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Forms: romainn

adv., later also romainn, pronominal form of prep. ré n- + first pers. pl. = before us, later used without pro- nominal significance as adv. Above, previously (generally referring to a statement already made in a work): breth .i. fuidell . . . ar rosfuc nach aile remand in ṁbreth some one else has already passed the judgement , Corm. Y 109 . oc aisneis don taidbsin dia n-ecid remaind ina soscela telling of the appearance which he had previously reported in his gospel , PH 6690 . tinnscedal in ríghflaithiusa Romhanta ba saine modh leis ┐ lasna hardflaithiusaibh romhaind the beginning of the royal Roman dominion differed from that of the principalities already mentioned , CCath. 46 . isna haithentaibh-si romainn, O'Hussey TC 173.10 . Below, following : dorinne C. na rainn-se romhainn síos the following stanzas , Keat. ii 5751 . is é do chuir na catha- so romhainn, mar atá Cath Luachra, etc., 1957 . See 6 ré I (c), (d).


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n n,f. a telling beforehand; a fore-statement, warning, prediction : isí in remaisndis inso (refers to praenun- tiavit ), Tur. 24 ( Thes. i 485.30 ). isin remaisndís (refers to praefatio ), Ml. 14d4 . co ticc dit remhaisneis cach neith ticfa that thou canst foretell , CCath. 4040 . ro chuir . . . rabhadh ┐ rémhaisneis gusan Iustis, FM vi 2282 z .


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n u,m. (remáin) foremost or frontal situation ? uráin . . . .i. in croicend remaniusa ria cach, LB Fél. p. xxx (gl. on Jan. 1 from LB 78b15 ); the allusion is appar. to the foreskin or prepuce. See remchroicend.


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v g has pre-eminence, rules over, with DO: 3 s. imp. remhapdanaiged do iascaib . . . ┐ do foluaimne[ch]aib, BB 15b38 = praesit piscibus, Gen. i 26 .


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adj (= rem-m.) io,iā. pre-matutinal: gl. antelucanus, Ml. 21c9 .


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Forms: remcaissen, remcissin

n,f. (vn. of rem-ad-ci-, Ped. ii 489 ): `looking before', foresight, providence : n s. remcaissiu Dae (= providentia), Ml. 122d7 ; 90c9 . remcisiu Dae, 50d1 . a s. ce[n] remcaisin Dé, 19c17 . d s. arind remcaisin diadi, gl. procurationi divinae, 50c22 . roscc ṅDé dom reimcise to look before me , Thes. ii 356.9 ( Hy. vii ). g s. remcaissen, gl. consulendi, Ml. 40b15 . 27d10 . inna remcaissin (leg. -en) gl. providentiae, 122d10 . remcissin, Enchir. Aug. 73b ( ZCP vii 481 ). pl. deich reimcisne brethe, H. 3. 18 p. 271 ( O'C. 554 ) (one of the things which a judge must know). Cf. remḟaicsin.


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O.Ir. in adv.: ind r.¤ providentially (s. Thurn. Hdb. § 379 ): ind remcastaid hua Dia, gl. consulte, Ml. 121d7 .


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v fore-ordains: in NT 1681 : do réimhchinn sé dhúinne bheith aige féin, Ephes. i 5 . vn. air ar réimhchin- neadh, ib. 11 . do réir an réimhchinnidh, iii 11 .


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n m. a foreguarding, precaution : gl. preservativum (of prophylactic treatment in medicine), O'Gr. Cat. 200.27 .


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n u,m. `before-sleep', drowsiness ? g s. ro thuit a suan remcotalta air `his erstwhile drowsy slumber' (drowsiness pre- ceding slumber ?), TTébe 2061 .


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n f. pre-emption : nib reimdilsi na remcrec i seilb nach aile reimib din tir siu, H. 3.18, 392a ( O'C. 871 ).