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n (= Lat. ornamentum confounded with amaran- tus?) amaranth? ro loiscset luib fiad cach druṅg | dianid ainm o.¤ , SR 2148. ola thrócaire . . . isind luib o.¤ , 2218 .


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x see ordnasc.

? orochon

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n oc denam ulad ┐ altorach ┐ ac orochon a aitreb, RC xiii 98 z ; perh. for ordochon (-án) settling, arranging , see ordochán.


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x see oráit.


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Forms: orláiste

n m. (Rom., < Lat. horologium) a time-piece, hour- glass , etc. Fig. orolaisde rūnnda na páise, Parrth. Anma 2b16 (pref.). orlaiste `a horologue, a clock, watch, dial ', P. O'C. Mod. orláiste, Dinneen.


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x see orbam.


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n o,m. (late Romance loan-word) an orphan, foundling: pl. orphain na heguilsi sin, Fl. Earls 176.7 .


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n m. (Fr. orfroi < Lat. aurifrigium; form perh. due to popular etym. ór+pell) orfrey, gold embroidery : lamanda co n-órphell imma lamaib (orphelt v.l.), RC x 64.2 .


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v : feoil leanap do-beartha di coro-orpsit co luath 'flesh of infants used to be given to her so that … they soon attained possession' ZCP xxvii 30 (B) .


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x see urra.


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x see forrach.