2 ón, (óin)

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Forms: óna, onai, ona, úan, ón, úain, óin

n i,f. g s. óna. n p. onai, Laws v 370.1 . ona, 278.1 . Vn. of oidid, = O.Ir. úan, ón; later úain is used as distinct from óin.

The act of lending; a loan ; freq. coupled with airlecad, cf. oc uain et airlicud, Wb. 31c5 , where Edd. Thes. translate: `in loaning (commodare) and lending (mutuo dare )'; in Laws iii 492 n. 3 it is said that `óin' means a loan without charge, interest being charged if it is not returned within a specified time, whereas `airlecad' means loan with charge or interest, but this distinction is not always borne out; in lit. the word is used in a wide sense. oin .i. iasacht, O'Dav. 1312 ; similarly O'Cl. `oin' [on v.l.] cennach, `uain' iasacht, Met. Gl. Ff. 68 (i.e. hiring as oppd. to lending?). ? oin .i. o inde tic do nech, Corm. Y 1037. íasacht follán [iasachta saera v.l.], óin [saine, oin ar oin v.l.] fri toich `lending without stint, acceptable loans' (?), Tec. Corm. § 3.36 ; perh. lending gratuitously, a loan on fitting occasion (or on due security?). bid aithrech ón is iasacht (of the loan or gift of a horse), Met. Dinds. iii 454.68 . combeth a haisec dia hón (= that she might be restored after being carried off), i 8.47 . dligi[d] cach oin a taisic, Laws v 278.8 . cāin ona la Fene: on fri hairchenn, oin fri hanaircenn lending for a specified or for an indefinite period, v 368.9 . atait secht n-ona oidither la Feine nā dlegar a taisic, 278.1 . re ré na hona no na fochraca `during the term of the loan or the hire', 210.18 Comm. di tir foc[h]raice no ona `hired or let land', i 138.34 Comm. ar oin no ar airlicud on loan or at interest, ii 374.26 Comm. (common formula). cach ni doberur i n-oin ┐ i n-airlicud, 46.7 Comm.


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n pl. (< Gk. ὄναγρος) wild asses : tir n-onagri is gaem, LL 136a19 ( PRIA 1884, 2d ser. ii 242.9 ).


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v (1 on, JCS i 214 ) damages : ní ona, ni ainmhe i bf(o)ichlighe sed Ériu xiii 17.20 .


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Forms: ónmit

n o,m. dim. of 2 on? onán na himairce (of a bull), ZCP xiv 400.13 = ónmit, IT iii 246.94 ( LL 247a19 ).


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Forms: onasetus

n (= Lat. onychitis < Gk. ὀνυχῖτις) name of a precious stone, onyx , Aisl. Tund. 116.2 = onasetus, 140 § 1 .


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n name of some article of food : mac midbuilce mela . . . meic inbe meic onba, Aisl. MC 33.28 . uaitne ongha amra, 69. 22 = uaithne onba amrae, 118.27 (H. 3.18).


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adj o,ā. (onchú) possessing banners or standards: clann Eogain onchonaig, O'Gr. Cat. 413.6.


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adj io,iā. resembling an `onchú': an t-iarrla aghmhor onconta ` leopard-like ', Rel. Celt. ii 260.29 . gríobh is onchonta áithbhéime (of a chief), O'Bruad. iii 146.12.


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n n,f. apparently a native word, compd. of ; see TD ii 214.

