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Forms: reminnsgni

n ,f. foretelling: reminnsgni prognostication (of diseases), Mackinnon Cat. 274.35 .


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Forms: reminota

v signifies beforehand : subj. pr. 3 s. cid reminota , gl. praenotare, Ml. 18c12 .


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v sits before, presides : indi remisaid, gl. praesidentis, Ml. 50d5 .


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Forms: remisuidigddis

v places before : impf. 3 s. remisuidigddis (= praeponebant), Sg. 28a9 . See remṡuidigud.


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Forms: remitaat

v is in front of, precedes, is superior to: pres. 3 pl. remitaat, gl. praesunt [vobis], Wb. 25c15 . consuet. pres. is é remíbi [sic] boairechaib, Laws iv 314.25 , cf. 316.5 Comm. nech eacnaigter . . . a senóir remibí do i n-aes nó forcetul, Ériu vii 162.2 . subj. pr. du senoir remebe dó, 158.16 . ? glos reamta an Fhélere which precedes the F. , Mart. Don. 358.26 .


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Forms: remitét, diand-remthiasat, remiteised, rem- thíastais, reme-lluid, remdechutar

v pres. 3 s. remitét, Sg. 17b10 . remi-ta-tét, 197b5 . subj. pr. 3 pl. diand-remthiasat, Wb. 5a32 . subj. impf. 3 s. remiteised, LL 124b24 ( Death-tales 10.15 ). 3 pl. nad rem- thíastais , LU 6788 ( BDD 32 ). pret. 3 s. reme-lluid, Ml. 132c13 . perf. 3 pl. ní remdechutar , Wb. 5a30 . Goes before, precedes (in temporal or local sense), generally trans.; glosses antecedere, Sg. 17b10 , praeire, Ml. 132c13 . ind psalm-sa remitet na huile psalma, Hib. Min. 11.350 . is mucc remitéit mess, BDD 106 (remetuit, remituit v.ll.) = remithuit, § 66 (perh. right read- ing); a proverbial expression for premature death, cf. as muc rémitéth mes, FM ii 1114.13 . amal remetet ara coimdig as a charioteer goes before the lord , O'Mulc. 54 . adhaigh reimteit la, O'Dav. 1409 . cid ara remtet bethi ria cach why `b' precedes all other letters , Auraic. 5488 . it brec[h]ta remitiagaitt ḟelesa, IT iii 9 § 10 . asbert friu nad remthíastais in ríg BDD 32 . boí tincoscc forru conā remtiastais in crobuailidh, CCath. 5699 ; 4888 . perf. isind aidchi remideogaid the night before LU 8002 ( BDD 168 ). remdechaid tusmed na rígna in ua[i]r sin (= regina ante horam genuit filium), Lat. Lives 66 = reimh- dheachaid , Lism.L. 1197 . remídechatar [a]irde ile coisecrad na heclaisi, PH 6283 . In sense has (had) gone previously : friothrosc na conaire remedeochatar, FM v 1862 z . See rem- thechtas.


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v falls before (previous to) with acc.: is mucc remithuit mess, BDD 66 (see remi-téit). fuaim immairic eich . . . remituit a rę, LL 120a28 .


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n antelative (gramm.): aremiud 'its antelative' The Early Irish Linguist 52.26 . ri fiur a remiudh, Auraic. 1529 . ria fiur a remid, 1663 .


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v 3 s. subj. impf. of rem-uss-gu- ` choose beforehand, pre-elect ', ÉC xxiii 48; Ped. ii 549 ; reme-n-uicsed, gl. praeoptare, Ml. 47c12 .


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n ,f. `a preceding line', title or preface : cusin remlíne coitchend fil rempu, PH 8032 (= cum praefatione communi).


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x see 2 réim.