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Forms: remtsloinnti

n u,m. = remṡlond: a iii remslonnudh . . . .i. ise isi, ised, Auraic. 617 . pl. remtsloinnti, 3122 .


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u,m. vn. of remi-suidigedar.

(a) a placing be- fore, anteposition : a rremṡuidigud do rannaib, Sg. 215a4 . hiter remsuidigud ┐ foacomol, Sg. 18a2 (refers to vocales praepositae and v. subiunctivae). Placing between, interposition : rem- suigeadad dā sillaeib eter in dā comuaim, Auraic. 1596 = remtsuidiugud, 4676 .

(b) in gram. a preposition ( = Lat. praepositio), common in Sg. where it is always contracted: a buith ind remsuidigtheo fo deod, 212a10 . graif forsna huilib remsuidigthib , 212a13 . ind remsuidiugud grecdai asberar sin ( = Gk. σύν), Hib. Min. 9.308 . in remodigud, ib. 300 . reim- shuidhiughadh (translates praepositio), Auraic. 301 . fri sed, air ni erlond is sed, is remshuidiugud, 594 .


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Forms: remthairchetul

n o,n. a prediction : o remthairchetul , gl. prae- sagmen, Goid. 68.13 (LHy.).


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adj io,iā. previously adduced: g s n. ind anmma remthárcidi riam, gl. cognitionis ante latae, Sg. 200.9 .


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Forms: remthairissem

n u,m. a standing before, position in advance : remthairissem, gl. solis praestatio (opp. to regressio), Ml. 43d26 .


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adj o,ā.

(a) antecedent, previous : acht na raib bidbanus remt[h]echtach, Laws iii 198.23 Comm. aicbeili . . . na cneidhe reimtechtaighi, 534.6 . lesaigit a n-ulcu remtecht- acha, LU 2383 ( RC iv 250 § 17 ). aisneis rét remthechtach, Trip. 2.20 . tré senchus a curad reimthechtach, Alex. 221 . rémhthechtach, CCath. 2367 . in cetracha remtechtach who had gone in advance (?), TBC 5647 St. dala an tsloigh rem- thechtaidh, FM vi 2130.1 .

(b) that ought to precede : is cetharda is remtechtach re na gabáil, Laws i 256.26 Comm. Compar. is remtechtaigi lium aei focrad apaidh . . . na athgabail do gabail formal notice should in my opinion precede the taking of distress , i 112.19 Comm. is remtectacu, 114.6 Comm. is reimtechtaidhe lium . . . an caingen is aosmaire and, 23 Q 6 p. 6b ( O'C. 1615 ).


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n i,m. one who goes before, a precursor : Iohain Babtaist . . . ba remthechtaid Crist, SR 7490 ; 7488 .


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n one who goes before, a precursor: reimhtheachtuire Crīost (┐ is uime aderur reimhtheachtuire Crīost reis …) Celtica xiii 46.76 .


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n o,m. a going before, preceding ; used as vn. of remi-téit. eter remthechtas et tiarmoracht, Sg. 215a1 . hí remthechtas, gl. praepositivae, ib. intech Dé dom remthechtas `God's way to lie before me', Thes. ii 356.13 ( Hy. vii ). is he in t-athair . . . inti bís i remthechtas ┐ is he in mac inti bís i tiarmórthecht, RC xxvi 30 n. 8 (of a genealogical list). in psalm . . . cid hé no beith hi remthechtus na psalm should be ( placed) first of the psalms , Hib. Min. 11.359 . i tóraind inna rédlainde-sea ic remtechtus na ṅdruad guiding the Magi , PH 7049 . fath remtechtais `cause of precedence', Fél. 2.14 .


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n u,m. a prophecy : n p. faistineada ┐ rem- tirc[h]anta na n-olc ro badar ar cind doib, CCath. 820 .


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adj o,ā. that has been foretold or prophesied : lasan retlain rioghdha remhtherchantach Aodh Rúad, Hugh Roe 284.4 (f. 75a) .