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o,m. Mid.Ir. remḟúr (vn. of rem-fo-fer-) the act of preparing, making ready; preparation : remuar inso in testimin ar chiunn, Ml. 104b3 . a s. remuar, gl. parasce[ve]n, Tur. 28 ( Thes. i 486 ). nā bad ḟuráil dam na [= ina] ticfad d'ulc ┐ do maith dam . . . sib-si 'n-a rémur ┐ 'n-a airichill dam that ye were preparing it for me , CRR 11 . do remfhúr ind uain cháscdai, PH 5096 . Esp. of the shew-bread in the O. T. tabernacle (a misinterpretation of the Lat. panes proposi- tionis?): d'aran remúir, SR 4352 . bargend remḟuir, 6172 ; 4356 . bairgena in remfhúir, LB 128b49 .


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adj o,ā (calque on Lat. praepositivae) preposition : n p f. remḟuir- medcha, gl. praepositivae [coniunctiones], Sg. 212a14 .


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n ā,f. a premature (untimely) wind? deich mbliadna don Delbaeth dichra | co ricc remgaeth riachda | cen cleith os braine na bochna till an untimely wind reached [him] over the ocean brink ? (an allusion to his murder), ZCP xiii 363.5 (`eine vorzeitige qualvolle Wunde') = Leb. Gab. i 176.2 , where O'Clery glosses: gaoith fer. See rép- below.


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Forms: remgnethi

adj io,iā. (part. of remi-gnī-) done (made) before, pre- viously: g s m. remgnethi, gl. ante acti, Ml. 103d15 .


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x see rímiad.


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v tells beforehand, previously : pass. pres. s. remi-ȧisṅdider, gl. praefatur, Ml. 64c9 . See remaisndís.


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Forms: remiergnaitis

v knows beforehand : subj. impf. 3 pl. (with ro) remiergnaitis, gl. ut praenoscerent, Ml. 19b8 .


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Forms: remimbaat

v dies before (the time), prematurely: subj. pr. 3 pl. remimbaat, gl. praemori, Ml. 125d9 .


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Forms: remí- canar

v sings beforehand (prophetically): pass. pr. s. remí- canar, gl. praecinitur, Ml. 67b11 .


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Forms: remideci

v foresees, provides (for): 2 s. pres. remideci, gl. con- sules, Ml. 55d26 . 3 s. remideci Dia duna anmandib, ib. 25 . pret. 1 pl. annad-remdercachmar-ni ón, gl. non praevidentibus nobis, 80b14 . Looks before : remfissid arad sencharpait reme- déccai íarmodécai who looks before and behind , ZCP xi 83 § 27 . Sees previously : in sagart do remdecamar, Aisl. Tund. ix 6 . (< remdécaid).


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x see remi-tét,