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x see remi-tét,


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Forms: remiepur, remiérbart, remiaerbart, reméerbart, remiérbartmar

v (rem-ess-ber-) says beforehand : pres. 1 s. remiepur, gl. praedico, Sg. 222a1 . Gen. used in pret. in sense has said (mentioned) before, previously: 1 s. inna hu[l]i remiaerburt, Ml. 23c24 . 3 s. remiérbart, Wb. 5c22 . remiaerbart, Ml. 94b2 . reméerbart, 15b3 . 1 pl. in sians remiaerbartmar, 36c21 . remiérbartmar, 42c34 . amail remi-nd-érbartmar, Ériu i 215. 10 (H. 3.18). cech noeb remitrubarmar, SR 7420 . in Fiacc reimerbartammar, Trip. 192.10 . an mhainistir remepertmar, FM iii 136.1 . ar bru in ruibeir rémhepertmar, Fl. Earls 80.21 . See remeperthae.


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Forms: remiriérchoíl, remí-r-érchoíl

v ī. appoints beforehand, predestinates : pret. 3 s. remiriérchoíl (leg. remí-r-érchoíl), gl. praedestinavit, Wb. 4b8 . See remerchoíliud.


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v subj. impf. 3 s. of rem-ess-cid- `stretch before' ( Ped. ii 491 ), gl. [laqueos] praetenderet, Ml. 33d20 .


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v depon. (denom. from etargne) dis- tinguishes or makes known beforehand: subj. pr. 3 s. cid remí- n-etarcnaigedar, gl. praenotare, Ml. 18c12 .


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Forms: remi-fogrigther

v depon. sings before, precents : pass. pr. remi-fogrigther, gl. praecinitur, Ml. 129b9 .


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Forms: rremiroid

v sends beforehand, in front : pret. 3 s. a rremiroid when he put before , gl. promittens (= prae-m.), Ml. 31c9 . See remḟóite.


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Forms: remifoil

v `bears beforehand', anticipates : imp. 2 s. rem- folaing, gl. anticipa, Ml. 44c24 ; gl. praeveni, 100d12 . subj. pr. 3 s. co remifoil , gl. anticipet [sic leg.], 23a8 .


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v ? pres. sg. 1 rema-gaub gl. anticipo ZCP xxi 281 .


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n m. the act of going before, preceding, guiding : rémhimthús righ Erind i [g]coraib ┐ i [g]comhairlibh `to go before the king of Eire', BR 126.13 . cen a n-athair oc a furtacht ┐ oc a remimthús (= patre non praeveniente), PH 6726 . ní bhaoí aon . . . dia reimhiomtus ná do shéducchadh comhairle dhó, FM v 1862.4 .


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n n,f. telling beforehand, predicting : tochmi na mórgnim-sa do reminnisin duit, CCath. 4073 .