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x see portach.


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x see páirtech.


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x see partaing.


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Forms: partaic, partlaing, parluing, partar

n f. word of doubtful meaning, apparently some bright crimson or scarlet substance or material ; acc. to Stokes, IT iii 222 (folld. by Windisch TBC p. 28 n. 3 ), derived from Parthica (pellis) = Parthian leather dyed scarlet ; common in heroic lit. as a comparison for red lips and by editors somet. transld. `rowan-berries'; prob. the writers attached no very definite signification to the word beyond that of colour. The variants partaic (< Parthica?), partlaing, parluing and (in compd.) partar also occur.

deirgithir partaing a beoil, LU 9273 (Siaburcharpat Con Ch.) = dergithir dual partaing, Anecd. iii 50.17 . batar dergithir partaing na beoil, BDD 2 (partaic v.l.). indar latt ropa di partaing imdéntai a beóil, TBC² 31 ( LU 4516 ). cosmail do nuapartaing a beóil, TBC 209 . batar dā dúal partaingi a beoil, TFerbe 43 . IT iii 186.12 . dual partlaingi, Aen. 1928 . der- githir nua-partaingi, MR 64.24 = FDG 576 . crottbolg di chrocnib doborchon cona n-imdenam do phartaiṅg, LL 249a19 ( TBFr. 101 ). cona cruinnc[h]imsaib coimfighthi do ilcenelaibh gacha partaing[e] isin bith `of every scarlet-red leather' (? of every shade of bright red), CCath. 5455 . cen chorthair partaing russi `a fringe of red Parthian leather' (sign of luxury), Ériu iii 96 § 5 .

Compd. bél partaing-derg, SG 329.15 . beóil partuingdeirg, IT i 69.8 (Eg.) = partaingderga YBL, partardeirg LL.


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Forms: partan, partan, portán

n m. a crab : partan, gl. cancer, Ir. Gl. 374 . celen .i. cloch dogabar a cend an partain laighi Celtica ii 86 § 37 . partan `a crab- fish', P. O'C. portán (partán), Dinneen. Cf. Eng. and Scotch dialectal partan `crab', said in Oxford Eng. Dict. to be derived from Celtic. Cf. partlach.


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ind variant form of partaing, in compd. ¤derg: beóil partar- deirg, LL 259b35 , 39 = IT i 69.8 , 16 (partuingdeirg, Eg.). RC xxiv 200.5 .


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x see portchaine.


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Forms: Partholon, Partholón, parrtalon, parrthalon, parrtholon, parthalon, partholan, Partalon, Partoloin, Pártoloin, Parthalon, Parthalán

o,npr. m.

(a) name of a mythical invader of Ireland: Partholon mac Sera, LU 1231 . o Abrám co Partholón , LL 130b42 . Partholon, O'Mulc, 416 . g s. o amsir Partholoin, LU 1224 . breth Partholain, 1300 (: dáil). Parrtholoin, MacCarthy 288 y ( BB 11a ). Parrthaloin, 310 § 3 ( BB 13b ).

(b) in relig. lit. equated with Lat. Bartholomaeus: Bartho- lom, Fél. Aug. 25 (of St. Bartholomew), the reading of Rawl. B 505 ; the other MSS. give parrtalon, parrthalon, parrtholon. parthalon, partholan; cf. June 13 . Partalon, Fél. 168.36 (in list of Apostles). féil Partolain , 212 y . Partholon apstal, LB 175b2 (= PH 1943 ). g s. Partoloin, ib. 1 . Pártoloin , ib. 48 . Parthalon, KMMisc. 256.3 . Parthalán, Eochairsg. 8.22 . Cf. prioir Daiminnsi (idon, Parrtolon Mac Aedha hUí Fh.), AU iii 208.10 .


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Forms: partulaighi

n o,m. a crab : pl. partlaig mora co croicnib . . . cruadi oldait luirecha, Alex. 730 = partulaighi, BB 495a13 (with punctum delens under u). Cf. partan.


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n m. (Romance loan-word) a passport : paspart ┐ barantus in arsdiuc, Fl. Earls 24 z .


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n f. (Romance loan-word) pastry : is olc aran na pastae, Reg. San. 29.2 . A pasty, pie : na hein bega . . . fedaiter pastaedhadha do denam dib R.I.A. 23 P 10³, 27b11 .