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n some part of a balance (for weighing)? scaoilter pain la pugin puncern, Corm. Y 397 = promthair p.¤ la pugin puin- cern, 1052 . See puincern.

? puigne

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n machae .i. puigne, Fél.² lxxxii (gl. Patricc Machae, May 28 ); perhaps intended for Gr. μάχη(ς) and Lat. pugnae, as Stokes suggests.

? puinc

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n hi puincerne puinc, Corm. Y 304 (d s f.?). See follg. Cf. puingc `money (Béarl. na Saor)', Dinneen.


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Forms: puncern

n f. some kind of balance or apparatus for weighing ? promthair pain la' pugin puincern, Corm. Y 1052 (= puin- ceirnn, Laud) = puncern, 397 . puincern didiu .i. cern tomaiss sella ┐ med tomais indile .i. in med inbech, 1053 (a measure for measuring a `selann' and a balance for weighing cattle, a notched balance ?). g s. cimm uim olas nuim hi puincerne puinc, 304 (citation from the Bretha Nemed) = i punacerni puinc, Corm. p. 12 s.v. cím. See Laws Gloss. s.v. selaind .


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n a measure or value equivalent to a `screpal': puingcne .i. screbul meidi inbiche, is e sin screpul nGaoidel .i. oiffing, Corm. Y 1050 . puincne is ainm do scribol, Met. Gl. Ff. 61 . pui[n]cni sgreabull, Met. Gl. 33 § 18 (Eg.). puingcne .i. sgrea- ball, O'Cl. .iiii. scripuil fichit [= fichet] no .iiii. afuingi fichit nó .iiii. puincni .xx. (equivalent values), O'Dav. 25 . Seems a stereotyped pl. of puingin a measure equivalent to a `sel(l)ann': puingin .i. selland imme .i. selland cernae, Corm. Y 1051 = pinginn salund imbe, Corm. p. 35 ; acc. to Stokes, Met. Gl. 102 , a dim. of ponc; a word of Teutonic origin cogn. with pinginn, Eng. penny, RC xviii 114 .


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adj io, iā. (Lat. Punicus) Punic : punicius gl. puinecde rubaeus uel africanus ÉC xi 109 (Paris Latin 10290 9 b 12) . co n-ublaib puinecdaib pomegranates, BB 489b4 .


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x see puincne.


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x see poind.


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n pressure : tabuir puinnemhain … co roibh se cruaidh = & post prematur, ut sit dura, Ir. Texts v 18.19 .


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n m. (Eng. or Romance but see SGS x 247-48 ) poison : ón tsalchur ┐ ón puindsiun mharbhthach, Carswell 104.19 . nach síneam puindseon ar son arain doibh Adtimchiol 73 § 262 .

puiplicán, (puiblicán)

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Forms: publican, puibliocan

n o,m. (Lat. publicanus) a publican, tax- collector : publican, PH 8054 . maith slecht in puiplecain blaith, ZCP x 46.15 . puibliocan, Parrth. Anma 346.2 . na puiblicáin, Matth. xxi 31 .