? orbaid

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v ā. ro orbsat in dā Aed a n-imbualad `longed to come to blows', MR 244.6 . debaid ro orbsadar de `coveted', 246.10 . Leg. ḟorbsat, -sadar finished?


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n pl. = arbanna pl. of arbar corn ? na hocht n-orbaind `the eight kinds of grain', Aisl. MC 99.3 ; cf. ocht mbairgena cacha [fh]indorba dib-side, ib. 6 , which seems = find-arba g s. of arbar; assigned to that word by Meyer; in Ped. i § 65 taken as a distinct word cogn. with Lat. ervum.


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n n,m. an heir : n p. matu hé ata horpamin, gl. si . . . heredes sunt, Wb. 2c14 . g p. inna n-orbaman, gl. heredum, Ml. 51d27 .


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adj io,iā. see oirbemandae.


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Forms: Orbúaid

pn f. Norway : in Orbúaid , Maund. 7. Stokes, ZCP ii 308 , takes this as originally same word as Norway with loss of initial n; but perh. a late corruption of Mid.Ir. Iruath, Iruaid = Haerethaland in south of Norway, see Hogan Onom. s.v. hirotae.

1 orc

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Forms: orc, arc

n o,m. orc arc, IGT Dec. § 96.3 .

(a) a young pig (archaic and poetic): cumlachtaid nomen do orc muice, Corm. Y 306. orc .i. muc, O'Dav. 1308. orc (.i. banb), Arch. iii 310 § 5 (B. na. f.). torc .vii. mbliadna . . . o ro [bo] orc becc, FB 9 (= oro léorc, LU 8119 ). orcc cránai, PH 7211. ni horta laeg . . . ní horta uan nā orc, LL 374c28 . ní harc a ccró chomhoidheach a pig in a neighbour's stye (= someth. in the wrong place), IGT Dec. ex. 1752. oircc peata .i. in peta ro bi ina urc, Laws iv 108.18 . i cru isil uirc, O'Dav. 1368 . pl. ní tíaghad oirc nā huain a comingaire, Laws iv 100.6 . nai n-oirc firenna, Tromd. Guaire 622. foxla [séig] orcu ┐ cerca, O'Dav. 1480. meas dímhór . . . coro mheth orca na n-orc, FM ii 834 z (expld. in note as `the last pigs farrowed'). Fig. as names of vowels in a species of Ogham (muc-ogam): orc a cru finni (a), orc a cru lēithi (o), etc., Auraic. 5674.

(b) of the young of other animals: orc trēith .i. ainm do mac righ . . . Oenach n-uirc trēith .i. biadh ┐ edach loghmar, etc., Corm. Y 1018 (see triath). rob é a huan-orc Rí na ríogh her young lamb (of the infant Christ), Dán Dé xxvi 8. See 2 orc.

As npr. m. or sobriquet: Orc allaid O Rúadhachán, ALC i 40.4 . E. do marbad don Urc .H. Ruadacan, AU 1030.

2 orc

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n cf. 3 erc a salmon orcc nomen do bradan unde dixit . . . orc brec bronnfind bruchtas do magar fo muirib, Corm. Y 1018 ( Anecd. v 87.4 ) = oirc brec, ib. (88.10); perh. same as 1 orc (b) but see ÉC xxiii 49 , LEIA O-28 .

3 orc

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n o,m. an egg (B. na f.): orc .i. ugh chirce, O'Cl. uirc (.i. uighe), Hib. Min. 47.13 . ? cressaigthe in fer . . . in lágin sin, iṅgi ná tíagat a huirc ecgi essi `its edge-studs (?)', BDD 128 (huirc eicgi, h. eci v.l.); Meyer, RC xii 461.5 , explains `sparks as big as hen-eggs'; but see BDD2 Gloss. s.v. uirc .

? 4 orc

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n a pitcher ? tēit Lugaid Orcde for cenn uisci ┐ cilarn lais, conad [d]e rāidhter Lugaid Orcc de, Cóir Anm. 70 ( IT iii 318.19 ); the same individual is called L. Corc, p. 318.2 . Cf. Lat. urceus?

5 orc

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n calf of leg see orca.

6 orc

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n a lap-dog see oirce.