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n f. foresight, providence : do reimhḟéchuin Dé, Acts ii 23 .


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adj o,ā. foreseeing : an Nádúir remfecsanach provi- dent , O'Gr. Cat. 213.30 . Prophetic : go fáthach réimhfhéag- sanach, TSh. 5997 .


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Forms: remḟégad

v ā. foresees : nach faichlend ┐ nach remfhegand, YBL 168b40 . Vn. remḟégad m. foresight, providence : tria remfhégad Dé, PH 67 . TFrag. 168.3 (rémfégad).


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adj o,ā. knowing beforehand : gach aon as reimh- fhesach thu do bheith dod mhuinntir whom thou knowest beforehand to be of thy kind , Parrth. Anma 306.13 .


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n u,n. and m. foreknowledge, prescience : ro boí i rremfius, gl. qui fuit ante tempora saecularia, Wb. 31a8 . remfis na todocaide, CCath. 4063 . do réir réimhḟios Dé athar, 1 Pet. i 2 (1681). Foretidings, warning : rainic rabhadh ┐ reimhfhios na comhairle sin cuige, FM v 1356.15 . vi 1928.27 .


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n i, one who has foreknowledge : arim remḟissid arad sencharpait that he should be a foreseeing driver , ZCP xi 83 § 27 .


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n m. prefiguring : i remḟiugra[d] Crist, LB 61b61 .


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v ā. prefigures : pass. pret. Ísu Crist . . . ro rem- fhiugrad triasin uan cáscdhai, PH 5106 .


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n o,m. a foreword, preface : loc dond remḟocul-sa Druim Cetta, RC xx 36 (ACC pref.) = remocul, LU 292 . A previous saying or statement : go remḟoclaib Regomna, TBC 2364 (alluding to episodes in the Táin Bó Regamna, one of the `remscéla' of the TBC; see 2291 ). In Laws, a notice before- hand ? curub fasc frithsliucht . . . no curub remfocul roimpe in mbreth, H. 3. 17 c. 116 ( O'Don. 138 ).


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n preliminary study, rudiments : is acu ro foglaim . . . remhfoghlaim catha, BB 488b22 .


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Forms: remfoiride, remfoiridib

adj io,iā. (part. of rem-fo-fer-) prepared, provided pre- viously : g p n. remfoiride, gl. praestitorum, Ml. 26c5 . d p n. dinaib remfoiridib , gl. praestitis, 72c3 .