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Forms: radhbaile, rámhaille, rabhaile, radhaile, rabhaileam

n (= rád + baile, buile `frenzy'?) delirium: radhbaile, 23 K 42, 55.1 (med. text). rádhmhaille, rámhaille ` raving, delirium ', Dinneen. rabhaile, radhaile `a raving or doting ' P. O'C. rabhaileam (radh-) `I rave, dote'.

? radga

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n furious, raging : do eirigh O. co radhgha rachtmur, ZCP i 137.8 (where it is said to be formed from redc, mod. readhg, ríodhg).


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see rodrach.


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Forms: ragrachus

n m. some defect in cows which results in failure to conceive or early abortion; infertility: madh na hainmhe . . . radhrachus .i. dairther í ┐ ni anand innti, H. 3.18 p. 446b ( O'C. 1099 ); 'she (the cow) is bulled and it does not stay in her' EIF 201 . mad radrachus, is mes mairt fuirre, H. 3.18 314 ; 435a ( O'C. 651 , 1039 ). ragrachus, H. 3.18 316 ( O'C. 652 ). See also rodrach.


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x see 1 roe and .


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x see rébaid.


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x see roeb-.


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x see rét and roed.

? raedam

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ind raedham .i. togha, H. 3. 18 p. 652 ( O'C. 1471 ). Cf. do-goa.


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x see maidid.


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x see roen.