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n [o,n.] (Lat. pondo) a pound-weight (O.Ir.): fiche pond, gl. pondo viginti, Sg. 70a9 .

1 pont

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n pound see punt.

2 pont

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adj. ` austere, harsh ', P. O'C. O'R. pont .i. borb, O'Cl. pont borb, Met. Gl. Ff. 61 (perh. O.N. loan-word, Stokes; Bidrag 125 ).


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n pound see punt.


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adj io, iā. belonging to (native of) Pontus : Grigoir pon- tecda, Fél. 100.8 .


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n m. (Lat. pontifex) a high-priest : g p. crodacht na pontifici hídal-adarthach, PH 404 .


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Forms: pap

n m. also pap, a shoot, tendril (of a plant): popp do birur, BDD 139 . Generally of the vine: pl. pappe ┐ blatha na fínemna (= pampinos), PH 4242 . conár-fhacsat déis cruith- nechta nā pupu oenchoire do fhinemain, LB 127a40 . co teinnet pupu na fíne, Ériu ii 192 § 3 . oc beín phupu na fínemnu, RC xii 436.1 . fuath fínemna . . . cona papib, Alex. 582 .


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Forms: pobba, bobba, bobba

n m. (Lat. papa), also written pobba and bobba. Lit. a father, hence `master', `sir'; always used with a npr. follow- ing and most freq. in voc. as a respectful form of address to an elder or superior, but occas. familiarly to an inferior . rom eblad-sa . . . lam popa Conchobur, LU 10279 . friscuiriur mo phopa Fergus, 4741 ( TBC² 256 ). i crích mo phopa Conchobair, TBC 1211 . is fota a chubat for lár mo phoba Ferguis, LU 1605 ( IT ii2 214.56 ); the speaker is Bricriu, and the term may be humorous or ironical. v s. a bobba Pátraic, Trip. 218.4 = a popa a Pátraic, Lism.L. 426 . a phopa cháin Conaire, BDD 109 (a juggler addresses the king). a mo phopa Chathbaid, CRR 3 (a king to his druid). a popa Fergus , LU 4930 = a phopo a Fergais, TBC² 445 . a popa Loíg, LU 5991 = a bobba a Laig, TBC² 1523 (Cú Chulaind to his charioteer), cf. TBC 642 , 2197 . a phobba Laíg, LL 119a44 . a mo popa caein, a Partholoin, Leb. Gab. i 30.12 (a wife to her husband), glossed .i. a mhaighistir no a oide. popa no pupa .i. maighistir, O'Cl. See pupu.

? popal

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n o,m. ba brisc fidbad feda popail i llamaib laec[h] (of spears), BB 435b17 ; poplar-tree (< Lat. pōpulus)?


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n o,m. dim. of popa, used as hypocoristic form of address: v s. a phopan chain Chonaire, BDD 39 ( LU 6836 ). a popain chain Chonchobair, IT ii1174.22 .


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adj o, ā. (popul) pertaining to the people, public : in rēt puplach the public weal, RC xix 140 § 114 (calque from Lat. res publica, Deutsche, Kelten und Iren 103 , De Hibernicis Vocabulis 29 ).