in the guise of = instead of , passing somet. into sense in mistake for: diamad Chú no bet[h] it'richt, SC 34 ( LU 3752 ). eirg amach im'richt-sa, Arch. iii 309.11 . ól rota i rricht ind lomma in mistake for milk , LL 11a40 . cor marbadur a muinter fein a richt Chlainde Morna, Acall. 7882 . measaim gurab i riocht an fhocail so `Ronanus' do scríobh Cambrens `Roanus', Keat. i 154.6 . atáid triar re a luadh ann so i riocht aon duine three persons are confounded here as being one , 152.98 .

(b) condition, plight : ? iss i richt mná siúil | sedda Ulaid uli, FB 24 ( LU 8357 ), cf. is i rrechtaib bó ┐ dam . . . settai mná Ulad, ib. ( LU 8367 ). da cinel déc . . . do tiprataib . . . co rechtaib examla orra, RC xxiv 374.5 . Toirrdelbhach . . . d'fhágbail a richt duine mairbh T. was left for dead , AU iii 458.18 , cf. agus hé fós a riochd mhairbh as good as dead , Hebr. xi 12 . `Créad an riocht 'na bhfuile?' `Atáim agam' chéa- sadh', TSh. 5040 . gur truagh na reachta sin dár chuireadar a oireachta féin rígh Fhearmanach pitiable was the plight in which his own vassals had put the king of F. , Maguires of F. § 25 . State, kind, quality : imfresan fiadhnaise for cach richt duine is isli inas every condition (rank) of person , Laws i 84.2 Comm. a breith a richt cruidh in duine sin . . . a mbreith a richt a cruidh fein (= on the understanding that they are the other man's cattle . . . his own), iv 228.17 Comm. cis rechta na gaibter a fiadhnaisi forgell what kinds of person are not accepted as evidence? Eg. 88 f. 51b ( O'C. 2600 ). Cf. also: slan don fir etrana . . . an guin ime i richt a n-airm ┐ a n-etaigh (i.e. if he injure those around him in the matter of their arms or clothing), Laws iii 286.11 . i riocht peacaidh `in way of sin', PBocht 48 § 10 . it ōig-rec[h]ta na haisdi seo new kinds of poetry , IT iii 28.25 . go raibh Críost i dtrí reachtaibh ar an saoghal so . . . go saoghalta somharbhtha . . . go domharbhtha . . . go diamhar dofhaicsiona i sacraimint, Eochairsg. 73.6 .

as a richt

(1) out of one's proper form (condition, state): teit as a richt ar béluib sluagh (i.e. distorts himself in public, of a mountebank), Laws iv 354.5 Comm. ragaid cech oen ass a richt la uaill ┐ dimmus will leave his natural state (station ), RC xxvi 36 § 187 . airchinnech glan . . . fodlad dia manchaib co cert, | ní rucca as a richt let him not take them from their proper stations , Ériu iii 106 § 41a (Rule of Ailbe). téit cech duine ass a richt nā tabair tóeb fri hanmcharaid, i 218 § 2 . as edh rom ucc as mo riocht (i.e. that has made me a `geilt'), Buile S. 38 y . mo chuimhne dochóidh a riucht, Ir. Texts ii 78 § 1

(2) in late lit. as petrified phrase of set purpose, deliberately : goid do chennach asa riocht, O'Hussey TC 175.15 . cor a n-aghaidh na fírinne asa riocht, 233.21 (a sin against the Holy Spirit). is le mailís ┐ le míorún as a riocht sheunaid . . . they deny with deliberate evil intent , Eochairsg. 88.20 .

i rricht co in such a way that, so that , of consequence: ceithre chuid . . . d'Éirinn . . . éinfhear dhíobh fa rí Mumhan | i rriocht gurab í an ceathrumhadh so that Munster is only a fourth part , Content. vi 48 . is amhlaidh do rinneadh so- mharbhtha é i rriocht nach féadfadh an bás d'fhagháil (sic . . . ut non mori posset), TSh. 3399 .

(c) in Bérla na f. person, individual : cia in richt rongiul a slechta (.i. cia in fer do lenfa a lorg), ZCP v 489 § 11 . Cf. ceall o n-eitcither cach richt `a church by which every form (i.e. condition) of person is refused', Laws v 118.2 , glossed .i. . . . cach richt duine, 120.13 , and see 4 recht.


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Forms: ríchtain, rícctin, rígtin, richtin, ríchtin, ríchte, ríchtain, ríchtu, rochtain, rúachdain, ríchtain

n n,f. later ríchtain f. (vn. of ro-icc). a s. rícctin, Ml. 108a10 . rígtin, Wb. 28c9 . d s. richtin, Thes. i 495.13 ( Ardm. 107b ). ríchtin, Ml. 105a8 , c3 . ríchte, Wb. 17b6 . In Mid.Ir. the d s. ríchtain gradually displaces n s. ríchtu. rochtain rúachdain ríchtain, IGT Dec. § 148.3 (f., g s. n p. -ana). Reaching, coming to, arriving , with obj. gen. of destination or absol.: ós accobor lemm far ríchtu (= venire ad vos), Wb. 7a3 . richtu tíre tairn- geri doib, Ml. 131c9 . iar ríchtin tíre tairngeri, 105c3 . rena richtin du Pool before P. reached it , Thes. i 495.13 ( Ardm. 107b ). (with subj. gen.) fomentar mo rígtin-se take heed of my coming , Wb. 28c9 . i n-Emain ar richtain on arriving , TBC 1157 . ni lamaim richtain chuice, ZCP vii 306.19 = techta, LL 358 m .

In petrified phrase r.¤ les(s)a the act of needing, need (with gen. of thing needed): nach mó a richtu a lessa duit-seo andas dam-sa that you have not more need of it than I , LL 120b46 , cf. ní mó richtain a lessa in gai duit-siu, 121a12 ( RC iii 178.5 , 179.2 ). hi rrichtain lessa Ioseiph in need of Joseph , SR 3084 . See ríachtain.

? ricle(a)n

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n a dwarf : abhac, tormanach, crunnach, dealbh, riclean `a dwarf', Eg. Gl. 27 .


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x see ritire, -cht.