(a) name of an animal, apparently of the dog tribe and fierce and dangerous; by editors variously transld. `otter', `leopard' or `wolf', but prob. often used without any definite idea beyond that of wild beast. onchú obeli, LL 267b12 ( MU 36.30 ). onchú nemi, LB 274b63 ( SG 58 ), of a monster inhabit- ing a lake, called `cú', 275a7 (cf. Caithr. Cellaig 534 , 549 ). a chú .i. onchu gerr glas, Acall. 1899 n. = madra, 1900 (text). g s. co n-ainbthinche onchon, TTr.2 1071. cráes onchon, Lism.L. 3799. pl. na .ix. [sic leg.] n-onchoin n-anbhle, Anecd. ii 60 y (called `cona', 62 x , y ). do chuirsit na honcoin orra, Celt. Rev. iv 116.2 = na doburcoin, ib. 24 . a fulib drecon . . . is onchon is nathrach, Cog. 158.20 . le honchonaibh ifrinn, TSh. 3875. Used fig.: cuirfiter onchoin chucaibh o Athairni . . . .i. aer ┐ athais ┐ imdergad, RC xxiv 280 § 20 , cf. Anecd. ii 62 z . Esp. of warriors or heroes (common in later Mid.Ir. poetry, often in favourable sense): an onchú irghaili, CF 307. onchu gnimartach na nGaedhel, RC xviii 285.6 (Tig.). Mac M. . . . onchú ar engnamh, FM iii 412.12 . onchu uilc . . . .i. Ceat mac Mághach, Keat. ii 3101. an dá onchoin da dtáinig aidhmhilleadh Éireann, 3199 . onchoin āthi atluma na Banba, Cog. 160.21 (of the Dál Cais). dorochratar a n-ársídhe urgaile ┐ a n-onchoin échtacha, TTr.2 1079. onchoin Ḟánad, TD 4.42 . onchú éachtach (of death), TSh. 1160.

(b) a banner or standard , prob. orig. one on which an `onchú' was depicted (the accompanying adjectives are somet. more appropriate to the animal than to a standard): otconncatar Ulaid onchú Eogain ┐ na mergeda, LB 272b49 . amail línas gaoth onchú óbhél oslaicthi, TBC 3868 St. co facadar na hoincoin [honcona v.l.] obeli ┐ na mergeda, CCath. 3108. atconnairc . . . na honchona corpc[h]aela craesderga, 5434 . ri snám . . . na n-onchon n-idlaidi n-ingantach, LL 239a34 ( TTr. 1663 ). ag úaim oncon sleamhan sróil, ZCP ii 359.4 (Eochaidh Ó Heoghusa, 16th-17th cent.). onchu `a wolf-dog, a standard or ensign with the figure of a wolf . . . an able or strong man', P. O'C.

(c) as npr. m.: Onchú mac Sárán, BColm. 46.22 . asslondud án Onchon, Fél. July 9 . m. Onchon m. Faelchon, LL 317a55 . Doborchu m. Onchon, 313c16 .

1 ond

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Forms: uinne, onn

n s,n. a stone or rock (confined to poetry and B. na f.): cloch, tri hanmann lé .i. onn a iarmbelra, etc., Corm. Y 213. ond cloch . . . is he in lia . . . is ed ond . . . is í an cloch, ib. 80 . onn .i. ail nó cloch, O'Dav. 1321. uinn cloch, 1322 (d s. for n s.). O'Cl. s.v. onn. `onn' is `ailcne' cloch, Met. Gl. 24 § 14. ailcne . . . .i. onn, ZCP viii 102 z = cloch, Ériu ii 186.18 . Boirend .i. borr-ond .i. cloch mor, O'Mulc. 181. g s. adba huath-uinne , Corm. Y 80 , cf. O'Dav. 1322. d s. sal for onn (.i. ar cloich), ZCP iii 378.6 . Treated as fem.? co tuc in oind baí for muin Guairi, Met. Dinds. iv 40.23 = líc, ib. 13 .

Compds. cloth-ond (.i. cloch cloithi), LU 922 , 924 ( ACC 77 ). ? cath Dromma undglaissi, ZCP xiii 374.26 ( B. in Scáil § 11 ).

2 ond?

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n breth fonnaigh .i. indsguither in brethemnus fo ondaib .i. fo chisaib in charpaid, H. 3.18 p. 435 - 436 ( O'C. 1043 ).