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x see 1 Pers.


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n (Lat. petroselinum) parsley : Rosa Ang. 118.21 , 286.10 . an persilli, Arch. i 327.56 . RC ix 230.239 .


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Forms: pearsún, pearsún

n o,m. (Mid. Eng. persoun from Fr.) a parson, rector : pearsún (g s. -ún, -úin), IGT Dec. § 35.17 . uasal-ṡacart ┐ persun Tighi Baithin, AU ii 274.4 = pearsún, FM iii 218.10 . persun ┐ aircinnech Innsi Cain, AU iii 28.17 . Mac an Persun, ii 548.21 (sobriquet). muinnter Mic an Fersun, ib. 15 . mic phersoin Chille Comain, Mackinnon Cat. 99.10 .


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Forms: persunacht

n ā,f. the office of a parson or rector : persunacht, gl. rectoria, Ir. Gl. 170 .

pertach, (? pertic)

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n ā,f. (Lat. pertica) a perch (measure): pertic a pertica .i. forrach tomais tire, Corm. Y 1055 . isi aili dec na forraighe in pertach (i.e. one-eleventh of a ` forrach'), Rawl. B 506 f. 41a ( O'Don. 2356 ). log pertaige ceithri scripaill, ib.


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Forms: pertrisi, pertriseadha

n f. (Romance loan-word, cf. Fr. perdrix) a partridge : n p. pertrisi, Rosa Ang. 104.4 . 23 P 10³, 11b16 . pertriseadha, 69a36 . petraisi RSláinte 8654 , 8897 , Éigse iii 226 . Cf. patrisc.


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Forms: peas, pesbolg, peischearbhaire, peasgearthóir, peasghadaidhe, peasladron

n a bag, purse : peas ┐ peasán `a purse', Eg. Gl. 771 . peas `a purse', P. O'C.

Compds. ? pesbolg (some article proper to spinning-women, a bag for holding wool ?), Laws i 150.5 . peischearbhaire `a cut- purse ', Eg. Gl. 774 . peasgearthóir id., 775 . peasghadaidhe `a pickpocket ', 772 . peasladron id., 773 .

? pesc

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ind (B. na f.): niṡfil mar in pesc nainiv, ZCP vii 305.5 . ? Leg. nīs fil inar mpēscnai-niu (= mbéscnai), Ériu lix 129 .


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n [f.] (Lat. pestilentia) pestilence , Rosa Ang. 122.10 .


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adj o, ā. pestilential : aor p.¤ (= aer pestilentialis), Rosa Ang. 120.17 .


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Forms: Pit-

n a word of Pictish origin occurring frequently in Book of Deer, apparently a holding in land of specific character or extent. In the form Pit- it enters largely into Scottish topography. See Stokes, Ling. Val. 109 . Moridac dorat pett Meic Garnáit, B. Deer p. xlix . pett Maldúib, ib. li . doratsat pet mec Cóbrig ri cosecrad eclasi Crist, ib. liv . i Pet Ibair, ib. lv (exx. quoted from Plummer MS. notes).