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x see urra.


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x see forrach.


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x see urrad.


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x see urraim.

? orrlad, (ordlad)

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n m. an edge, rim ? comghēr ré hórrladh (of a bridge), RC xxix 118 § 16. re horrdladh (of a path along edge of a cliff), 136.29 . Acc. to Thurneysen Heldensage 398 n. 3 < Fr. ourrelet, ourlet `hem'. Cf. 1 ordlach.

1 ort

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n m. (M.Ir. vn. of oirgid Ériu xxxiv 118 ) killing, slaughter, injury ? ort .i. orgain, ut est atá trí orta ata annsam i comaithces `damages', O'Dav. 1324 . ort .i. bās, 1313 . guth-ort .i. guth-orcuin, O'Mulc. 686 (gloss on name of river Guthart). ? de ord. Hiruaith inso concerning Herod's fate, LB 142b21 . d'oirdiu [leg. d'oirdib] Iruaith ┐ na nÍudaide ro marbad leis, ib. 19 . dom-faraill, ni duairc in t-[o]rt, | beim nad borb dot abainn aird, ZCP vi 263 § 5 . in tan bius do cuaráin acat ort when your shoes are pinch- ing you, H. 3.17 c. 114 ( O'Don. 137 ) = agid lot, Laws i 300.23 .

2 ort

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x see also 1 and 2 ord.

1 orta

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adj io,iā. part. of oirgid: caidet aiscedha . . . conaighe? is fosgeba mon orta thou shalt get them for the slain man, ZCP xii 245 § 8 .

2 orta

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part. necess. of oirgid: nípu orta ind orgain the slaughter should not be wrought, BDD 96 (iurtha, horta v.l.).


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x see ordagraiffe.


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v slays , analogical form from pret. of oirgid, q.v.