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Forms: osnaighil

n f. = mod. osnaighil ` groaning, sighing ', Dinneen? fir Dháire . . . ag osnadhail air tháintibh `shouting at the herds' (?), Oss. iv 20 z (of hunters).


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n g s. i n-ucht n-osnai `into the breast of poetic revision', RC xxvi 26 § 103 , glossed .i. i n-ucht na sona .i. na rríg ┐ na mbriugad, LL 187b47 (a gloss which suggests the meaning favour, patronage or someth. similar, perh. due to two follg. clauses). ucht n-osnae .i. ucht osmenta . . . .i. scrudan scrudas in file a n-airc[h]etal. In baile didiu indit-scruta is dó is nomen ucht n-osnae, Corm. Y 1275 (i.e. the place where the poet revises his work is called `ucht n-o.¤ '). See osmenad.


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Forms: osnuidh-se

v sighs, groans : osnuidh-se `sigh', Ezek. xxi 6. d'os- nuigh mé mar cholum, Isa. xxxviii 14. osnaighe an pobail (sic), Prov. xxix 2.


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n (variant form of osnad) a sigh, groan : tug A. a ossnam ass, IT i 121.20 . do bean osnam eccomlainn a hOisin, CF 305.


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n a,f. (osnam) sighing, groaning : gul . . . ┐ osnumach truagh thoirrsech, RC xxviii 312 § 10. go n-osnamhuigh n-árdmhóir, Ériu v 176.244 .


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npr. f. (dim. of 1 os = `a little deer, doe ') Gorm. Jan. 6 , Nov. 10.


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Forms: ospitail, ospaidéal, spidéal

n m. (< AN ospitel, Risk 84 ) a hospital : ospitel . . . ina ngapthor gach ēn-duine galraighthe, Fl. Earls 66.16 ; 100.16 . ospitail, 180.9 . Mod. ospaidéal (oispidéal, spidéal), Dinneen.


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adj o,ā. (< osair?) abounding in litter (rushes, bracken, etc.)? bai scothach, ba glas, . . . ba hosrach (of land), ZCP ii 315.8 .


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Forms: Osrigiu, hOsraigiu, n-Osraigib, Ossairge, Osairgi

pn m. pl. name of a tribe of West Leinster, occupying mod. Ossory . do Osrigiu (= -ib), AU 753. co hOsraigiu , 1026 . i n-Osraigib , 1027 . hi tír nOsraigi, Trip. 194.8 . Also Ossairge: Osairgi, Rawl. 132b39 . See Cóir An. 213 for tradi- tional derivation.


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adj o,a. belonging to the Osraige ; as subst. an Ossorian : Giollacaissi Osraighech, FM ii 904.9 .


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n deer , see os.