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v ī. says (mentions) beforehand, previously used in pf. tense: amhail ro remhraidh intí náemh-Brénainn, BNnÉ 95.2 . inni ro remraidsium what we have said before , Laws ii 342.13 Comm. an tEochaidh ro rémhraidhsem, Leb. Gab. i 148.10 . na nderbraithrech remhráidhsemar, Fl. Earls 124.16 .


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v g, (denom. from remor) makes thick or stout, thickens, fattens : in cuitt [díb] bis truagh, remhraigitt iatt, Maund. 154 . is maith an biadh é ┐ remruige co maith, Rosa Ang. 106.5 . is iad so remruighes an fuil, 36 y . lethnaigid ┐ remhrigi[d] an smuit sin speir an radairc `that mist broadens and amplifies (? thickens, renders hazy) the sphere of vision', ITS xiv 26.25 .


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adj io,iā. aforesaid, above-mentioned : reamraiti .i. cetna can ches, Lec. Gl. 374 . is é in Faenius remrate tuc bérla Féne on tur, LL 2a14 . atbert . . . frisna dā fher déc remrati, PH 2682 . an chloch réamhráitte, TSh. 78 , cf. 1512 . See rem- ráidid.


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adj io-iā. placed at head of, presiding over (a con- gregation or community)? Brig i fail Lis moir Mochuta nó i Cairpre . . . nó i taeb Cille dara .i. remsamaigthi prioresses (?), Fél. 56.14 . Cf. follg.


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n u,m. a placing before; anteposition : ar dobrethir hi remṡamugud, gl. post facere tamen, Sg. 27b1 (refers to: adverbium potest praeponi verbis); cf. 212a15 , b10 .


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n o,n. later m. a foretale, introductory tale : remscel do remscelaibh catha moir na Tesaili, CCath. 2593 . Orgain Brudne Uí Dergae iarna remscélaib, LU 8006 ( BDD App. § 168 ). turem remscéla Tána Bó Cualngi, LL 245b30 ( TBC p. liii ).


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adj io,iā. afore-written, mentioned above (in a text): in flaith reimscribtha .i. Eochaid, LL 393b25 .


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n io,m. one going in front, leading : gl. praeside, Ml. 135a10 (leg. remsétaigthid, Asc.). See follg.


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n i,m. one who leads the way, goes before : gl. praevius, Ml. 83d7 . amal as remsetaigthid ind firinne, gl. iustitia . . . praevia, 106a5 .


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n d,m. presumption : g s. ar imgabáil rem[ṡ]la- tra[ta]d .i. demnigthe aneich na dlegar do demnigud, LU 2611 ( RC xxv 242 § 16 ), cf. i ndemnigud tria slatrataid, 2617 .


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n o,m. designating beforehand , in gram. applied to the cop. + pred. preceding a subst. of which it indicates the gender and number: g s. a nd-edargnu remsluind dona foclaib ina ndiaidh, Auraic. 619 . pl. tri remsluind .i. tri sloinnti rempa riasna hindsgibh .i. is se, is si, is edh, 3120 . See follg.