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Forms: pis, pís

n (Eng. loan-word) a piece, fragment : pissa don ōr, Fl. Earls 100.24 . píosa airgaitt, FM i 16.21 . pl. tri pissa mora don chroich, Fl. Earls 196.12 . na píosuidhe bruithe don ofráil, Levit. vi 21 . A piece (of money), coin: deich bpíosa . . . airgid, Matth. xxvi 15 .

The follg. exx. may represent a variant form pis or pís, if they are not rather to be taken as = bis: cur tinoil lān a urtlaig do phisibh oighridh `bits of ice', Lism.L. 81 = do bisib ega, Trip. 10.26 (where Stokes takes the word as = bis `finger') = do bissib oigrid, LB 25a18 . curo lasat na pisi amal crinach, Lism.L. 84 = na bissi, Trip. 10.31 . piseda fuarda oigreta, TTebe 368 = pisidi, Eg.


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x see pissire.


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Forms: piosarnach

n m. whispering : do dhéna do ghlór piosarnach, Isa. xxix 4 . piosarnach `peeping' (i.e. muttering), Eg. Gl. 94 .

piscatal, (? piscatail)

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n aradh cacha fedna .i. inní for a n-airidh feadan arathair cunge ┐ cechta ┐ piscatail, H. 3.17 c. 340 ( O'Don. 442 ), cf. Laws v 482.26 , 484.14 ; appar. some agri- cultural implement or part of a plough .


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n (? Lat. *bisaciola or *bisaccula, Celtica iv 85 ) (alms) bag (?): dēan-sa tuinne do cheangal do chresuibh iarnaidhe uile ┐ piseacla do cheangal isan tuna sin mur an gcēadhna, ┐ a’ naoidh beag do chur isan bpiseacla 'bind a cask all about with iron hoops and tie a piseacla in the cask likewise, and put the little infant into the piseacla ' Celtica iv 67.86 . do fosgladh an tunna risan ab ┐ do-frith an piseacla ann 'the cask was opened by the abbot and the piseacla … was found inside ' 68.138 . do-fritheadh a' naoidh … ann agus .x. bponta d’ōr fon’ cheann agus a dhā chudrum d’airgead fona chosaibh ┐ litrecha (sgrībhtha isin b)piseacla 'in it they found the … child … with ten pounds of gold under his head and twice as much silver under his feet and letters in the piseacla ' 68.140 .

piséan, (piseán)

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n m. name of a weed, tares or vetch ? piseán na póite (a useless plant), Eochairsg. 3 , 4 . cruithneacht chaoch . . . lán do chogal nó do phiséan, TSh. 4654 .


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n f. pulse (peas, lentils): pisenach dhóite, 2 Sam. xvii 28 .

piseóc, (pisóc)

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Forms: piseóga

n f. a charm or spell; used in pl. sorcery, witchcraft: fuba n-imda .i. pisoca isin lepuid, Laws i 180.24 Comm. fromadh na pisoc, ib. 31 . piseóga magic, Parrth. Anma 145.3 . cia dhorinne pisóga dhaoibh? who hath bewitched you? Galat. iii 1 . sechnaidh [an diamont] . . . ar piseócaib, Maund. 139 . a cur dochum bais . . . le piseógaibh, BCC § 264 . lucht piseog sorcerers, O'Gr. Cat. 37.6 . lucht na bpiseocc, Ériu v 134.76 .


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adj o, ā. pertaining to or using sorcery : crannchar piseo- gach, ITS xix 18.4 . bean phiseógach a witch , Exod. xxii 18 . Cf. Eg. Gl. 369 .


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n a kind of balance or apparatus for estimating a small weight ? pissire .i. piss-aire .i. crand lethanchend bís oc tomus anepinginde tomais .i. comthrom vii. ngráine fhírcruithnechta . . . Oenphengind din aire in chraind sin, Corm. p. 35 - 6 ; perh. a wooden spatula or spoon for measuring the grains of wheat. piosaire `the weight of 7 wheat-corns or the third of a scruple . . . also a kind of broad-headed beam or bar for weighing', P. O'C. cf. pís.


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n o,m. (Eng. loan-word) a pistol : do dhéana mé malairt pistil leat, GJ iii 50b (Stair E. Uí Clérigh). trup marcshlaighi . . . go pistaloibh, Fl. Earls 32.2 . da mpiostaluibh, Rel. Celt. ii 194.17 .