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n i,m. one who goes before, a precursor : Iohain Babtaist . . . ba remthechtaid Crist, SR 7490 ; 7488 .


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n one who goes before, a precursor: reimhtheachtuire Crīost (┐ is uime aderur reimhtheachtuire Crīost reis …) Celtica xiii 46.76 .


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n o,m. a going before, preceding ; used as vn. of remi-téit. eter remthechtas et tiarmoracht, Sg. 215a1 . hí remthechtas, gl. praepositivae, ib. intech Dé dom remthechtas `God's way to lie before me', Thes. ii 356.13 ( Hy. vii ). is he in t-athair . . . inti bís i remthechtas ┐ is he in mac inti bís i tiarmórthecht, RC xxvi 30 n. 8 (of a genealogical list). in psalm . . . cid hé no beith hi remthechtus na psalm should be ( placed) first of the psalms , Hib. Min. 11.359 . i tóraind inna rédlainde-sea ic remtechtus na ṅdruad guiding the Magi , PH 7049 . fath remtechtais `cause of precedence', Fél. 2.14 .


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n u,m. a prophecy : n p. faistineada ┐ rem- tirc[h]anta na n-olc ro badar ar cind doib, CCath. 820 .


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adj o,ā. that has been foretold or prophesied : lasan retlain rioghdha remhtherchantach Aodh Rúad, Hugh Roe 284.4 (f. 75a) .


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n m. previous testimony : uair na frith remthestus reomaind, Laws i 26.10 .


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n n,n. a march in advance : remthochim na tri nDerg sin isin brudin `forefaring', BDD 37 (title of a section of the tale, referring to the fact that the three `Reds' preceded Conaire to the hostel).


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v ā. chooses beforehand, pre-elects : is iat-side ro remthogus-sa ┐ ro gairmius, LB 226a25 .


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Forms: remtosach

n m. forefront, van : remtosach gl. praepositio, Ir. Gl. 872 (remtosc̄ MS., by Stokes referred to remthechtas). deich gcéad ┐ aon-óglaoch 'n-a réamhthosach, Keat. iii 3583 .


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n m. preliminary : remthús in sceóil introduction , TBC 1389 . Foremost position : barrecaim C. i rremthús resna sluagaib, CRR 36 . i remthus in chatha, Marco P. 55 . dlegar do slóg Síl L. rémtus catha sluag Mumnech to be first in march- ing to battle , Cog. 54.17 . i rremthus na ciach in front of , TBC 5045 . drong do garda . . . a remhthuss na sligedh rompa leading the way before them , Fl. Earls 176.9 . ZCP xiii 171.28 . i rémthús na conaire, FM vi 2128.11 . As quasi-vn.: dā dhall ┐ clam ica remthus leading them , Lat. Lives 72 . Precedence, superiority : remthus do for clannaib for mo chlainn-se, Rawl. 132a27 . remthus la sil Rosa Falge, LL 215a7 . dligidh ri Ailigh . . . remthus righ hErend i coraib, BB 274d5 = rémh- imthús, BR 126.13 .


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v (denom. from remthús) goes before, in front of: coró remtusaigit remumm isna cathaib, gl. ut me praecedant, LB 241b28 ( Gild. Lor. 12723 ).