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x see 2 réim.


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n m. distortion, contortion ? fer dobeir remmad fo corp ┐ a enech, Laws iv 354.4 . See 2 réim.

? remmag

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ind d s. rethit fuili for remmaig (:nellaig), Fianaig. 24.20 (reimiuth v.l.); a compd. of rem- and mag `plain'?


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n u,m. a forejudgement; prognostication: re leighius nir lag, | re reimmess robu comnart (of a physician), ZCP viii 105.14 .


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n (rem+maid) precedence (in honour), privilege: huand remmiad, gl: prærogatiua, Ml. 83c8 . See rémiad.


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adj io,iā. prematutinal : coined to represent Lat. antematutinus, Ml. 79c7 .


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x see remad.


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Forms: remur, reamhar

adj o,ā. also remur, -ar; mod. reamhar, ramhar. The equative and compar. are formed from the stem rem-.

Stout, thick; (of persons) bulky, corpulent: remor .i. . . . rem- aire, ar is aire a imarcraidh, Corm. Y 1114 ; i.e. `front-load, for his excessive bulk is a load' (allusion to a protuberant belly?). fear ro-chollach .i. reamur a cholund, Laws v 134.18 . ní thuca in remair ngairit do not marry a short fat woman , ZCP viii 112.29 . in cuitt bís remur díb . . . an cuitt bís truagh those that are fat . . . lean , Maund. 154 . mná remra ró-mhóra, Acall. 655 . ind forcraid fil . . . isna corpaib ro-remraib, LU 2559 ( RC xxv 238 § 10 ). días . . . ité damdabcha balcremra `stout and thick' ( capacious ?), BDD 127 . do b[h]ítheá ramhar ┐ misi truadh, Mac Aingil 121.7 (the soul to the body). seachd mbath . . . reamhra fat kine , Gen. xli 4 . ramhar a bhfeóil, ib. 2 . Of things: fail crois d'ór in cach dorus . . . hite remra ro-ardda, SR 364 . for slegaib remra, PH 8296 . craísech re- mar ro-throm. Comp. Con C. 99.27 . na seachd ndíasa ramhra lána, Gen. xli 7 . biadh reamur solid, substantial , RIA 23 K 42, 304.10 . bainne reamhar clotted, sour , E. O'Rahilly 291.5 (ed. 1911).

In fig. sense: crábud gairit remor (devotions condensed into a brief space of time? or perfervid?), Ériu i 194.2 . saothor obund no remar | is gnath contibe deman, ZCP vii 311 § 15 . is liach do thoitim i roi remur, TBC² 3568 ( crowded field ? or hard contested ?).

As subst. the thick part, girth : remur in chorthe, TBC 567 , cf. cáel in chorthe, 566 . do remor a glúini, TTr.² 1487 . co remhar a sliasat, CCath. 4664 . remur na tonn ┐ domain in mara the mass of the waves , Acall. 6064 . cairemain . . . remor n-imda doib the thick or upper part of the shoulder (?), LL 29b40 .

equat. reimithir, reimir, q.v. compar. reime, q.v. budh reimhre mo mheur ná slíasad mathar, 1830 OT 1 Kings xii 10 , is a mod. formation.

Forms compds. with preceding subst., e.g. cendremor, muinremor; follg. subst. or adj.: ceit[h]re remurbuinne iarnaide, CCath. 5267 . cona dib remartinnib iernaidib thick iron bars , 4695 . re muir ruaid . . . remurtonn , BB 241a13 . laech remurṡliastach, TBC 5320 .


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n m. preamble, preface : an réamhrádh chum an léagh- thóra, O'Gr. Cat. 45.24 (from MS. of Keating's Forus Feasa).


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v ī. says (mentions) beforehand, previously used in pf. tense: amhail ro remhraidh intí náemh-Brénainn, BNnÉ 95.2 . inni ro remraidsium what we have said before , Laws ii 342.13 Comm. an tEochaidh ro rémhraidhsem, Leb. Gab. i 148.10 . na nderbraithrech remhráidhsemar, Fl. Earls 124.16 .


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v g, (denom. from remor) makes thick or stout, thickens, fattens : in cuitt [díb] bis truagh, remhraigitt iatt, Maund. 154 . is maith an biadh é ┐ remruige co maith, Rosa Ang. 106.5 . is iad so remruighes an fuil, 36 y . lethnaigid ┐ remhrigi[d] an smuit sin speir an radairc `that mist broadens and amplifies (? thickens, renders hazy) the sphere of vision', ITS xiv 26.25 .