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Forms: remcuisi, remcuisi

n f. an antecedent cause : c[o tic] se on primcuis ┐ nach tic se on remcuis (= venit a causa primitiva, non antecedente), Rosa Ang. 54.14 . g s. remcuisi, 24.1 . pl. remcuisi, 202.8 .


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n io,m. a former fosterling or pupil : comlann do denamh dam remdhalta fein, TBC p. 413 n. 6 (H. 2.17) = RC xv 205.24 .


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Forms: remdédenach

adj o,ā. `the last preceding', in reversed order : adv. ind remdédenach , gl. praepostere, Sg. 212a8 (of prepositions following the noun).


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Forms: remdedólte, remdedoldae

adj io,iā. preceding the dawn : remdedólte, gl. ante- lucanus, Sg. 36a4 . remdedoldae, Ml. 21c9 .


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Forms: remdéicsen

n n,f. providence, foresight, anticipation : remdeicsiu Dae, Ml. 20b2 . g s. remdéicsen, gl. providendi, 41a5 . dliged remdeicsen Dáe dia dulib, 20b10 . reimdeicsiu pene, freiscisiu fochraice anticipation , ZCP iii 26.12 . bá feirde dó-samh an reimhdeiccsi doróine `precaution', FM vi 1934.10 .


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O.Ir. in adv.: ind r.¤ previously, above : gl. supra, Ml. 53c1 , 65b3 .


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n ,f. pre-ownership, a prior right ? fri cura na reimdilsi `contract or pre-right', Laws iv 268.26 . foth creca co réimdilsi, no . . . gin réimdilsi, H. 3.17 c. 611 ( O'Don. 858 ). isedh is foth creca go remdilsi ann, in tan is tasga ro cennuigh intí ogar haidhbredh é, na tallad in sét ontí fuil ogan aidhbreadh. Is edh is foth creca gin remdilsi ann, in tan is taisci talladh in sét onti fuil ag an aidhbreadh na ro cennadh [leg. cennaigh?] an tí ogar haidhbreadh é, Eg. 88 f. 3c-d ( O'C. 2152 - 3 ), i.e. resp. when the man who is sued for the `sét' had purchased it before it was taken from the suer, and when it was taken from the suer before the man who is sued had purchased it? fod remdilsi . . . duine ro recus set re celi ar dūs ann sin, H. 5.15, 11b ( O'Don. 1606 ). See follg.


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n f. (metathesis of -dílse): do bhen urlamhas a atharda . . . a dornaibh Danar, ┐ deóradh aga mbaoí a remhdísle ag dol i rudhrachus `who had its fee-simple possession passing into a prescribed right', FM vi 2178.19 .


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n u,m. `Pre-death'; temporary absence of the soul from the body (Thurneysen, ZCP xxii 24ff. ) ind esergi díanid ainm sub- ductio .i. fothudchestu .i. amal bíte lucht ind remeca, LU 2708 ( RC xxv 250.26 . `Leute des Vor-Todes', Thurn., l.c.). amal bis duine iar n-aislinge no i remeg, Aen. 1454 .


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ind ratha a fir, ratha a mná, mór a remed, LL 36a42 . (: einech) of securities for payment of the Borama tribute. Cf. remad.


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adj io,iā. (part. of rem-ess-ber-) aforesaid, above mentioned : frisan dliged remeperthe, Wb. 23c11 . béim foris in dligid remeperthi, 10a12 . dind trediu remeperthu, Sg. 3b14 . a p n. forsna dlígetha remeperthi, Wb. 13a29 . Ml. 23d4 . donaib fersaib remeperthib, gl. superioribus, 17c11 . in gilla reme- perta, Corm. 37.26 , cf. Anecd. v 93.11 .