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Forms: nempoindighi

n (abstr. from poind) importance, substance, profit : used (apparently only) as pred. with cop. or as adj. is nempoindighi deit a triall you will gain nothing by attempting it, CCath. 1679 .

In later romance used of things and persons, apparently in sense substantial, strong, effective : ar gabhail póindídhí Parrtho- loin, BB 25b48 . peilir poindighi prais, ZCP vi 284.19 . piasta poindighi, 286.1 . paganach poinnighi primarrachta `strong', 277.28 . Plurens puinnidhe priomharrachta `stately', Ériu v 198.635 .


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adj o, ā. pungent, astringent (?): ? ní maith in fín arrsaid co poindidach mar leighes amhain, Rosa Ang. 88.21 = gu poinnigeach ach mar l., P; Vocab. suggests pontic (< Lat. ponticus), but perh. a deriv. of poindige: old wine of strength is not good except as a remedy? Cf. poinntecda, poinntegdacht. See also Éigse iii 225 .


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adj io, iā. grand, stately : tar príomhdhoirsibh poinn- mhidhe pálásta parrthais, TSh. 2575 . poindmhídhe `pontific, sacred, grand, stately', P. O'C. A corrupt form of poindige? but cf. fuinnmhidhe (fuinneamhail) ` forceful, active ', Dinneen.

poinntecda, poinntegda

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adj (Eng. pontic) io, iā astringent, sour : fin poinntica (leg. poinnticda) = vino pontico O'Gr. Cat. 207 . poinnticda Éigse iii 225 (24 P 26 451.35) . poinnth-da ibid. (485.31) . See also poindigech.


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Forms: popín

n m. (Romance) a poppy : poipín geal, O'Gr. Cat. 181.9 . popín, Rosa Ang. 108.3 . sugh popin, 110.3 .


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n f. (Romance) a pore : pl. gach ní dúnas na poirí, Rosa Ang. 50.7 . na poiré, ib. 4 . dunadh na poiridh, 122.12 . oslugud na poired, O'Gr. Cat. 178.9 .


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adj i. porous : ball focuasach poireamail (of the lung), O'Gr. Cat. 189.2 .


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n (poinntegda) astringency, sourness: (mirtus) ata brigh fhostuighteach ann ona poinnteghdhacht C IV 2 29 r b 17 . See Éigse iii 225 .


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n m. (Romance or Eng. loan-word, Éigse xi 20 , cf. Risk 86 ) a portico or porch : in poirsi . . . idir an eclais ┐ an halla, ITS xix 104 y . póirse, 2 Chron. xxix 17 . g s. na ccoimhéduigh an phóirse, 1 Chron. ix 19 . maille ris an tteampall ┐ póirseadh na cúirte, Ezek. xli 15 .

? poise

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n power, ability? don poisi ┐ don brig aicenta o tuirmedh ainim cach réd `to the power and natural force', Laws i 36.6 Comm.; = Lat. posse, acc. to Gloss.


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n f. (Lat. potio ?) a drink or draught : putraic .i. poit-ricc .i. potus regis bis inte, Corm. Y 1069 (perh. a fictitious formation). In late lit. excessive drinking, tippling : an lucht chleachtas póit is ólas a lán fíona E. O'Rahilly² xxxix 17 . ar an bpótaire . . . i ndiaidh déanta na póite, TSh. 9244 . i n-eiricc na póite ┐ na misge, ZCP iv 422.1 .