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Forms: puis

n o,m. pus, IGT Dec. § 96.17 . A lip (generally in contemp- tuous sense): gach uile phus meabhlach, Psa. xii 3 . n p. puis, ib. 4 . pussa na mbréug, xxxi 18 . da mbéid na puis diosgaoilte, 23 K 42, 192.10 . See puisín.


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adj o, ā. (pus) `having prominent lips, pouting ' Dinn. Pilib p.¤ ` thick-lipped ', Caithr. Thoirdh. 128.21 .

? putar

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ind puteo .i. brenaim. Unde dicitur putar .i. brenta, Corm. Y 1060 ; prob. intended for Lat. putor.

putraic, potraic, puitric

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n f. a vessel or bottle for containing liquor : putraic .i. poit ricc .i. potus regis bis inte, Corm. Y 1069 . puitric .i. buidél, O'Cl. puitric no ibead, Met. Dinds. iii 532.19 . n du. dā puitric dec, ib. 18 . ron-ōl a daif diar puitric, ZCP vii 305.28 . pl. línsat a potricce, LB 142a4 . ? usce na potraicce, 141b31 (g p.?).


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Forms: putairle, púdrall

n ā,f. g s. putairle (by metathesis < putraille); later also o,m. púdrall (g s. -aill), IGT Dec. § 11.42 (p. 54 z) . A word of uncertain meaning, apparently a shag or fringe of hair: prob. used of the hair surrounding or below the crown . puttrall .i . . . petar-sill .i. ar a silliud for Petar apstal, Corm. Y 1061 (prob. an allusion to the Petrine tonsure, in which a fringe of hair encircled the crown). púttrall .i. gruag . . . go bpúttral- laibh .i. go ngruagaibh dubha, O'Cl. (but the p.¤ might be of any colour). putrall maile duibe for cach n-ae, TBC2 2835 (i.e. black hair below a bald crown?). putrall findliath forchas fair, Aisl. MC. 115.35 (of a cleric). slemnaigim mo putraill, 122.26 . mac . . . co putrall óic ētruim, IT iii 73 § 31 . do mhala lúbdhonn . . . púdrall chlann ccaomh os a cinon, IGT Dec. ex. 458 (i.e. a fringe over the forehead?). pl. pudralla gerra garba Lism.L. 4568 (of monks). tríar . . . co putrallaib imgerra urardda, LL 268a1 = MU 38 z . a tarrung a los a putrull dragging them by the hair, Laws v 208.27 .

ba comdub re gual in blai futairlli do boí fair, Acall. 6639 . tuighnech phutairle forro co formnaib a ngualann, Acall. 3745 , cf. tuignech futairli, 5028 ; t. futairlli, 6017 : 'a mantle or covering of thick hair (on the head)' Éigse xiii 178 .


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n a pit, hollow ? putte a putteo [= Lat. puteo] .i. cuthe, Corm. Y 1060 . See 2 pit.